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When Brett Morgen, who directed the Academy Award-nominated feature documentary On The Ropes while still a graduate student at NYU, dropped by the school on Tuesday to hold court at a lunch hosted by Mary Schmidt-Campbell, dean of the Tisch School for the Arts, his story […] Read more »

The latest revelation in the cat-and-mouse game between the MPAA and online file sharers sounds like something from a Hollywood spy thriller: Feeling spurned by a partner, a black marketeer tries to parlay his insider information into a career with the authorities, but once the deal […] Read more »

In advance of the Writers Guild of America strike authorization vote that passed Friday, I dropped by the office of WGA member Ezra Sacks, a veteran screenwriter on such films as FM and Wildcats who currently teaches screenwriting to students at New York University. Admitting that, […] Read more »

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Members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) have voted to authorize a strike. 90.3% of the record 5,507 ballots counted gave permission to guild leaders to call for a work stoppage if demands, such as coverage for online scribes and new media residuals, aren’t met. […] Read more »

If the negotiations between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) were a game of chicken, then the AMPTP just hit the brakes by taking the “Residual Payment Point” proposal off the table — which would have withheld […] Read more »

Film schools, and more importantly film students, have definitely begun to embrace online video. Thanks to a combination of small, eager departments like the one at San Francisco State; the tradition of spec work; and sharing sites willingly confronting the reality of having to develop content […] Read more »

The democratization of media isn’t just for the poor, dahling. The “new socialite” set, taking a (clothed) cue from Paris Hilton, have embraced online video. Tired of being a niche interest amongst New Yorkers, some are breaking from the exclusive confines of and are appealing […] Read more »

Although the novelty of “life-casting” has worn off to some degree and the mainstream media hype surrounding it has abated, that hasn’t stopped more and more people from cracking open a laptop and sharing their previously private moments with the world, live and unedited. But while […] Read more »

It has recently become clear that YouTube doesn’t draw the line at live-action, human nipples — stop-motion animated nipples on anthropomorphic robots are officially verboten as well. Shortly after Wired wrote about Michael Sullivan’s Sex Life of Robots, a film the artist likens to a “silent […] Read more »

Erm, Santa Monica, actually. Popular destination for the weird and wonderful on the web BoingBoing has enlisted the services of production company DECA (which we profiled last week) to produce the new BoingBoing web show. Federated Media, which already brokered ads for the BoingBoing blog and […] Read more »

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The big story from the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, which got under way in New York today, may have been host Bill Clinton reuniting with Al Gore (even though Clinton failed to mention the Emmy Gore picked up for Current TV to go […] Read more »

Tonight NewTeeVee played host to a hundred or more guests, six web shorts and four weblebrity judges in a new locale for us: the Big Apple. The theme was “love stories,” because who doesn’t love New York? I mean, even Mahmoud Ahmadenijad took a break from […] Read more »

Rocketboom, the popular news and entertainment show which has pioneered a number of innovations for online video programs, has chosen as a publishing partner. Besides taking on the duties of serving new and archived videos, will also be helping the show sell advertising, and […] Read more »

With no new installment of her videoblog for ABC News on Wednesday and a rumor posted by Gawker this morning, it came as no surprise when Mediabistro finally got an official statement from ABC (DIS) that Amanda Congdon will no longer be hosting a weekly show […] Read more »

Pub Def (short for “Public Defender”) is an online destination for video reports from St. Louis and the state of Missouri published by Anotonio D. French, a newspaper reporter who was frustrated with local news coverage. The video blog has generated hundreds of reports on everything […] Read more »

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and with all due respect to the actual seafaring pirates of Somalia and Indonesia, most modern pirates are busy scourging online for intellectual booty. They’re not unfurling topsails, shivering timbers or walking planks, either, but seeding cams on the […] Read more »

Over the weekend a group calling themselves MediaDefender-Defender published nine months’ worth of internal e-mails, an audio file of a recorded phone call and server data from the internal network of anti-piracy company MediaDefender, whose bread and butter is populating file-sharing networks with spoof files — […] Read more »

As I’ve argued in the past, online or off, analog or digital, it’s all motion pictures. But the march toward an all-digital production and distribution chain is gaining speed, as the latest evidence — including the development of a new 4K pixel projector prototype and HD […] Read more »

With the federally mandated end to analog broadcast television due to go into effect in 2009, an FCC panel has voted unanimously to require cable companies to continue broadcasting local stations as an analog signal until 2012. According to FCC estimates, 40 million American homes have […] Read more »

Video-sharing site Revver is celebrating its first anniversary since dropping the ‘beta’ tag on Sept. 13th of last year, and in a happy coincidence, is also announcing that it’s paid out $1 million to video creators and syndicators. Doug Bresler of Doogtoons will be receiving an […] Read more »

With a blast from the shofar, the faithful are being called to service today for Rosh Hashanah, to celebrate the Jewish New Year 5768. It also marks the beginning of the ten Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe), culminating on Sept. 21 with Yom Kippur, the most […] Read more »

Podcasters, vloggers and other online multimedia producers, enthusiasts and hopefuls congregated in Philadelphia last weekend for the first anniversary of PodCamp. Like any conference, part of the attraction of PodCamp was the sessions, but the main draw was social. The Mid-Atlantic location — it was held […] Read more »

“The goal is survival. Fringe theaters are like cockroaches — they live on so little, you can’t kill them.” So explained Stephen McCandless, the producer behind the Caution Zero network, over noodles at a Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill late last July. Although he was […] Read more »

Playwright and entrepreneur Tyler Perry has said he was inspired to start writing after watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Now, fifteen years later, he’s got a show of his own. The Tyler Perry Show, which will only be available online, is the first […] Read more »

The latest show backed by Next New Networks, ZapRoot, kicks off Wednesday after a soft launch preview on ViroPOP, which claims to be a channel for the “new green generation.” The show is slick and entertaining, and the site follows the familiar template of Next New […] Read more »

The funniest thing on YouTube right now isn’t the latest installment from Smosh, but the meta-ironic actions of a certain litigious content megalopoly in issuing takedown notices for content it doesn’t even have a clear claim to own. Christopher Knight produced some humorously campy commercials for […] Read more »

What’s the buzz surrounding online video distribution like among film students? I’m excited to find out, though initial signs indicate that there isn’t much reaching whomever compiles the schedule of courses. If I’ve seemed a little quiet here at NewTeeVee, it’s because I’ve been making arrangements […] Read more »

The news that the torrent archive and search site TorrentSpy will be shutting down access to U.S. users is understandable. In advance of an American court’s impending decision over whether or not to require the site to turn over logs of IP addresses from users visiting […] Read more »

E! Network to Launch Online Show; featuring a dozen video segments of up to two minutes each, daily, for those users who find that Perez Hilton requires you to, like, oh my god, read. (Variety) NASA to Digitize Video Archive, and will present decades worth of […] Read more »

There are a number of ways to deliver digital video content, and delivering that content online is the most expensive of them all. How expensive? Dan Rayburn recently took a look at CDN pricing, and while it is on the downswing, it’s still pretty expensive. For […] Read more »

Block the New YouTube Ads, autoplay blocker extension has a new use. (Chris Finke, Digital Inspiration) Cable Companies Unveil New DRM, DTCP-IP will allow customers to move some content from set-top box to PC and portable devices with revokable device license keys a la AACS. (Ars […] Read more »

MySpace and MTV Host Pols, one-to-one chats with presidential candidates and a live audience will bring together Fox’s Web property with Viacom’s youth-oriented network for the first time. (Reuters) Afterworld’s Cross-Platform Success Story, the $3 million Web series now playing on MySpace will also air on […] Read more »

Pluggd, a Seattle-based startup that’s developed in-video search and advertising targeting technology based on speech recognition, has received a $6 million venture investment led by Intel Ventures and including support from DFJ Frontier, Labrador Ventures and the Band of Angels. An earlier deal for $1.65 million […] Read more »

EU Approves Mobile Video Licensing Terms, the new “simplified” version will still require operators to reach agreement with — and pay fees to — each member nation. (Variety) Beats Competitors on Quality, the online video publishing service judged best option for video content creators to […] Read more »

Endemol Buys Into MoMedia, the European company that produces Big Brother and Deal or No Deal has acquired a 25 percent stake in mobile and online video startup MoMedia. (paidContent) ESPN Soliciting Fan Promos; the sports station wants fans to produce and upload promos for their […] Read more »

Although I’d like all my video to be online and accessible at any time, the studios and the cable companies would prefer that I purchased physical media or downloaded titles through my locked set-top box. Personally, I don’t subscribe to cable or own more than a […] Read more »

If you prefer kinases to kittehs, pathogens to paparazzi, then check out SciVee, a new online video destination from the San Diego Supercomputing Center, Public Library of Science and the National Science Foundation which has been called “YouTube for scientists” by Slashdot and NewScientistTech. While I […] Read more »

No Good TV Going to TV, the ‘too hot for television,’ raunchy, promotional junket network — which has been a certifiable hit on YouTube — is coming to an OldTeeVee near you. (Variety) YouTube the Kleenex of Funny Videos, UK research suggests there’s a correlation between […] Read more »

Microsoft (MSFT) technology research partner Activated Content will be working with Universal Music to test their watermarking technology on DRM-free music files in the wild. CNET’s Matt Rosof suggests that this could be an effective replacement for DRM, and I think it’s a step in the […] Read more »

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