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BBC’s iPlayer is seeing about one-tenth of the broadcast audience, with half a million viewers tuning in on the busiest days, according to a piece reported by Chris Williams at The Register that cites Anthony Rose, the Beeb’s head of media technology and Ashley Highfield, its […] Read more »

Now that Revver has been sold to LiveUniverse, and LiveVideo has been officially launched, what’s the future for Revver’s business model? After all, it was just a few months ago that Revver revealed they’d paid $1 million to content creators since opening their doors to the […] Read more »

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Are the (you know they’re intentional) “viral” ads surrounding the election helping or hurting the candidates? While the Yes We Can video is so hip it hurts, it has inspired some withering satire and unintentional self-parody. Hurt doesn’t begin to describe the damage wrought by the […] Read more »

There’s a special place in hell for marketers who use Valentine’s day to guilt trip you into spending money, when the most heartfelt (and cheapest) thing you could do is send your sweetie a video. and blinkBox (among many others) will let you send a […] Read more »

When it comes to producing online video content, it’s important to look to television for ideas and inspiration — there is a baby in that bathwater, and in most states, throwing it out would constitute child abuse. Whether it’s a pretty baby or an ugly baby, […] Read more »

How super was Super Tuesday for sites covering the primaries with live video? had a banner day, and served 2.7 million video streams and 600,000 live video streams according to Silicon Alley Insider. Hopefully that kind of viewership makes taking down the CNN Pipeline pay […] Read more »

If your Super Bowl hangover has worn off but you’re finding yourself jonesing for more men in colorful outfits pushing an inflated leather ball up and down a field, NewTeeVee has you covered. I do love sports that to Americans seem exotic and obscure while in […] Read more »

There will be plenty of video online for you political junkies tomorrow, Super Tuesday, from YouTube to the national networks, and The UpTake to Chris Crocker. OK, maybe Chris Crocker won’t be weighing in, but how funny would a teary plea to all the Hillary Clinton […] Read more »

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There’s one sure way to get paid producing online videos — advertising. Jason Calacanis, in explaining “Mahalo Daily,” has promised that “In the future every company will have a video show, not just a blog.” While to some that might sound like a free-market media dystopia, […] Read more »

Both the New York Times and Associated Press are reporting that the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) have reached tentative agreement on Internet distribution (or “electronic sell-through”) terms, based on information from unidentified sources. Since online distribution […] Read more »

MTV’s announcement this week that it will be giving young people across the country Nokia N95s and using Flixwagon to stream live video reports from caucuses and polling stations during next Tuesday’s multi-state primary shows that there’s still plenty forward-thinking going on at the network once […] Read more »

If Steve Jobs’ promise of a new direct-download rental service prompted you to buy an Apple TV, you may be wondering why, after plugging it in, there aren’t any rentals available yet. That’s because the Apple TV firmware update has yet to be released, but it […] Read more »

The man behind broadcast staple America’s Funniest Videos (AFV), Vind Di Bona, is partnering with DAVE Networks to bring your hilarious home movies to the public with, which debuted yesterday at the National Association of Television Program Executives. Built around a web-to-TV model, prospective reality […] Read more »

As Congress resumes the debate on wiretapping legislation, People for the American Way and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have put together Stop the Spying, a site aimed at drawing attention to legislation that would grant immunity to the telecoms for complying with illegal, warrantless wiretapping […] Read more »

Anyone who’s ever appeared on the news or a talk show can tell you that you can’t necessarily trust you will be treated fairly in editing — especially if you ramble, contradict the host or call a show’s sponsor or advertisers into controversy. Until recently, there […] Read more »

With the announcement from NBC’s CEO Jeff Zucker that the network will be canceling the hoary tradition of pilot season — that annual rite of passage in which the network produces dozens of initial episodes of possible shows to market test and show to advertisers in […] Read more »

In addition to receiving a generous new round of venture capital, Automattic, the company behind (and the backend provider for NewTeeVee and the rest of the GigaOM network), has announced a storage upgrade for users. Combined with the beta video player, server-side transcoding and a […] Read more »

Hoping to bridge the gap between the independent filmmakers and a paying audience, From Here to Awesome is a new online “film festival” where indie filmmakers can post an online video pitch, drum up support from fans and win a chance at being selected for a […] Read more »

The latest channel from Next New Networks, Goggleburn, will feature online video from around the web along with a weekly show hosted by Nick Douglas (who’s promising debut last year, Look Shiny, never quite got off the ground). With a slightly warped yet smartly erudite sensibility […] Read more »

Ever since NASA faked the moon landing, motion pictures have played a leading role in bolstering the believability of hoaxes, practical jokes and, most recently, alternate reality games (ARGs). Thanks to the success of I Love Bees and the interactivity spawned by the mysteries of Lost […] Read more »

Last night I was glued to live broadcast news coverage of the New Hampshire state primary. I scanned the bottom-third ticker, chatted with friends about the latest returns as they came in, watched live interviews with Democratic party organizers and Ron Paul supporters, and chuckled at […] Read more »

Charles Trippy has broken a record, and by an incredibly wide margin. Raising the Four-Eyed Monster bar some 750 percent, he’s posted a video running more than nine hours long to his YouTube account. Yes, it’s an unapologetic stunt and will drive vastly more pageviews than […] Read more »

Best summary of the news coming out of Las Vegas so far goes to Shake Well Before Use‘ Ariel Waldman: “CES effectively splooged all over my Google Reader.” In an effort to reduce the number of tabs open before Firefox crashes on me again, it’s time […] Read more »

John Holden’s signature schtick on TotalVOM is to use the video response tool on YouTube to provide semi-nude, often musical commentary on unintentionally funny YouTube videos. His absurdist deconstructions poke fun, but are well within the spirit of the video response form. And last November, a […] Read more »

Sling Media, with CES drawing near, has unveiled a new Slingbox PRO-HD device for “placeshifting” video in full 1080i with Dolby 5.1 surround sound and new SlingPlayer Mobile software that will allow Blackberry Pearl owners to watch video from their current Sling device. Both products will […] Read more »

Steal This Film II, from producer/director J.J. King, is a sober, thought-provoking piece on technology and intellectual property that frames the current debate over copyright in historical and political terms. Not only can you download it for free in HD (over BitTorrent, natch), the League of […] Read more »

Forbes-minted #1 Web Celeb and YouTube partner Mario “Perez Hilton” Lavandeira had his account suspended last night due to terms of use violations, according to the popular celebrity gossip blogger. The violation centered around a video clip depicting Liza Minnelli in a state of intoxication. It […] Read more »

If you haven’t happened across the work of Kirby Ferguson online, you need to stay in more. His viral smash Do You Take It? (audio likely NSFW) has racked up millions upon millions of views. He’s produced a number of Sex Advice From… video spots for […] Read more »

Revenue models for online content have hurt artists and writers, argues Jaron Lanier in an op-ed for the New York Times entitled “Pay Me for My Content.” Lanier, an interdisciplinary scholar-in-residence at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of California at Berkeley, is […] Read more »

Miro, nee Democracy Player, released its version 1.0 Tuesday, officially leaving beta behind. The open source video subscription, download and viewing client from the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) hopes to be not just more open, but more popular than other online video services. The organization is […] Read more »

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