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Converting, transcoding, re-encoding — these are just some of the words to learn when it comes to collecting and viewing your favorite videos. Want a YouTube clip on your Xbox? Convert and re-encode. How about DVD video on an iPod? Convert and transcode. Or is it […] Read more »

Three months ago in San Francisco, Steve Jobs did his “One last thing…” trick and the prototype Apple has codenamed the iTV emerged from behind the curtain. The world was assured they could get their grubby hands on them in the first quarter of 2007. Well, […] Read more »

James Brown’s signature funk is so ubiquitous that the scent will likely linger on the winds of the collective consciousness forever. Enabled by mass media, he became the root rhythm of remixer turntablists and samplers. One of the great cultural capitalists, he’s produced a grossly outsized […] Read more »

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The holidays are a time of giving…the gift of self-promotion! In the unintentionally funny department, the Yahoo Publisher’s Group yodels to their customers, while Edutainment Media offers the gift of gratuitous green-screen graphics. Read more »

This week, online video has won attention from the Canadian police, the Swedish government, and a Texas judge. Only thing more legit than that is if we get a soundbite from George W. about watching clips on “the YouTube.” Or not… The Hamilton, Ontario police who […] Read more »

A browser-based interface for viewing YouTube and Revver clips on your television set is what SofaTube promises to deliver. The user experience is super-simple, with fonts big enough to read at a distance. It certainly shows that there’s still plenty of untapped potential for third-party interface […] Read more »

The Washington Post ran an article about a new internet-enabled social space — Buzz in Washington, D.C. suburb of Alexandria, Virginia. Besides offering hot coffee, drinks, desserts which sound decidedly scrumptious, what was really intriguing was the mention of a toy-stocked play area for kids. “I […] Read more »

Ubikuo offers an AJAXy, socially networked, mobile accessible system for virtual sticky notes. Lockergnome wonders what was wrong with, you know, sticky notes. Looking for gadgets, or looking to get rid of your gadgets? Flippid allows you to post gadgets for sale or post a wish […] Read more »

I can’t imagine I’m the only person who’s ever spilled a drink on my laptop. And if you’re hauling your deck from dining table to cafe to conference, then you might want to think about getting something a bit more rugged. To be released in January, […] Read more »

A new article in The Economist details a transition by Arizona State University IT director Adrian Sannier from the school’s application infrastructure to Google’s “Apps for your domain:” For Mr Sannier, however, a bigger reason than money for switching from traditional software to web-based alternatives has […] Read more »

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It’s that time of year again — time for Christmas television specials. And thankfully the tradition has carried on into cyberspace. The latest episode of “Will it Blend?” answers the age-old question of whether you can blend an entire Christmas dinner into a delicious milkshake. From […] Read more »

Michael Calore of Wired News writes about a coworker who called their ISP, RCN, after having trouble sharing a file using BitTorrent. Instead of being told that RCN was blocking his ability to seed torrent transfers, he was scolded for being a copyright infringer. Most instructive […] Read more »

In a short item earlier this week, I linked to the announcement that the BBC would be distributing some of its shows through the new Azureus portal, Zudeo. The P2P Blog suggests correctly inferred that the shows will come with some form of DRM: I would […] Read more »

An old friend from high school sent me a link to a story he’d written about Nate Robinson for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. But his lede was uncannily prescient: With his role in the brawl at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, Nate Robinson continues his quest to […] Read more »

In a follow up to the story about Verisign’s Intelligent Content Delivery Network, former Kontiki customer AxiomTV will stick with the technology when they roll out their family-friendly movie download service on Feb. 1. AxiomTV is a division of Axiom Entertainment, a project of Daniel Brian […] Read more »

Governor of Iowa Tom Vilsack is running for the Democratic Party nomination for president. On Monday night he chose the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to make his first television appearance of the campaign. To close the interview, Vilsack promoted his site: Vilsack: Shameless plug — […] Read more »

While walking the streets of San Francisco, Podtech CEO John Furrier took a few minutes after a meeting to answer some questions about Podtech’s business plans. Public announcements have been rare of late, and only hints have been made by star blogger hire Robert Scoble. The […] Read more »

Finding news so you don’t have to: Crisis TV: Josh Spear finds a non-profit that funds and distributes reporting on humanitarian crises around the world. “ covered the famine in Mali and Niger, and its footage was picked up by every major American network as well […] Read more »

Ever wonder how to save the videos you see on YouTube, MetaCafe, Veoh and the like so that you can store them or take them on the road? What used to involve some complicated steps is now as easy as copying and pasting a URL into […] Read more »

In a feature for Wired News, Robert Lemos was asked to unplug the coaxial cable from his television and to entertain his family of five with only “legally available Internet content.” With a mixture of iTunes, Xbox Live Marketplace and network sites like CBS and NBC, […] Read more »

By Pierre Khawand of People-OntheGo A radio announcer was talking once about the qualities that he is looking for in a life partner. In summary, he said that he was seeking someone who has the looks of Cindy Crawford, the heart of mother Teresa, the brain […] Read more »

Spotted over at J.D. Lasica’s New Media Musings was a link to this article by Scott Goldberg of Digital Media Wire on “12 Unwritten Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette.” My favorite is number 11: 11) Lengthy Voicemail Messages If I reach your voicemail, don’t you think […] Read more »

In a move which should generate a good amount of chatter in the vlogosphere, Podtech has signed “Original Vloggers” Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson to produce 3- to 10-minute shows twice a week, primarily interviewing personalities about sustainability. For an example of what the show will […] Read more »

DareJunkies, a sort of mashup between a video sharing site and a reality TV show, officially launched. The idea is that users can go to the site, write out dares in the form of ‘challenges,’ and then performers will compete to submit the best video based […] Read more »

If you happen to be in Berlin on December 23rd, check out Fabienne Serriere’s workshop on how to mod a cheap WiFi signal strength detector into your backpack or messenger bag strap. If, like me, you won’t be anywhere near Berlin on December 23rd, you can […] Read more »

That’s what Wade Roush, writing for the MIT Technology Review, argues in this piece about peer-to-peer technology. And not only should distributors get on board, but network operators may want to embrace it, too. Considering how much more efficiently it distributes large amounts of data, it’s […] Read more »

Ah, nothing like web-enabled camera phones, alcohol and YouTube search for comedic possibilities this holiday season. There’s sports, music and dancing! The kids at National Public Radio do nothing disprove the notion that they should stick to radio in this footage of their Holiday Relay Race. […] Read more »

Wall Street seems happy with the latest report from Flash purveyor Adobe Systems, with the stock jumping a couple bucks plus change (to about $43 per share in morning trading), a 52-week high. As Microsoft struggles a bit to get its creative-software act together, Adobe announced […] Read more »

In a Kitchener, Ontario basement, a team of five or six put together a show about web startup employees with puppets that wouldn’t feel out of place in the Adult Swim lineup. Offbeat and a little randy, dotBoom has an undeniable Office Space or The In […] Read more »

While “Internet Addiction” isn’t, technically, an accepted clinical diagnosis, there are plenty of anecdotal cases of obsessive and compulsive use of the Internet that becomes socially deletirious. And people toting around wifi laptops and web-enabled cell phones would likely be considered at particular risk. Catherine Holohan […] Read more »

Since the 800-pound gorilla in the online video world is YouTube, it makes sense that it dominates the news. To make them easier to digest, we’ve cut a number of YouTube news bits down to consumable size. YouTube has signed up Southwest Airlines as a partner […] Read more »

Chan Nai-ming lost the appeal of his 3-month sentence for his role in helping to distribute copies of Daredevil, Miss Congeniality and Red Planet. Slashdot has been watching the story since the Hong Kong film industry began its crackdown on BitTorrent users, then through the arrest […] Read more »

One of the unintended consquences of moving so many employees out of the office is how to keep up morale and effectively manage teams when the physical dimension is removed from the equation. In a must-read article for people who manage teams of telecommuters, Network World […] Read more »

We imagine that Evel Knievel invested most of his professional time and money in doctors instead of lawyers. How else to explain his questionable lawsuit against AOL for turning up links in its search engine to the Kanye West video that Evel is also suing over? […] Read more »

One of the oldest tricks in the film book is to release your trailer well before you’ve finished the movie so that you have a compelling piece of content to close deals with investors and distributors. One of the newest tricks in the film book is […] Read more »

Windows users of Skype can now download version 3.0 of the software, but the new features (Public Chat, integration) aren’t so much with the practical. Put off getting that EVDO card if you’re a Verizon customer in the ten city test market, because you may […] Read more »

Little did misguided, mid-century, sci-fi futurists know, but instead of commuting to work in a hovercraft, I don’t commute to work at all. I’m also still waiting for frickin’ laser blasters. Because every web worker needs to protect themselves from laptop theft. And so it goes […] Read more »

Daily Reel has signed YouTube star Lisa Nova to create a show exclusively for their site. Look for more Hollywood talent agency interest in web personalities to grow now that networks and sites are offering contracts to digerati. Marquee, a developer of software to manage extensive […] Read more »

In exchange for more video news content, Yahoo will feature ABC’s brand more prominently on its premier web news portal, in a deal announced today. This move should bolster Yahoo’s position as the premier web news portal, while giving ABC better access to the Internet audience […] Read more »

There was so much coverage of the Gotuit SceneMaker release announcement, a tool to clip and tag online video, that I had to step back and take it all in. While at first it comes off as a cool tool, especially for the team here at […] Read more »

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