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The British Broadcasting Corporation’s online video effort, the iPlayer, keeps setting viewership records with the youngest generation contributing to the UK dominating online video viewership in Europe. You can access it via Boxee, on the Apple TV, Wii, PlayStation, Internet-connected televisions, and even on your iPhone. […] Read more »

One would be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate film than We Live in Public to illustrate how broken the independent feature film distribution market is. A rumination on the life and works of online video pioneer Josh Harris, the mad genius behind Pseudo and Operator11, […] Read more »

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Fans of Project Runway were happy to see the series continue, if on a new network, when the Lifetime network managed to wrangle the show away from Bravo. And now the network has announced that “ProRun” will be made available for free, with ads, online, something […] Read more »

Online video distribution is exciting, but it wouldn’t be of much interest if the cameras weren’t also getting smaller, cheaper and more powerful all the time. The latest object of desire I’ve stumbled across is the recently released Phantom Miro eX from Vision Research. While the […] Read more »

On2 Technologies shareholders have filed lawsuits in New York and Delaware in an attempt to block the company’s acquisition by Google. The plaintiffs complain that the company is worth more than the $106.5 million, or 60 cents a share, being offered. On2 develops video codecs that […] Read more »

With over 100 million total views, Mumbai-based Rajshri Media recently became the No. 1 most-viewed channel on YouTube in India, and the 63rd most-viewed channel worldwide. Music videos and children’s programming have proven especially popular since the channel was launched early last year. Rajshri is the […] Read more »

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Drivetrain, an application for the Apple iPhone developed by Maza Digital, would have allowed users to remotely control the Transmission torrent client running on their home computer. I say “would have,” because it was rejected by the App Store. “This category of applications is often used […] Read more »

Well, that was fast. Two days after reporting that folks outside of the United States were using Hotspot Shield to watch Hulu, the site now blocks Hotspot Shield users — even those within the U.S. I wasn’t the first one to mention it (not by a […] Read more »

Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience got plenty of buzz after a special screening at last year’s Sundance Film Festival. Shot on the relatively thin dime of $1.7 million in only 16 days using the RED digital camera and starring adult performer Sasha Grey, it was a […] Read more »

Updated: For all sorts of complicated legal and contractual reasons, Hulu is not officially available to users outside of the United States. However, funny thing about the web — geographic restrictions have a way of being difficult to enforce. And so it was with some delight […] Read more »

Roger Friedman, who writes the “Fox 411″ entertainment column for the Fox News web site, may or may not have been fired over the weekend for a piece published Thursday that included a glowing review of the leaked X-Men Origins: Wolverine workprint — produced by fellow […] Read more »

The Hugh Jackman cat is out of the bag, as a workprint of X-Men Origins: Wolverine dated March 2nd (the film’s release date is currently scheduled for May 1st.) is now roaming the Internet. The copy is being called “DVD quality,” because it’s clearly a straight […] Read more »

While nobody knows how the media economy of the future will eventually work, it’s clear that independent producers will continue to struggle if Cruxy’s story is any indication. The site offered well-engineered tools for marketing, selling and distributing digital media in open, customer-friendly formats. And it’s […] Read more »

Apparently in Hindi, “badmash” roughly translates into “naughty,” while “dishoom” is the onomatopoeic equivalent to “pow” or “bang.” This dose of cross-cultural understanding comes thanks to a new campaign for the (non-existent) job of America’s Prime Minister by Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan. With a team spread […] Read more »

From pre-packaged California rolls at supermarkets to high-end sushi restaurants where you can easily spend a week’s pay, the Japanese speciality has become popular worldwide and nearly ubiquitous in urban America. You can even get decent (if overpriced) sushi at many American ballparks! Many feel that […] Read more »

I’m the first to come clean about my biases, and a tip that landed in the NewTeeVee inbox was like a perfect storm. An independent creator, about as far from a major media market as you can be, making thousands of dollars posting videos online — […] Read more »

The Pirate Bay‘s Peter Sunde and Frederik Neij recently sat down for a lively and intimate three-part interview with Dayrobber, a Danish online video site. But if, like me, you’re looking forward to a big announcement or two from these merry pranksters, you might come away […] Read more »

After Andy Baio called “bulls**t” on CANSEI DE DER SEX Music is My Hot Hot Sex, there’s been renewed interest in stats-gaming on YouTube. The video is still online at 91,195,785 views and counting, but it’s no longer listed as the most viewed all time. Creator […] Read more »

Monday saw the debut of the weekly web series Gravityland by John Herman, a renaissance “media maker” of many talents. The serial show follows a number of characters in a small New Hampshire town, including a fictional pop star, Gabriella (Lauren Hill); a Herman Hesse-quoting, kleptomaniac […] Read more »

In what could prove a great test case of marketing effectiveness, the Obama campaign purchased premium ad space on 26 locally oriented web sites in Texas and Ohio ahead of the states’ primaries on March 4th. And in a first, the Flash-powered “sliding billboard” ads include […] Read more »

Butterknife is an episodic web series starring real-life couple Ronald and Mary Bronstein and featuring a cast of their real-life filmmaker friends. The series, a collaboration between Joe Swanberg and the Bronsteins, was commissioned by Spout to promote some of the creative personalities the site is […] Read more »

The Writers Guild of America this afternoon says the ballots are in and the winner is (drum roll)…the new contract! Of 4,060 members in New York and Los Angeles who participated, 3,802 (93.6 percent) voted ‘yea’ on the new deal, which runs through April of 2011, […] Read more »

While discussing CBS’s quarterly numbers with reporters, CEO Leslie “Les” Moonves suggested that the network will be tweaking its show development model due to the expense of producing pilots, according to a partial transcript posted to Silicon Alley Insider. Pilots are overated. Its all about episode […] Read more »

In an evening hour live on Ustream, Digg’s Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson answered questions from the audience. Fans looking for a live Diggnation might have been disappointed — Rose and Adelson didn’t start drinking beer until 17 minutes in. It was all business, and the […] Read more »

It was one of the better jokes Jon Stewart told at the Academy Awards last night (though playing Wii tennis live at the Kodak Theater was probably my favorite). Holding an Apple iPhone, he told the audience he was watching David Lean’s ode to expansive landscapes, […] Read more »

It’s the Super Bowl for wannabe Pauline Kaels and Mr. Blackwells, when every frustrated film student and amateur thespian sharpens their witty bon mots to a gleaming edge. It’s the 2008 Academy Awards ceremony! And as ultimately pointless and bloatedly self-indulgent as the Hollywood royalty on […] Read more »

Broadcasters will be able to choose between the federally mandated guidelines or those set forth by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) for informing the public about the upcoming transition from analog to digital signals, according to an FCC report due to be released as early […] Read more »

Xfire founder and noted professional gamer Dennis Fong will be unveiling his new community gaming site and management tool, Raptr, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco today. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the web site. There’s a massive web […] Read more »

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