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With the recent launch of Intel’s Atom processor and the explosive proliferation of Apple’s iPhone 3G, there’s been an uptick in breathless discussion around the potential for Mobile Internet Devices and Netbooks as a class of personal computer that will gradually displace laptops as most users’ […] Read more »

Late last month we announced the launch of the second edition of Going Solo, a conference for freelancers, due to take place in September, in the British city of Leeds. The first edition was a treasure-trove of pragmatic advice, how-tos and round-table discussion on the life […] Read more »

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A couple days ago, WWD’s Mike Gunderloy commented on the New York Times’ coverage of Chrysler’s UConnect technology, bringing internet connectivity to their vehicle line up. As the NYT rightly pointed out, road safety is becoming an increasingly diminished quality as legislation duels with user’s desire […] Read more »

A couple months ago we wrote about Reware’s Juice Bag Profolio, concluding that its nerdular style and dorky desirability had been trumped by the fact that it could tranform the Sun’s rays into juice for your gadgets…in short, great tech, terrible bag. Fortunately, Chicago-based Noon Solar‘s […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of Mozilla Lab’s call for participation in exploring the future of the browser, and the experimental Weave service, comes Mozilla’s efforts to move messaging beyond email and to the types of communication now commonplace across social networks, blogs and services such as Twitter. Read more »

This month’s Economist, in an article called Home warriors, explores some fascinating issues around the implications of telecommuting and its implications on energy, policy and employment…not simply the availability of connectivity and email. The writer argues that though technology and infrastructure has long been available, only […] Read more »

A few days ago Microsoft released a beta for Office Outlook Connector 12.1; essentially a plugin for Microsoft’s near-ubiquitous email client that helps address some of the issues we’ve discussed previously at Web Worker Daily including Jailbreaking Hotmail and Exchange-ing Microsoft for Google. Microsoft Office Outlook […] Read more »

Back in April, my first post for WWD introduced Going Solo, a one-day conference for freelancers that took places in mid-May, right on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland’s Lausanne. (Disclosure: I’ve been advising Going Solo as an unpaid volunteer helping with strategy & logistics) […] Read more »

Last week saw the launch of a curious web-service that isn’t an obvious web worker tool, but may just prove to be a useful communication feature amongst other tools. New York marketing director, Erik Riesenberg’s NiceCritic enables users to send anonymous messages to coworkers, essentially to […] Read more »

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Yesterday Google introduced a ‘remote signout’ feature for Gmail, providing a capability that sets an inportant precendent for web-based applications and indeed web workers. Most web workers tend to hop between multiple devices to access our web applications; Gmail is a great case in point with […] Read more »

One of the great strengths of the global coworking community is the willingness to share knowledge and best practice without restriction and with openness wired into the very values of this community. Recently a member of the global coworking mailing list, Joseph Holsten) recently created what’s […] Read more »

WWD’s Mike Gunderloy covered Mozilla’s Weave project back in December, noting its usefulness in synchronizing bookmarks between a user’s various installations of Firefox…essentially moving a Firefox user profile into the cloud. Monday saw the release of a major update to Weave, bringing in several new features […] Read more »

With Gordon Brown‘s fiscal reputation following Dubya‘s own battered rep into a swirling black hole of oil prices and crunchy credit, it’s heartening to know that (sometimes) Her Majesty’s government can still do its subjects a few financial favours here in Blighty. A couple of weeks […] Read more »

The New York Times continues its love affair with the notion of coworking with last Friday’s Working Alone in a Group by Lisa Belkin. Quickly realizing her home is not conducive to a productive working environment, Belkin experimented with coworking at Stamford CT’s Soundview Coworking, (actually […] Read more »

FON showed great promise, attacking the fragmented wifi hotspot market and placing pressure on 3G broadband providers by harnessing the energy of the very people that would benefit from its service. The promise of a disruptive user-owned global wifi network was a large part of the company’s marketing, playing on the iconography and language of revolution. With $22m in funding from Google, Skype and venture capitalists, the company seemed poised for success…so what went wrong? Read more »

Tommorow sees the long-awaited release of Clint Eastwood‘s Firefox 3, the third movie in the popular series of Craig Thomas novels, including Firefox, Firefox Down and Winter Hawk. As with most cinematic releases, the movie will be available as a Usenet file or BitTorrent, however Eastwood […] Read more »

I’m constantly surprised at the cutely obvious names of some web services – finding a brand name that’s sublimely obvious but if successful is very likely to be as linguistically ubiquitous as ‘googling’ or ‘hoovering’. Shoeboxed may just well be one such brand – I wonder […] Read more »

WWD’s Mike Gunderloy recently commented on Sun Microsystem’s study of the impact of telecommuting on a worker’s carbon footprint. Coincidentally, on the same day policy changes in the UK may mean that telecommuting sees a sharp increase as the options for actual commuting rise in cost […] Read more »

I love my bags. In 1999 I swapped a $400 leather overcoat for the perfect recordbag/backpack/laptop bag…in 2002 I found a Levis faux-denim convertible messenger+backpack that I hung onto for years, until I replaced it with a Timbuk2 Detour, and this March a Commute 2008…purchased whilst […] Read more »

Last month we covered the launch of Canadian startup Scrnshots – a service to help designers share their inspirations as screenshots. Cofounders Greg Bell and Derek Kehler alluded to a bunch of upcoming features in last month’s interview, many of which have been rolled out in […] Read more »

I like simple. Simple means I don’t have to think too hard and – done well – has a kinda elegance about it. Mike Padilla‘s Protonotes is one such idea, a service that provide a simple and elegant solution to a clear problem – annotating web […] Read more »

In this week’s edition of John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman‘s hilarious podcast, The Bugle, Zaltzman offers his own solution to the isolation of working from home… Do you work from home but miss the office atmosphere? Then simply hire a group of people you don’t really […] Read more »

My hometown of Bradford, in the northern United Kingdom was once the capital of the world’s wool industry and the birthplace of the movements that led to the Labour Party. Like many of the largest cities in Northern England that were once the ‘Silicon Valley of […] Read more »

So you thought you’d escaped the cubicle farm when you decided to put down roots in your local coworking community? Think again! The cubicle is back! At Leeds’ The Round Foundry in the UK, entrepreneurs in the creative and digital industries can opt for traditional serviced […] Read more »

A few days ago, Cemaphore opened its new MailShadowG technology to several thousand beta testers, enabling users of Microsoft Exchange-based servers to transition to Google Apps. With many web workers still reliant on Microsoft clients, MailShadow helps to cut the cord by enabling messages, contacts and […] Read more »

Business Week speculated on Why Twitter Matters, suggesting that its ‘large and vigorous developer community’ has already positioned the service as an innovative messaging platform. Like other classic platform strategies, Twitter is not only providing a compelling user experience, but coupling this to a comprehensive developer […] Read more »

SMS text messages are the unsung heroes of messaging; this low-fi 140-character medium has for years kept us connected to each other and is fasting becoming one of the key enablers for ubiquitous computing and the personal infrastructure of the web worker. kwiry is the latest […] Read more »

Coworking continues to evolve and mold to the increasingly blurred boundaries between domestic and professional life. An area often overlooked is that of childcare for remote workers and home workers. I have colleagues and collaborators who, despite the fact they’re self-employed and work largely from a […] Read more »

As a former designer who still dabbles in the odd piece of commercial or hobbyist work, I’m sometimes stuck at the inception of a project, trying to discover the initial creative sparks that ignite a design, for those fragments of inspiration that set out the path […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of Windows XP SP3, Microsoft released an additional treat today, for Mac owners only, as the latest release of Microsoft Messenger for Mac (version 7) escaped into the wild. Version 6 brought the Aqua look and feel to Microsoft’s client amongst other […] Read more »

With Microsoft’s announcement this week that Outlook and Outlook Express will no longer support desktop access to Hotmail accounts raises some interesting questions on data portability. After 30th June, Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail application will be the only means by which desktop and offline access to […] Read more »

With an increasing dependence on distributed software, and web-based applications the portability of personal and corporate data is becoming an increasingly important issue for all users, but more so for web workers in particular. Open Data philosophies have begun to coalesce around essays such as the […] Read more »

WWD readers are likely familiar with the notion of coworking – low cost collaboration & community space for digital workers – pioneered by the likes of San Francisco’s Hat Factory and Citizen Space. With coworking communities springing up across the globe, the phenomenon is beginning to […] Read more »

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