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Stretching all the way back to April of last year, coworking – the growing movement of independent café-like collaboration spaces for freelance professionals – has been a popular topic here on WebWorkerDaily, covered from many perspectives by our writing team and also attracting some thought-provoking commentary from our readers.

For those unfamiliar with the subject, we thought we’d take you on a brief tour of some highlights from our coworking archives. Read more »

With the U.S. tech conference season – TED, ETech & SXSW – behind us, the European scene is starting to warm up for spring with the Futuresonic festival, Thinking Digital, Future of Web Design and, more immediately, Amsterdam’s The Next Web. The Next Web is now […] Read more »

This year’s South By Southwest interactive festival saw the arrival of over 30 British startups as part of a “Digital Mission” to bring the country’s most promising web startups to a global showcase. This mission was backed by Sun’s Startup Essentials program, TechCrunch UK and UK […] Read more »

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A couple of weeks ago, the White African blog discussed the need for coworking spaces in African cities, driven by the needs of emerging tech communities in some of the continent’s major cities. Writer Erik Hersman argues the case for communities that are part coworking communities, […] Read more »

Last month, in reviewing Taskpaper 2.0, we noted the desire for simplicity in to-do applications, while, personally, I was holding out for a good Google and Apple linkup to bring together Gmail and Apple Mail. Well, we’re not quite there yet, but Google yesterday announced that […] Read more »

Yesterday saw the launch of $2000 Website, an intriguing design shop in the Bay Area that describes itself as a “self-service” design agency, offering to design, code and publish a custom website within a two-week period. Users begin by completing a short online questionnaire to help […] Read more »

Yesterday, Google launched offline support for Gmail, a feature that’s been long anticipated by the service’s users. The feature is being gradually rolled out to UK and U.S. users and will be available via the Labs area of Gmail’s Settings page. Using Google’s Gears platform, the […] Read more »

Around a month ago, we wrote about the integration of Slideshare within Microsoft’s Office, notably Powerpoint. Rashmi Sinha, the CEO of Slideshare, cheekily announced the company’s ‘acquisition of YouTube’ – more specifically, the ability to integrate ‘Video Inside Slides.’ Available starting today, this feature will enable […] Read more »

With no Stevenote at this year’s Macworld, the world not only awaited Apple’s 2009 lineup with bated breath, but also the company’s inaugural Schillergram. Sadly, Apple’s announcements were widely accepted as being underwhelming, lacking the razzle-dazzle of previous Macworld keynotes; no iPods, Mac minis or iPhones, […] Read more »

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The North of England seems to be a hotbed of coworking with not only major cities such as Manchester and Leeds hosting multiple, vibrant coworking communities, but smaller towns such as Huddersfield and Bradford now beginning to enter the field. Options are available for web workers […] Read more »

Earlier December saw the launch of Cogi (pronounced co-jee), an audio recording and transcription service in the mould of QTech’s reQall and SkyDeck, bringing a potentially a valuable note taking tool for web workers. The US-based service enables users to capture the audio content of any […] Read more »

Twitter is now rumored to have between four and five million users, varying from the inactive and curious, to hardcore life-streamers, though it still lacks some useful features like groups. The company appears to be pursuing growth over immediate revenue streams, such as the lucrative delivery […] Read more »

We last briefly looked at Invotrak in the Summer of 2007. The service is similar to Freshbooks, in that users can create and track invoices and timesheets for client projects and employees as well as some funky analysis of payment history. Feature-for-feature, Invotrak and Freshbooks seem […] Read more »

Coffee shops with free wifi are the web workers’ digital oases, allowing us to flit from coffee to cake, sucking down bits and bites. For those without a home office, or access to a coworking community, such locations can quickly become our nomadic offices. So with […] Read more »

Last month’s SIAA OnDemand Conference saw the launch of RocketLawyer’s ‘web-based law office’ – a service that may prove to be a useful DIY legal utility for freelancers, web workers and startups. RocketLawyer is essentially a library of legal forms  – covering the spectrum of business […] Read more »

The creation of Address Book 2.0 – the evolution of contacts applications into something more distributed, social and elegant – is a prize being hotly contested by many startups. Just recently, Web Worker Daily has examined Soocial, ContactHero and some of the privacy pitfalls of web-based […] Read more »

Despite switching from Windows to OSX  a year and a half ago, I’ve yet to find the perfect task management tool for my Mac. I need something that’ll exist on the web, my desktop environment and a mobile handset. Sadly, Gmail’s recently introduced Tasks feature doesn’t […] Read more »

The world of the web worker is fundamentally a fabric of digital relationships that opens opportunities to work across previously insurmountable cultural, economic and geographic constraints. However, teleworking, remote working and web working introduce their own complexities, notably in how to motivate, manage and (yes) manipulate […] Read more »

Back in October I wrote about the myth of all-day computing, noting that the need for a 24-hour battery cycle is perhaps diminishing in the face of altering and fragmenting usage patterns – particularly the rise of the netbook and the iPhone. Indeed, last week ReadWriteWeb […] Read more »

Though my Dad is a clever chap – an old school Maker –  he never had the chance at a higher education and as a consequence would force me to watch historical and educational shows as a kid. One of these were the televised lectures of […] Read more »

Last month, Webmonkey ran a charming story of a young family of web workers, who are quite literally working on the road as they travel across the United States. The family of three – a young boy Tristan and his freelancing web designer parents, Olivia and […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of our earlier Coworking Roundup comes the news that Cisco has collaborated with the city of Amsterdam to launch its first Smart Work Center (SWC), in the nearby community of Almere, an area which incidentally, has an all-fibre broadband network. The SWC […] Read more »

With the world sliding into a real or imagined recession (sometimes, it’s difficult to tell!) Web Worker Daily has been on the look out for products, services and practices that might help remote workers weather the storm and perhaps feel confident in their own ability to […] Read more »

It’s been a busy few weeks for the team at online meeting service Yuuguu, with the announcement of Linux and Flash clients as well as support for Google Talk users. Earlier today the company rounded out its ‘Yuuguu Inside’ strategy by extending its integration of Google […] Read more »

Coworking is a workplace trend that Web Worker Daily has been following closely of late and one which seems to be experiencing an emerging global acceptance – indeed, myself and Aliza Sherman here at WWD have directly (though separately) been involved in developing coworking spaces and […] Read more »

Well whaddya’ know – with the computing industry’s collective consciousness almost fully occupied with Apple, Web 2.0, social computing and web-based applications, it’s almost as though we forgot that the world’s largest software company is still making stuff! Until today, I think I’ve gone 2-3 years […] Read more »

Y’know, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with an AOL Mail email address…plenty of AIM users, but no one with AOL Mail – at least no one who will admit it… Regardless, there must be a good number of such users, to encourage AOL to […] Read more »

In early 2007, tech luminary Tim O’Reilly published a number of thoughts envisioning a more cohesive and universal ‘address book’ application for the Web 2.0 era…these thoughts were quickly labeled as Address Book 2.0. In the intervening period, we’ve seen companies such as Plaxo and Facebook […] Read more »

Though the second edition of Going Solo – a conference for freelancers, planned for September – was cancelled, organizer Stephanie Booth pressed ahead and hosted a BarCamp-style unconference, SoloCamp. Though I was only able to attend the opening sessions with around twenty participants, the initial session […] Read more »

Back in early 2006, during a period of unremitting international travel, I joked that my life was no longer a series of circadian rhythms, but my life’s pulses were now an expression of remaining battery life. For many web workers, dependence on the battery-driven vagaries of […] Read more »

The notion of ‘all-day computing’ and a notebook battery than can last a full twenty-four hours – without recharging – has long been a pipe dream of the mobile computing industry. Back in 2004, Intel set itself the goal of achieving eight-hour battery life by 2010, […] Read more »

Yuuguu is a favorite amongst Web Worker Daily’s writers, with new features being added continuously to the popular screen-sharing service, largely driven by the real needs of its users. Around a month ago the company added Linux and Flash clients, but I suggested that this perhaps […] Read more »

As Google deepened its support for offline access via IMAP this week, Zoho, its closest competitor in the web office space, was publicly unveiling its own support for offline and access, ironically using Google’s own Gears platform. Curiously Zoho decided that to bring users’ mailboxes offline, […] Read more »

Web Worker Daily has previously covered ongoing developments around screen-sharing tool Yuuguu (apparently the Japanese term for fusion!), but Aliza’s post on PalBee and a bunch of new Yuuguu features in recent days makes for a good opportunity to revisit the Liverpool-based startup’s take on screen-sharing, […] Read more »

Presence and availability information has been one of the key enabling technologies for web workers, providing signaling mechanisms for indicating the ability and willingness of users to communicate, whether by instant message, VoIP call, caller ID or even an email auto-responder. Together presence and status indicators […] Read more »

Kurt Cagle, the managing editor of, recently explored Telework as the New Face of the Agile Workforce in a piece for O’Reilly Media. The article examines the intersection of rising fuel prices, the credit crunch, rising real estate prices and congested transport networks, contrasting them […] Read more »

A few weeks ago, LimeExchange launched its online outsourcing marketplace to the world. The service is essentially a social network for freelancers, service providers and entrepreneurs that helps service providers matchmake themselves to buyers looking to outsource activities within those service categories. Though marketplace services such […] Read more »

Backup! Backup! Backup! This should be the mantra of all web workers! Our ability to earn and work is of course dependent on the digital infrastructure around us, but more importantly, the sphere of our personal and professional data that’s our digital DNA. Today sees the […] Read more »

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