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As most savvy technology readers know, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act prohibits “circumventing” digital rights management (DRM) and “other technical protection measures” used to protect copyrighted works. While this ban was meant to deter copyright infringement, many corporations have misused the law to chill competition, free […] Read more »

When iWork ’08 was released it felt like a half-implemented suite for a whole host of reasons: lack of interoperability between the applications, very basic functionality, performance issues — especially with Numbers ’08 — and lack of scripting. Apple’s new iWork ’09 suite has addressed many […] Read more »

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In the event you were too distracted by the festivities associated with the ringing in of the new year and missed the news: the internets are broken (again). To be more specific, what has actually happened is a portion of the trust system that is the […] Read more »

Christmas has come early for users of VirtualBox, a free and open source virtualization solution from Sun Microsystems. Version 2.1 is a huge upgrade to the product as it includes VT-x and AMD-V hardware virtualization support on OS X and full VMDK/VHD support — including snapshots […] Read more »

With both shopping days and budgets running short, you may be wondering what to get your friends and family members who have either just purchased or will be receiving a new Mac. With 1-8GB USB flash drives having a street price of ~$6-$15.00 and a plethora […] Read more »

iPhone news and review site has announced the launch of Best App Ever, a new site which allows you to nominate your favorite apps and games in any one of thirty categories. Most Innovative App – The most innovative app on the iPhone OS platform […] Read more »

I really enjoy the overall experience reading books and articles on my Sony PRS-500 eBook reader, but dislike having to fire up Boot Camp or VMware into Windows in order to purchase books from the Sony eBook Store, especially when there are thousands of books in […] Read more »

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It should be obvious that the blogging elves at The Apple Blog care about the fitness of our readers, especially at this dessert-laden time of year. If you managed to stuff yourself as much as I did at Thanksgiving you may be in need of some […] Read more »

Hopefully Benjamin Disraeli will posthumously forgive me for the major abuse of his quote (made famous by Mark Twain), but the fine folks over at the Omni Group gave us all a sneak peek into some very interesting data they’ve been allowed by users to collect […] Read more »

Apple TV 2.3 was not enough. They could not stop at iPhone OS 2.2. Apple had to introduce the perfect storm of updates to impact users of all their systems and devices by unleashing Quicktime H.264 Compatibility Update (now at version 7.5.5) and iTunes 8.0.2 (plus […] Read more »

Macs are definitely not all-work and no-play machines, and this fact is made even more evident via a nifty little application called Poladroid. With holidays coming up, nostalgia will most likely be at an all-time high and Poladroid helps you inject some into your modern pictures […] Read more »

When it comes to web site development IDEs, Coda is one of the “must have” Mac applications. The premise is simple: one application that handles all aspects of site development and promotion: editing browser code, cleaning up schemas and tables, wielding CSS, managing versioning and promoting […] Read more »

Groundbreaking web-based email was not sufficient. Embedded instant messaging was not enough. Google Talk voice chat was too “old-fashioned.” Never satisfied with the status quo, the wizards at Google have rolled out a new Voice and Video service and have made Mac users first-class citizens for the new feature. […] Read more »

Many have oft-complained about Microsoft’s hold on users with its monopoly on installed system components such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Media Player. Even though the OS X counterparts to those programs are engineered better, the truth is that Apple really does engage in the same […] Read more »

Even with CodeWeaver’s generous giveaway of CrossOver Mac the other week, there are still times when one has to use a virtualized Windows environment to get work done that just cannot be performed within OS X properly. In talking with other VMware users, I realized that not […] Read more »

My enthusiastic use and promotion of Growl should come as no surprise to regular readers of The Apple Blog. While some dismiss it as an annoyance reminiscent of the Windows notification popups, others — like myself – view it as a way be informed without stopping […] Read more »

Despite being an avid OS X user, there are deficiencies in this great OS of ours and many of the ones I focus on center — unsurprisingly — around security. In the plethora of accurate claims of superiority in Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ads, one counter-example […] Read more »

If you are a regular user of sites like Gmail, Tweenky, Google Reader and other application-like web apps then you are probably already familiar with Fluid, an OS X application written by Todd Ditchendorf that lets you turn those sites into bona-fide, separate Cocoa desktop applications […] Read more »

Having worked for a few organizations with global footprints and being in a position where I need to switch from Windows to OS X on a regular basis, I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is sometimes quite frustrating when I need to include […] Read more »

Fans of Magnetk‘s ExpanDrive — a great SFTP client for OS X — should definitely go out and grab the latest beta (1.3) of this fine application. For starters, they support plain-ol’ FTP (and FTP/SSL) which, though insecure, is still used in many, many hosting outfits. […] Read more »

The now non-existent iPhone developer NDA seems to have been holding back a flood of useful and diverse information. IBM has contributed to this information deluge with their release of a tutorial (registration required), authored by PJ Cabrera, on how to use the Eclipse C Development […] Read more »

I sometimes wonder if the folks over in the Googleplex ever sleep. It seems like we have a new product or service update every other day some weeks. Google is now getting even closer to Mac desktops with the release of Update-Engine, a Mac OS X […] Read more »

Techspansion developer Tyler Loch, maker of the incredibly useful multimedia manipulation tools VisualHub, iSquint and AudialHub, has announced he is discontinuing all further development. “…After much soul-searching (it’s not you, it’s me), for personal reasons, Techspansion is closing its virtual doors. The Support Forum and Support […] Read more »

From a blog post that launched a thousand rumors, comes confirmation that Adobe is, in fact, creating a way to bring Flash content to the iPhone. Here is an excerpt from their official statement during a recent “town hall”: “Upon a direct question from the audience, […] Read more »

Fortune has an article on an upcoming ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board where artists are proposing a 6 cent (66%) hike in the per-track royalties they receive for digital music retail sales. Needless to say, Apple is not happy with this situation and has indicated […] Read more »

Despite my MacBook Pro going into service yet again (getting a new one, btw), I managed to take a look at some of what the Internets had to offer before handing my venerable system to the Apple Store Geniuses. As always, only what I use makes […] Read more »

If you are a heavy user of either Google Bookmarks or Google Docs, you now have a way of searching your content via the OS X built-in Spotlight tool. Written by Stuart Morgan and available for free (open source, in fact!), this simple application makes a […] Read more »

The Mozilla crew have updated Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 to address security vulnerabilities and (in the case of version 3) bugs & usability issues, including fixes for Mac-specific bugs. Firefox 3 had five security issues including two critical ones that could lead to either memory […] Read more »

Recently, Apple has started offering would-be iPhone 3G buyers an opportunity to save time in the store and purchase an iPhone 3G online for in-store pickup (and AT&T activation). You first tell them whether this is a new single- or dual-iPhone purchase for either a new […] Read more »

Whether you’re one of the cutting-edge photo enthusiasts who have already jumped on the wireless memory card train or just on the fence waiting for that one additional feature to make you a believer, the folks over at Eye-Fi made some announcements that are sure to […] Read more »

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