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As web workers, we are at the end of a supply line that brings together Internet connections, software, services and operating systems produced by large multinational corporations. We’re the 21st-century equivalents of the general store proprietors of an earlier age: we choose from a vast array […] Read more »

As a web worker, I’m always looking for interesting ways to market my products and services. I was impressed by a recent Twitter promotion here in Seattle. It was simple, effective, and cost almost nothing. Sound Transit, the agency that is building Seattle’s new light-rail system, […] Read more »

In the current economy, business networking is more important than ever: We need to use lots of different techniques for finding clients. Social networks can be a great addition to our marketing toolboxes. Since I started actively using social networks (only a year and a half ago!), I’ve reconnected with old friends, and have gotten quite of bit of business that can be directly attributed to connections that were facilitated through these networks.

But social networks can also be great time-wasters, too. However, If you focus on the marketing aspects of the networks, the time spent using them can consist of, as Meryl says, “zero-guilt activities.” Here are some tips for using social networks as effective marketing tools. Read more »

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In the astonishing time surrounding the news of Michael Jackson’s death, there were several false rumors that other celebrities had died. I started wondering how I would react if someone posted false information about me and my business. Now, I’m not famous, so I doubt that […] Read more »

As web workers, you’ve probably had to purchase domain names, or been asked to get them by clients. Most people prefer a name ending in .com, since that’s the “top-level domain,” or TLD, that everybody knows. But that also means it can be hard to get […] Read more »

Everyone has their favorite tricks to keep focused while working at the computer. Mine can be summarized as “out of sight, out of mind…but easily accessible.” The Spaces function is one of the nicer features that I discovered in OS X when I started using a […] Read more »

Google has recently announced that it can index external files called from Flash sites. While I understand why Google wants to do this — it has been working on indexing Flash content for over a year — I hope the news doesn’t tempt web developers to […] Read more »

Google Voice wants to be your phone manager, SMS and voicemail provider. The service is rumored to be almost ready for public access. Google Voice germinated after Google acquired GrandCentral almost two years ago. The service was relaunched earlier this year as a private beta for […] Read more »

As web workers, we are often asked to help friends and relatives fix computer problems. For me, the majority of these problems seem to be related to email. It’s ironic, as email is now less popular than social networks. So why is email such a hassle? […] Read more »

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There are all sorts of ways to stay connected with current and potential clients: social networks, Twitter, blogs and the like. Of course, nothing beats good old-fashioned face-to-face contact, so chambers of commerce, the Rotary Club, and the networking organizations are still important. But when you […] Read more »

As social networks have proliferated, it’s sometimes hard to remember where one’s online identities may be found. And if you have a common name, as I do, people sometimes can’t tell which Charles Hamilton I am. (No, I’m not a rap artist!) Thus, there are a […] Read more »

These days, when I leave my office — even if it’s just to go down the street to the grocery store — I know that I can grab my cell phone (a Treo 755p) and have my contacts, calendar, to-do list and passwords with me. They’ll […] Read more »

I had two friends complain that they received Facebook invitations from me today. I don’t remember sending those people invitations, and I never invite anyone to a social network without talking to them first. My friends forwarded the invitations to me. They were dated yesterday, and […] Read more »

Editor’s note: With this post we welcome Charles Hamilton to the WebWorkerDaily team. Charles is the founder and co-owner of Web Development in Seattle, where, since 1994, he has developed award-winning web sites that use technology to tell the stories of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and […] Read more »

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