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There are many apps available that try to bring together various communication protocols. I’m always interested in programs that manage multiple services, since for me, Adium on the Mac and its PC relative, Pidgin, are indispensable for dealing with my eight (!) IM accounts. After my […] Read more »

OnSIP, from Junction Networks, offers professional, flexible, business-oriented Internet phone systems for business that could be a good value, depending on your needs. What You Get OnSIP offers most of the features one would expect from such systems, including call routing, voicemail, business hours rules, and […] Read more »

A new study suggests that almost half (45 percent) of the workers at small- and medium-sized businesses spend most (75 percent) of their time out of their offices. In fact, only 15 percent of the businesses surveyed reported that all of their employees work in a […] Read more »

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It’s WebWorkerDaily’s fault that I’ve bought an iPod touch . (That’s my excuse, anyway.) As I looked at potential subjects to write about, I kept seeing cool apps, and I need to be able to test them, right? But why not buy an iPhone, or a […] Read more »

The folks at Ribbit Mobile are offering 100 invitations to WebWorkerDaily readers for the beta of their new communication service. Just sign up on the reservations page, and enter the invite code “wwd09″ in the appropriate box. Ribbit Mobile has more features than Google Voice, and […] Read more »

Internet-based communication is changing so quickly these days that there seems to be an endless stream of beta releases. Yesterday, Simon wrote about some of the latest browser betas; let’s look at a few products and services for interacting with social networks, Twitter and instant messaging. […] Read more »

While trying to log into Facebook a few days ago, I got the message, “Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.” I checked with friends, and they were able to […] Read more »

Google Wave has generated a lot of interest in the past few months, despite most people I’ve talked to being unclear about what the service is, and how to use it. I confess that after I finally got an invitation, I was somewhat perplexed when faced […] Read more »

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One of the reasons that I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard was the new ability to sync the Mac OS X Address Book with Gmail’s or Google Apps’ Contacts. This function has been around for a while, but for some reason, it was previously available only […] Read more »

Facebook gives users many tools for controlling what personal information is displayed to friends and others. But if you have lots of Facebook friends, you probably don’t want to create privacy settings for each person you know. However, Facebook allows you to create groups of friends, […] Read more »

Yesterday, Darrell wrote that he is discontinuing his personal web site. Yes, designing and maintaining an attractive and effective web site takes time and money, but even in today’s environment where most of us leave our footprints on the web through social networks, Twitter and the […] Read more »

I spent the weekend updating my Mac to OS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard. It went well, thanks to a little planning and a lot of patience. Windows users are facing the decision as to whether and when to upgrade to Windows 7. Here are some questions […] Read more »

Web workers who use LinkedIn have been known to be creative with their names. Instead of just listing themselves as “Jane Doe,” for example, one often sees “Jane Doe (”. LinkedIn for Marketing is reporting that accounts with such additional information are being suspended. I’ve been […] Read more »

With all the hoopla about Google Wave, another set of invitations coming out of Google seems to have been overlooked. After months of waiting, certain Twitterers are reporting that they’ve finally received invites to Google Voice, which I wrote about back in June. I’ve had GV […] Read more »

When Mike reviewed social bookmarking, research and collaboration service Diigo last year, he liked its simplicity, its connections with other services, and its wealth of features. Since then, the social bookmarking field has continued to mature; witness the recent purchase of Friendfeed by Facebook, and the […] Read more »

Tgethr aspires to replace listservs, Google Groups and Yahoo Groups as a way of managing email groups. It scores over Convos (which I recently wrote about) with its very easy setup, useful help and simple web interface, although it doesn’t have some of Convos’ additional features. […] Read more »

Have an email that you want to share on the web or on a social network? Forward it to “” and you’ll receive a return email with a web link. The email from Moomeo will also include links to share the original email on Facebook and […] Read more »

By positioning itself between traditional project management apps like Basecamp and personal relationship management apps like Gist, Liaise thinks that it has found a useful niche, which it calls “business interaction management.” It claims that it can do this with a very simple setup, no change […] Read more »

Statistics from the indicate that over half of computer users (50.6 percent) are now using the Firefox browser, InfoWorld reports. Despite this, Internet Explorer is still widely used, with 84 percent of users still turning to it “regularly.” These numbers indicate that a large number […] Read more »

Project management seems to be the 21st century’s “better mousetrap.” There seems to be an endless supply of new project management services; the latest addition to the ranks of this huge category is Ubidesk. It has an interface that I find more attractive than some of […] Read more »

Facebook is rolling out “@ mentions” similar to those found in Twitter. According to the Facebook blog: Now, when you are writing a status update and want to add a friend’s name to something you are posting, just include the “@” symbol beforehand. As you type […] Read more »

Many organizations block access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and other social networks. NutshellMail can deliver your friends’ updates to you in an email digest, which neatly sidesteps corporate blocking software, and could also useful if you just prefer keeping tabs on your social networks via […] Read more »

If you’ve ever wanted a “plain vanilla” online discussion forum, Vanilla Forums might just be what you need. It’s a hosted discussion-forum solution (based on an open-source product) that’s quick and easy to set up and to use. In a way, the name isn’t entirely fair. […] Read more »

Everyone has a different way of doing things. Fortunately, there’s a huge number of web services that offer groups different ways to coordinate their activities. Convos occupies a middle ground between basic group communication systems like listservs and Google Groups, and full-fledged project management apps. As […] Read more »

Team Effect jokingly calls its competition the “the vast swathe of online task lists…and Basecamp clones” that make up the current market for project management solutions. The claim is that, unlike its competitors, Team Effect is “fun to use.” I won’t go that far, but the […] Read more »

With all of the fancy technologies we use today, it’s easy for web workers to overlook the importance of the telephone. I communicate with my two colleagues at our home offices by email and IM, and through our project management system, but we still spend a […] Read more »

The folks at Iterasi (covered previously on WWD) launched a product today that combines tools for archiving web sites with some slick ones for sharing the contents of your archive with others. The new service, called PositivePress, is intended to overcome the transitory nature of the […] Read more »

I used to wonder why real estate and insurance agents put their photos on their business cards, even though I’m not good at connecting names and faces. Then, a couple of years ago, two things happened that made me understand how useful adding images to contact […] Read more »

We cover a lot of project management apps here on WebWorkerDaily; it almost feels like we’re inundated with them, with a new option being launched practically every week. So I confess to being wary about trying yet another offering. Peago, a Flash-based PM tool, has some […] Read more »

I read a lot of online publications, and I like to share interesting articles with clients and friends on Twitter.  If you use Google Reader to browse RSS feeds, as I do, it’s now easier to post links to news articles you’ve found in Google Reader […] Read more »

I’ve been using Google Voice since it was GrandCentral, and have been quite impressed. But it’s still in beta, and while invitations to the beta are finally becoming available, I understand that they’re still hard to come by. 3jam is billing itself as an alternative to […] Read more »

As web workers, sometimes we have to walk a fine line between keeping clients happy, and providing the best possible services. For web developers like me, the issue of whether to continue supporting Internet Explorer 6 is becoming a major headache. It would seem to be […] Read more »

It’s a great time to be a web worker. Almost every day, a new site, service or product comes on the scene that promises to make our work more efficient (or more fun). Some areas, like project management or image editing, are crowded with options. And […] Read more »

Managing the flood of electronic communication — phone, voicemail, email, SMS, IM, micro-blogging and status updates on sites like Facebook — is an increasingly difficult task. It’s being reported that Bill Gates recently left Facebook due to a surfeit of friend requests. I’ve struggled to manage […] Read more »

As Meryl wrote a few days ago, LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent business networking tools. Both sites offer useful ways of connecting with people you know, who you can ask to become part of your network. It’s easy to forget who you’ve requested to become a […] Read more »

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