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No matter what other presences you may have on the web, your own website is still a must. Professionally-designed websites should, of course, look good no matter what browser a user has. But it’s surprisingly tough to test all the ways that your site may look. Read more »

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Following the success of the MacHeist offerings, time-limited bundles of software seem to be popular these days. The Fusion Ads Holiday Bundle includes a number of programs that may be of interest to Mac-using web workers. The collection includes the following software: Read more »

Daniel Debow and Philip Korn

For organizations to successfully recruit and retain the best people, human resources departments must move beyond the typical command-and control management structure and unleash their people and processes, according to speakers at GigaOM’s Net:Work conference. Read more »


Virtual Office Pro 2.0, from telecoms company 8×8, is a web-based suite of communications services. It includes phone, fax, web conferencing, call recording and chat, and has functions that are standard with many VoIP systems, such as call forwarding and three-way calling. Read more »

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Launched at the weekend, new “social browser” RockMelt promises to make it easy to share and keep up with your friends. It caused quite a lot of discussion after Om wrote about it. I’ve had a chance to take it for a quick test drive. Read more »

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I enjoy reading lots of different kinds of books, from fiction to travel to humor to, of course, tech-related books. Here are a couple of books that web workers may find enlightening: David Kirkpatrick’s”The Facebook Effect” and Karen Anderson’s “Take Control of iPhone Basics” Read more »


In recent days, a new tool called Firesheep has become available to “sniff out” login information that’s being sent over wireless networks. Such tools have always been available, but this one makes it easy for anyone to collect other people’s private data. Read more »

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Clearwire recently introduced a pay-as-you-go Internet connection service called Rover. Its plans work similarly to prepaid cell phone services, except that Rover doesn’t sell phone minutes, it sells data, delivered through the Clearwire network. One of the devices available is a mobile hotspot; the Rover Puck. Read more »

Liaise Message

Liaise, an email-based project management and collaboration system, is now available publicly, and its developers are offering 100 free one-year subscriptions to WebWorkerDaily readers. Liaise is intended for heavy email users who collaborate with many different people both inside and outside their organization. Read more »

It’s now possible to make and receive phone calls to the U.S. and Canada at no charge directly from Gmail’s web interface. I’ve been testing the new service, and so far, I’m very happy with it. As always, Google is rolling out the new service gradually. Read more »

FolderBoy is a web-based note-taking app that sits somewhere between the bare-bones functionality of Paprika and the kitchen-sink approach taken by Evernote. As you might expect from the name, FolderBoy encourages users to create folders to organize notes. You can even create folders within folders. Read more »

Until recently, web designers didn’t have much control over the fonts we could use. Now, however, there are some very promising options for embedding fonts into web sites. I have been trying a few of them, and so far, they all work well. Read more »

I’ve been on the road a lot lately, and much as I like my Overdrive hotspot, its battery life is limited. So I decided to buy the ZAGGsparq 2.0, which acts as a backup battery charger for USB devices. Read more »

The idea behind Bump is simple: When you meet up with someone, instead of sharing printed business cards, you can just “bump” phones together, and your contact information will be traded. I’ve been using the new 2.0 version, which adds a number of useful functions. Read more »

There is something appealing about a simple, no-frills, web-based system for creating notes and to-dos. That’s the niche that Paprika is trying to fill. As I worked with it, I came to the conclusion that Paprika is missing too many features for my needs. Read more »

It’s always been disappointing that Google Apps accounts (those with custom domains) haven’t had access to as many services as accounts with addresses That is now changing. Selected Google Apps are now being given the opportunity to transition their users to “enhanced” Google Apps accounts. Read more »

For web workers, frequent flyer programs and other rewards programs can be a useful way to stretch tight travel budgets. During my recent cross-country trip, I was able to stay in several hotels at no cost, using points I had accumulated from credit cards. Read more »

Simon recently wrote about tempalias, one of a growing number of services that lets users create temporary email addresses. If you want to be able to create your own temporary email addresses without having to use such a service, here’s an old trick that I use. Read more »

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