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Ergonomic keyboard

Remote workers need to be especially vigilant about avoiding Repetitive Stain Injury (RSI). I asked licensed massage therapist Wimsey Cherrington, who specializes in treating patients with repetitive strain injuries for low-cost techniques we could share with our teams. Here are a few that she recommended. Read more »

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GoToMyPC iPad

Citrix’s popular remote access tool GoToMyPC is now available for the iPad , with a new app that lets users access files, programs and network resources on desktop Macs or PCs from their tablets, and can can remotely connect via 3G or Wi-Fi networks. Read more »

TeamViewer Android

Cross-platform screen sharing solution TeamViewer has been updated to version 6, and has added a new Android app. There are many alternatives for screen sharing and web conferencing, but TeamViewer stands out by offering an all-in-one solution for making presentations, connecting to and troubleshooting remote computers. Read more »

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We all know that it’s better to keep existing customers than to spend the time and effort getting new ones. So when a friend and fellow business owner asked me for advice on how she could raise her prices, here’s the procedure we came up with. Read more »


An internship can be a rewarding experience for both you and the student. It’s a great way to find out if a person will work well with your organization. And especially in the technical fields, interns can provide insights into the future. Read more »


LogMeIn Hamachi is one of my favorite tools for creating a VPN to connect to my network remotely. I can create and access secure virtual networks across public and private networks. The new Mac version 2.0 sports a spiffy GUI, plus features that have been Windows-only. Read more »

screen sharing

Now that the online collaboration service Dimdim has been purchased by Salesforce and is being shut down, what alternatives for collaboration, conferencing and screen sharing remain available? Here are a few options that we’ve covered in the past. Prices, features and usability vary greatly. Read more »


The Buffalo CloudStor is an external drive that has built-in capabilities allowing you to make its contents available outside your own network. As with Pogoplug Biz and Pogoplug Video, users will be able to make the contents of the drive available anywhere with an Internet connection. Read more »

Team chart

Three new reports suggest that opportunities for technology jobs are outpacing the wider job market. Postings for information technology positions grew by 82 percent over December 2009, and the position of software engineer has been named “the nation’s best job.” Other technology-related jobs also rated highly. Read more »

junk mail spam

Email spam is, of course, a continuing problem, even if the total amount has fallen recently. So Google has responded by adding some new spam-fighting tools to Google Apps. Administrators can now enable DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). This technology is intended to prevent “spoofing” of messages. Read more »


Pogoplug Video, announced today at CES, will allow you to make videos available to clients more easily. The device will stream HD video and images from your own external hard drive, directly to desktops and laptops, as well as to iOS, Android, and other mobile devices. Read more »


icloud, a “web operating system” with a growing selection of apps that can be included in a customizable virtual workspace, is now offering mobile apps for iOS and Android that include access to files, document viewing, and uploading of photos, along with an updated mobile website. Read more »


A recent survey of New Year’s resolutions found that the number-one resolution is to get organized. Sixty-one percent of those polled pledged to keep their business more organized in the new year. If you have a similar resolution, here are some ideas to improve organization. Read more »


If you find that the busy interfaces of standard word processors detract from your ability to concentrate, there are several options for “distraction-free writing,” including WriteRoom, OmmWriter and DarkRoom. Now there’s a web app called QuietWrite that tries to create a similar environment. Read more »

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