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Kerio Workspace 1.1, described as “an online file and content sharing platform,” has some features in common with collaboration solutions such as Basecamp, but it omits project management features. It has more in common with file sharing solutions such as ShareFile.and with enterprise microblogging solutions like Flowr. Read more »

Upcoming Events

Screen shot 2011-06-28 at 10.37.39 3.0, is an Outlook add-on that’s adding new social and collaboration features. The new “people” tab in the sidebar lets users see colleagues’ profiles and availability, displays an activity stream, and lets workers call, chat or videoconference directly. Read more »

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Clearvale Customer Portal Network

Clearvale is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service, enterprise solution for Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM) that includes interconnected internal and external social networks, which allow customers and employees to collaborate and communicate directly, for customer support, idea management, and other customer engagement needs. Read more »


SocialBase “is a team collaboration, tools integration and task management system [for] your social media workflow” from oneforty, the company that started as a Twitter app store in 2009 and expanded into a buyer’s guide to social media consultants and software earlier this year. Read more »


The upcoming OS X Lion will include a new way of sharing documents with friends and family who are on the same Wi-Fi network in a similar manner as other P2P wireless protocols such as Wi-Fi Direct or Qualcomm’s FlashLinq. The service is called AirDrop. Read more »

CrunchConnect Meeting_Notes_&_Tagging

CrunchConnect, a web-based sales presentation and web conferencing platform that’s currently in private beta, has added some new features that provide managers with systems for sharing presentations among workgroups for evaluation and training purposes, and with new tools for tracking the effectiveness of presentations. Read more »


Flowr, the enterprise-oriented social communication web application that I wrote about, and Simon demonstrated, a few months ago, has simplified its interface and added some new features, including a beta of an HTML5-based mobile version. Flowr has also changed its pricing structure. Read more »

KnowledgeTree Android Files

KnowledgeTree, a service that lets businesses collaborate on and manage documents in the cloud, is now offering an app for Android phones and tablets, and automatic synchronization between mobile and desktop devices. KnowledgeTree lets organizations manage documents, and it specializes in collaboration within Microsoft Office. Read more »


j2 Global, the company behind eFax, is extending its telecommunication offerings. For clients who do not need fax, email and web conferencing, j2 offers eVoice, which competes with the likes of 8×8 Virtual Office Solo and Google Voice in offering a business telecoms for smaller organizations. Read more »

homepipe webapp5

HomePipe is a service that allows you to securely access and share files remotely to Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, through a web app, and through free mobile apps. The service has announced several features that will make it more attractive for business collaboration. Read more »

Xobni gadget bag

Xobni, a popular productivity add-on for Outlook that automatically displays additional information about email contacts, has announced that it is making available “gadgets,” third-party additions to Xobni that will let well-known collaboration tools like Yammer, Chatter and Dropbox become an integral part of the Outlook interface. Read more »


Google has released the Google Docs app for Android to complement the web version. I’ve taken a quick look at it on an HTC Evo 4G, and it looks like it will be a useful tool for collaborating on documents and spreadsheets. Read more »

Baggage Dept

During my recent conversation with licensed massage therapist Wimsey Cherrington about ways of avoiding repetitive strain injuries at work, she also suggested several tips for luggage handling, neck and back support, and exercises that will help avoid strains while traveling. Read more »


CrunchConnect, a new service from SalesCrunch, is entering private beta today, and it’s worth a look. CrunchConnect’s web conferencing and screen sharing system has some useful features, including the option for participants to sign in via LinkedIn, so others can see their profiles. Read more »

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