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Power grids that emerged unscathed from the recent heat wave in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states have demand response companies to thank, and proved it’s a good idea to get the demand response word out when the electrical grid starts feeling the strain. Read more »

In a few years, we’ll look back at 2010 and remember it as the year that LEDs (light emitting diodes) turned a corner and went from a pricey niche lighting technology to a mainstream contender. Read more »

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Each year, the WWF encourages individuals, businesses and communities to participate in a global rolling blackout campaign called Earth Hour, which calls for shutting off the lights for a solid hour and leans heavily on social media. But is WWF tweeting up the wrong tree? Read more »

Greenpeace says the iPad — and the cloud computing future it foretells — means bad news for the environment. But coal-powered data centers aren’t the whole story. We say it’s OK to want an iPad. Read more »

According to a recent Harris Interactive poll, 68 percent of Americans haven’t even heard of the smart grid. And without a sense of how the smart grid and an ecosystem of devices, apps and services help consumers save money on electricity, the whole concept remains an abstraction. The challenge therefore is not merely to prepare consumers for the smart grid’s arrival, but to make the wait unbearable. Read more »

Cisco is no stranger to the green IT scene. It has publicly announced its smart grid intentions and, for years, has touted the carbon-cutting benefits of its teleconferencing technologies. But when it comes to data centers, Cisco has been outgunned by its rivals. While IBM mounted […] Read more »

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