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Data center hardware infrastructure can be roughly categorized into servers, networking and storage. But two of those areas are merging before our eyes, as Cisco and HP battle for server and network integration. The business and technical implications of this consolidation affect other companies and customers […] Read more »

Hadoop, an open-source software program that helps process incredibly large data sets, has been generating plenty of buzz. The upcoming Hadoop Summit on June 10 marks a midway point in an eventful year for the technology. Cloudera, a high-profile startup that’s building commercial services around Hadoop, just […] Read more »

Bravo to NetApp for acquiring Data Domain. For too long, NetApp has been downright timid in the M&A department, all the while being run around in circles by rival EMC. But with this deal, the battle for storage leadership is heating up once again. Not only does […] Read more »

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Several weeks ago, we saw a burst of news around memcached, an increasingly popular open-source caching software framework gaining attention from web companies and investors. Gear6 announced details of a new memcached-based product, and Schooner Information Technologies launched a set of memory-dense appliances, one targeted to […] Read more »

Both sides of cloud computing’s “enterprise readiness” debate are likely to have merit for years to come, as security, data portability and data accessibility represent just some of the issues that still need to be ironed out. But no matter which side you favor, I see […] Read more »

We are in the midst of a data mining renaissance. Traditionally, data warehousing implementations were large, complex and expensive, meaning only the top-ranking companies could afford them. Teradata pioneered the initial market for corporate data warehousing solutions and still maintains a segment lead, something HP’s CEO […] Read more »

Hadoop, Cassandra, HBase, Hypertable, Open Neptune… these are some open source projects that are being pursued by web technologists in order to deal with explosion of digital data in a post-terabyte world. The traditional way to deal with unstructured data isn’t working. What we need is a structured means of finding, accessing, and retrieving files and objects. Read more »

Cloud Computing has hit the main stage, solidly capturing the minds of both the technology and business communities. But while three distinct deployment models have emerged, it’s far from certain which of them will go on to prosper. The three models are: 1. Renting raw hardware: […] Read more »

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