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(Editor’s Note: The following piece was co-authored with Scott Karp, editor of Publishing 2.0.) One by one, the big media companies and the Internet giants have started to ante up for the big poker game over the future of the video content business. Google started it […] Read more »

When one is asked about Google’s incredible success to date, and what they did so right, the obvious answer will likely involve an explanation of the brilliant technologies that make up PageRank and Adwords. But if one looks under the hood, there’s also a not-so-obvious reason […] Read more »

When one is asked about Google’s incredible success to date, and what they did so right, the obvious answer will likely involve an explanation of the brilliant technologies that make up PageRank and Adwords. But if one looks under the hood, there’s also a not-so-obvious reason […] Read more »

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As we all learned last week, Google’s efforts to strike content deals with the major media companies, on behalf of their YouTube division, seems to have hit a wall. Viacom pulled all their video clips, NBC accused them of “Mafioso” negotiating tactics, CBS backed off at […] Read more »

Reading through the LA Times, as I do before The Oscars every year, I came across a fantastic Op-Ed written by a respected Hollywood author by the name of Neal Gabler. The opinion piece, titled “The Movie Magic is Gone”, explains how Hollywood is losing its […] Read more »

There has been much debate about the merits of Viacom’s recent decision to demand the take-down over 100,000 of its copyrighted video clips on YouTube, which included video assets from MTV, Comedy Central, and other Viacom-owned brands. Well, ‘debate’ is probably not an accurate word to […] Read more »

As we all know, one of the biggest stories in 2006 was about a deal that never happened. Despite multiple rumors of buyout offers from various suitors, Facebook rejected them all and decided to stay independent. Now, whether that was a smart decision, or a stupid […] Read more »

A former mentor, and a very smart man, once told me that the greatest invention in this democracy and capitalist system we live in and know as the United States is, of all things, bankruptcy. Yep, bankruptcy… the opportunity to fail. I mention this because I […] Read more »

The title of this piece is a quote from Nancy Robinson, VP & Consumer Strategist at Iconoculture (from this recent CNET article). Now that’s a great quote! It’s right up there with something a very close friend/mentor used to say in the early ‘90s… “let’s put […] Read more »

Lately, I’ve been thinking through an oft-discussed scenario involving MySpace… one that I have good reason to believe is now highly likely in 2007. What if MySpace suddenly decided to put up tollbooths and all the players within the MySpace third-party ecosystem had to start paying […] Read more »

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The most important market challenge for social networks in 2007 can be summarized in three words: monetization, monetization, and monetization. Regardless of whether social networks will splinter into niches and verticals (e.g. sports, pets, moms, teenage girls, etc.), regardless of whether social networks adopt interoperability (e.g. […] Read more »

Now that Yahoo has announced its reorg, many are wondering and speculating as to what the ailing Internet giant might do in terms of M&A. Put another way, will Yahoo rely on acquisitions to fix its problems and plug up its holes? Or will it depend […] Read more »

Like a lot of you, I spent some time this past weekend reading Brad Garlinghouse’s “Peanut Butter Manisfesto” to fellow Yahoo executives… also reading all the reactions in and around the blogosphere. Not to make light of a serious situation, but I have to agree with […] Read more »

Following our piece yesterday about the continued growth of online advertising, let me add to Om’s practical perspective with my own take on where I believe the opportunity lies for those who are set on capturing some of those future ad dollars. What I’m about to […] Read more »

Traditional media companies are in a persistent state of confusion when it comes to Google. The question that keeps these media executives up at night is… is Google a friend or a foe? If recent conversations I’ve had with such executives are any indication, Google’s recent […] Read more »

I’ve been playing with Vox… the new social network-enabled blogging platform recently launched by Six Apart (also owners of TypePad, Moveable Type, and LiveJournal). Although I don’t do new product/service reviews, I will say that Vox is very well done and the new service could prove […] Read more »

When Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his new invention, the telephone, for the first time publicly in 1876, he didn’t announce the birth of a new age of ubiquitous electronic person-to-person communications. Nope. Instead, to the oohs and aahs of those gathered around him at the Centennial […] Read more »

As the announcement of the Google-YouTube deal unfolded last week, it was very interesting to follow the responses from various players representing the traditional media establishment. While I won’t rehash them all here, suffice it to say everyone in Hollywood and New York media circles seemed […] Read more »

As regular readers of GigaOM know, I have written often about social networks as a platform for self-expression, and how such new media shifts the balance of control for production and distribution of content between corporations and consumers. Along with this, I’ve written about the many […] Read more »

As Dick Parsons, the CEO of Time-Warner recently reflected, Murdoch’s acquisition of MySpace “appears to have been a masterstroke”. Well… good to know that he is taking a similar positive view of the deal as me. My positive outlook reflected my high enthusiasm about social networking […] Read more »

(Editor’s note: Robert Young had actually written this piece early last week, but it didn’t get posted due to an error on our part. Since then, other publications have run stories on the same topic, including CNBC’s James Cramer’s article in New York magazine as well […] Read more »

One of the on-again, off-again hot topics within the blogosphere and the mainstream press is where or not Google will ever build its own desktop operating system. So when Steve Jobs announced that Eric Schmidt was joining the Apple board, I was somewhat surprised that the […] Read more »

Chris Anderson in his book, The Long Tail (read Chris’ book), divides the power law distribution curve into only two segments… the hit-driven head (Big Head) and, obviously, the long tail. What’s missing is actually the most important part… the section in the middle of the […] Read more »

Last week, I speculated as to why Rupert Murdoch would have a difficult time acquiring YouTube. I also suggested that, with a rumored asking price of $1 billion, NBC Universal was the most likely contender to buy YouTube. But my thoughts were based mostly on reasons […] Read more »

Back in April in a piece titled “SocialNets & the Power of the URL”, I wrote: … Like every media revolution in history, when tectonic shifts occur on the production side of content, equally disruptive shifts follow in distribution (or visa versa). What we’re experiencing now […] Read more »

Ever since YouTube’s CEO Chad Hurley participated in Herb Allen’s annual Sun Valley media mogulfest, there has been much speculation about who will acquire the young online video phenom. If the chatter in the blogosphere is a reliable indicator, many believe it will be Rupert Murdoch. […] Read more »

A few days ago, billionaire Mark Cuban (who owns various entertainment assets, including a film production studio, theatre chain, etc.) posed an open challenge on his blog: … How do you get people out of the house to see your movie without spending a fortune. How […] Read more »

A few months ago, a dinner companion informed me that Google was in Hollywood trying to secure exclusive distribution rights to films and TV. Intrigued, I poked around with some folks-in-the-know and, sure enough, Google is wheeling-n-dealing for exclusives. That being the case, I have a […] Read more »

Rupert Murdoch built his media empire, News Corp, the old-fashioned way… by vertically and horizontally integrating deep and wide into the layers of the media industry (e.g. from production to distribution). But with his acquisition of MySpace, Murdoch has gone down a new path… a new […] Read more »

By Robert Young In the latest (July) issue of Wired magazine, Rupert Murdoch claims that Google… “…could have bought MySpace three months before we did for half the price. They thought, ‘It’s nothing special. We can do that.’” Read more »

By Robert Young Last week at a conference in New York City, the head of Fox Interactive Media, Ross Levinsohn, told the audience: “More mainstream marketing on MySpace will be kept to the “well-lit” areas of the site, like the Books, Comedy, Film, and Games sections […] Read more »

By Robert Young Let me expand the title… as Hollywood is increasingly forced to adopt the Internet as a distribution channel, should it be afraid that Google will eventually become the dominant gatekeeper for video?This question, which used to be one of the most pressing in […] Read more »

By Robert Young No one can argue that MySpace has been the “it girl” for the past year. And the fact that she belongs to Rupert Murdoch only seems to have heightened the envy, and gotten everyone’s knickers in a twist. As a result, it seems […] Read more »

One of the distinctive qualities of the Web 2.0 companies has been their reliance on community mostly and early adopters. Flickr is a good example. This two-way interaction between the start-up and the users provided the bedrock for a ground breaking service. Google Maps, is another […] Read more »

He is planning to create a competitor to MTV. Much like Viacom’s CBS decided to use the broadband web to bypass cable and compete against the 24-hour news networks like CNN and FoxNews. Guest Post by Robert Young There has been much speculation and analyses as […] Read more »

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