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There are endless systems for achieving a clean inbox but, like diets, most everyone ends up failing. The answer then is accepting that it’s impossible, and then finding peace of mind by focusing on what matter most. Read more »

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Accurate timing has grown more important in distributed systems, not just for mobile networks, but also for tracking data between data centers. Our love of digital junk is pushing storage to the edge. Read more »

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Businesses regularly evolve to meet modern new challenges, so why do they rely on the same old military-style organizational hierarchies? Here are a few companies that have adopted new structures to try to inspire workers and make the companies more agile. Read more »

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Milo Medin at the Google Fiber announcement.

Instead of being jealous of towns getting Google Fiber, municipalities should look not to Google, but to local businesses that might want broadband badly enough to help play the same role. Read more »

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As ISPs continue to explore new ways to charge customers, many are embracing the idea of pricing based on data consumption. But the lack of pricing transparency and sheer number of variables make it too consumer unfriendly. Read more »

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With downloadable apps taking over the enterprise, how do startups reach enterprise decision makers and purchasing managers? The answer: Your inside sales force. Read more »

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The announcement of Facebook Home this week has elicited applause, shock, horror, and disapproval. But it may not matter much anyway as the numbers suggest its reach will be modest at best. Read more »

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