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I recently acquired the Spire Endo messenger bag. I decided on the Endo after looking around for quite a while at many different laptop cases. It was Nick who eventually convinced me to choose the Endo. Being a student, I will be looking at the Endo […] Read more »

Exactly how shuffled is your shuffle? Does it seem to you that you keep hearing the same songs from the same albums and the same bands over and over, even though you have hundreds of other songs? Well, the good news is that you are not […] Read more »

Well, Apple has finally updated the Powerbook line. After more than a year since the last upgrade, users expected some substantial speed bumps. What the got is a different story. Instead of the rumored dual-core G4, or dreamed of G5, we got a minimal 1.5ghz increase […] Read more »

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Some evil x86 geek has taken our beloved Mac mini and desecrated it by putting a Nano-ITX form factor motherboard in it. Poor Mac mini. Please send me the original components so that I may give them a good home ;) Read more »

Since my original post about the Mac Media Center Project there has been another project started along the same lines. The new project is know as iTheater. There isn’t that much difference between the two projects other than the fact that iTheater is planning on supporting […] Read more »

After a long day of playing with my new toy, I have a few gripes. Small as they may seem, they are substantial enough to consider possible iModification. The first shortcoming I noticed was that when working in indirect sunlight, on overcast days, the feedback LED’s […] Read more »

Best Buy now has the 1.25GHz Mac Mini and the 1.42GHz Mac Mini now listed for pre-ordering up on their online store. Best Buy’s site also notes that its stores will soon begin selling Apple’s 512MB iPod shuffle–but not the 1GB iPod shuffle. Both models are […] Read more »

Jonothan Coulton is the geek acoustic musician. “A Laptop Like You” is his ode to his Powerbook. While you’re at his site, pick up “Smoking Monkey” from the iTMS. Ya know, help a starving artist out. Read more »

The Mac Media Center Project, an open source project to develop a complete media center interface for the Mac mini, launched this past week. There’s already links up for how to connect all your A/V hardware (also see Engadget’s how-to for more on that), but the […] Read more »

I finally got my 1GB Shuffle today. The nice FedEx man dropped off a huge box. (huge relative to the size of the shuffle its self). Upon opening said box, I was confronted with 4 things: 1 iPod Shuffle box; approx the size of 4 jewel […] Read more »

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(Hat tip: MacNN) Chalk this one up to still being a rumor, but one I think is in line with Apple’s “iPod halo” marketing strategy. According to a report released by Merril Lynch, Best Buy may begin selling Macs again. The analyst firm said that the […] Read more »

I have just gotten to play around with Apple’s new application Pages and I have to say that I like it. It isn’t as fully featured as Word but I think that for many people it will be more than capable of replacing Word. My first […] Read more »

Oftentimes Apple has been referred to as the BMW of the computer world – high quality, stylish, and expensive. And for anyone that’s ever unpacked an Apple product, dealt with Apple technical support, or even visited an Apple retail store, it’s blatantly obvious that Apple wants […] Read more »

So, it turns out that Pages isn’t the Word killer we thought it might be. Check out Dan Pourhadi’s review to see why. Basically, Dan explains that it’s much more a layout program than a word processor, although a pretty good one. Read more »

While no computer system will ever be secure in absolute terms, analyzing which routes toward security the two major consumer operating system vendors have taken, ought to provide some valuable insight as to why so many of us are staunch advocates of the Mac platform, and most specifically Mac OS X. Read more »

Apple today made available via the Software Update utility Security Update 2005-001. This naming scheme is in a departure from previous releases, which used the date as the name. Taken from the update screen: Security Update 2005-001 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended […] Read more »

(Hat tip: AppleInsider) Target has pulled the Mac Mini from the website, four days after listing it as a purchasable item. In response to customer emails about the sudden disapperance, Target cited availability concerns as the sole factor that prompted it to remove the product […] Read more »

iTunes promo bottles of Pepsi have begun to show up at select retailers across the nation. Apple, with little fanfare, announced last week the promotion, as reported here. There have been several changes from last years promotion, including the change of odds of 1 out 6 […] Read more »

Seems everybody and their dog wants to use a Mac mini as a media center, I know I do. Currently there are a few solution out there for doing this, most of the best ones from El Gato. Gadget site galore Engadget posted a how-to on […] Read more »

21 years ago today, Apple introduced Macintosh to the world. Its been a great 21 years. (never-mind that I have only been around for 16 of them). A video has surfaced, kept on beta-max for 21 years. Restored and released to the public for the first […] Read more »

I present to you now… For your Friday night viewing pleasure… Apple Ads! I found this site after seeing this great compilation of ads. Read more »

I’m a big fan of Mozilla and it’s related applications, particularly Firebird (which I’m using as I type this), and Thunderbird, their email app. But while Thunderbird is a great little application it’s got just a few faults which keep me from using it all the […] Read more » is now selling the Mac Mini, in both the 1.25GHz/40GB and the 1.42GHz/80GB configurations. This is great news for those seeking an even cheaper Mac Mini, because there are always coupons for that apply to anything on the site. For example, a search on […] Read more »

I’d been taking a look at blogging tools before I started writing here at The Apple Blog, and one of the best software packages that I found was Dan Schimpf’s MacJournal, now published by Mariner Software. MacJournal is a program for creating, modifying, and managing a […] Read more »

Om Malik points to a post by Jonathan Greene speculating about an alleged upcoming DVR/Video-on-Demand solution from Apple. I’ve not seen anyone mention DRM as part of the picture. Or has this already been figured out by Netflix through a subscription model? Would one be able […] Read more »

Apple has (quietly) announced the beginning of the second Pepsi/iTunes promo. This year’s promotion will be giving away 200 million free iTunes song codes–under 1 in 3 bottle caps, according to the promo page. In addition to the free music, Pepsi is also giving away an […] Read more »

One thing I did when I was planning my trip to MacWorld was plan for how I was going to handle internet access in the hotel room. I’d stayed at the King George Hotel off of Union Square before for WWDC and had liked it, so […] Read more »

Apparently those early adopters in the UK who ordered the iPod Shuffle on Tuesday have had thier orders shipped! This begs the question, "Where the hell is mine!?". Related Products: Apple 512 MB iPod Shuffle MP3 Player Read more »

Digitimes has an article giving the timeline of the Apple hardware line. Apparently, Quanta Computer has signed a deal with Apple to begin shipping the new Powerbooks sometime in Q2. This would coincide nicely with WWDC. Oddly though, this comes after Apple describing a G5 Powerbook […] Read more »

Man, Griffin must have emptied their cupboard of cool product ideas and brought them all to MacWorld, as I ran across Griffin’s new TuneJuice today. TuneJuice is an inexpensive alternative to the rechargeable battery packs that some manufacturers are already selling for the iPod. Where others, […] Read more »

Those with iPods are probably already familiar with the Griffin iTrip, or one of its counterparts, and know that you can use it to stream your iPod’s music over a nearby FM radio. Now Griffin has taken that same idea and applied it to Macs and […] Read more »

PC users like PCs. They enjoy using them, building them, tweaking them. Some may even develop a special liking for a certain machine. Mac users on the other hand, love Macs. We feel a connection to every peice of hardware and software. It speaks to us, […] Read more »

Seen the various WiFi detectors floating around the Expo floor? Intego has one, Marware has one, and other manufacturers are getting into the act. But they all seem to share one limitation: they don’t really show anything besides an open network’s signal and what general direction […] Read more »

I now present, for your reading delight, The Blog of Steve Jobs. It seems that he and I share some similar opinions about communism and the head of M$. EDIT: At the very bottom, it says, “a parody”. But I’m not sure…wouldn’t Steve have sued them […] Read more »

In the past week or so, we have seen keynote speeches from both Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs, and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. Gates’s CES keynote was filled with negative comments, including his comparison of “free culture” advocates to communists. Job’s speech, on the other hand, […] Read more »

The first issue of Free Software Magazine is out and one of the first articles is on the ecology of Mac OS X. THis is a walk through about OS X, the options open to developers and why this makes it such a cooll platform to […] Read more »

Ordered your Mac Mini yet? I have, but I’ve got the same problem I always have with Apple computers, only this time with no alternative. See, the Mac Mini comes with just 256MB RAM, that really isn’t a lot for OS X and most people are […] Read more »

The Mac Mini is what the Cube should have been: small footprint, cheap, powerful and bring your own peripherals. One thing the Mini isn’t is user-upgradable and this is something to keep in mind when you’re buying it. The new Mac Mini has SuperDrive, AirPort Extreme […] Read more »

This report may seem a little scattered, due to my trying to type as fast as I could as the keynote progressed. It looks like the rumors were mainly right on, especially with the Mac Mini and the flash-based iPod Shuffle. Steve’s out on stage. He’s […] Read more »

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