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During the heyday of Web 1.0, B2B marketplaces were, we were assured, the next trillion-dollar gold rush. In 2000, Gartner Group was projecting B2B ecommerce transactions would reach $7.3 trillion by 2004. Goldman Sachs predicted $4.5 trillion by 2005. The assumption was that web-based technologies would […] Read more »

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The enterprise software industry of today could learn a lot from the consumer desktop software industry of the 1990s. Back then, the advent of the web sent out a wave of disruption, knocking some desktop developers completely out of business and driving the rest of us […] Read more »

prisoner free break
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Many IT departments are enslaved by the very systems they have constructed. The solution doesn’t require starting over, only giving business the freedom to operate outside the stack. Read more »

A map of Google's "fiberhoods" that qualified for gigabit access.

Communities may want better broadband, but Google isn’t planning a nationwide roll out anytime soon. So cities are taking a page from Kickstarter to get their gigabit networks (or even community Wi-Fi). Read more »


Recent events, tragic and triumphant, emphasize the social web’s role as a central source for disseminating breaking news. But getting the facts right continues to be a challenge, and a solution requires cooperation and technical innovation. Read more »

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There are endless systems for achieving a clean inbox but, like diets, most everyone ends up failing. The answer then is accepting that it’s impossible, and then finding peace of mind by focusing on what matter most. Read more »

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