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Ahead of our Mobilize event Oct. 16 and 17, we asked experts how 50 billion connected devices and 6 billion people change their industry. In this essay designer Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino tackles the topic of privacy. Read more »


The iPhone 5s is the first prominent phone with a fingerprint sensor, and is expected to change the way security is managed on mobile devices. Since passwords are a pain without keyboards, what’s best for a mobile world? Read more »

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Wearable technology is all the rage, and it’s only the beginning of an array of connected devices that will invade our homes, cars and even our bodies. Read more »


As the consumerization of IT continues to change what employees expect from their devices and software, a reliance on employee-centric recruiting software is also changing how employees interact with HR. Read more »


Search is evolving to fit the needs of users who don’t just want a web site, but the actual answer to the question driving the search. To stay on top semantic search technologies are key. Read more »

Users have grown accustomed to a real-time web, but now they want an easier-to-implement real-time integration between web services. REST Hooks seems to be the emerging standard for such integration. Read more »


The more connected we and our homes become, the more we open ourselves up to security and privacy breaches. We outline the problem and offer a solution for industry stakeholders. Read more »

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As we become accustomed to a real-time, data rich world the existing enterprise applications have to adapt — including customer relationship management software. Here are some thoughts on making it better. Read more »

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The only certainty involved in assessing the impact of technology on the future of our economy is complexity. Mark Sigal of Unicorn Labs argues that the impact of technology on job creation is a complicated question with no easy answers. Read more »

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