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mobile shopping
photo: MJTH

Embedded sensors are changing the way we manufacture products, operate airplanes, interact at theme parks and monitor sick kids, so why wouldn’t they also change retail. Here’s how shopping could change. Read more »

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The lean startup model works for some, but not all companies. Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta offers five reasons why companies with awesome products, large markets and access to capital might want to consider bulking up. Read more »


The relevancy-defining, edge-weighting algorithms of Google’s Knowledge Graph, Facebook’s Open Graph and Gravity’s Interest Ontology are closely guarded company secrets. Imagine if that data was available to everyone — it would be as disruptive as Amazon Web Services. The internet would be a better place. Read more »

The tractor on the Dible farm, similar to this one, represents a capital investment of almost one million dollars.
photo: Atmel

The Internet of things (IoT) will enable profound improvements in productivity. To see it in action, let’s use a farmer and food production as an example. Read more »


The focus on the semantic web was fun, but ultimately missed the big picture, which is people care not about knowledge graphs but about the people and current events happening in their social graphs. Read more »

digital money

Data is an ever-more important element in business decision-making, so why isn’t venture capital keeping up? When will the industry move from intuition to algorithms? Read more »

Brit Morin Brit + Co. DIY lifestyle media company

Crafting isn’t just for grandmas or ladies quilting. It’s now a big business opportunity, especially for the tech world, as younger demographics pick up the glue gun and add a dash of electronics. Read more »

Conference attendees walk the exhibition floor at the AWS Summit 2013 in San Francisco, April 30, 2013
photo: Jordan Novet

Knowledge about the common pitfalls of AWS and how to avoid them can help your company make the world’s most popular cloud service work in your favor. Read more »


The launch of iOS7 generated a lot of commentary about its design changes. However, it also foresaw the shift in how enterprises are using and developing mobile apps, and includes several business-friendly features. Read more »

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