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With the release of the new MacBooks and Macbook Pros, I suspect there are many of you that have been holding out waiting to buy a new computer, and now that you have your shiny new notebooks, you need to get everything set up just how […] Read more »

[qi:115] For years, developing web-based casual games was little more than a hobby, a means of creative expression for game enthusiasts. Then advertising revenue started to reshape the casual gaming landscape — now, multimillion-dollar deals, flourishing startups like Mochi Media and Kongregate, and the attention of […] Read more »

Ukulele covers of popular tunes aren’t a new phenomenon — but YouTube user crouts0‘s KazooKeylele is no ordinary ukulele, and this is no ordinary song. Hipsters and sports fans don’t ordinarily mix — except when it comes to oddball sports like dodgeball and urban golf, a […] Read more »

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Playboy Dumping DVDs for Online; company will also layoff 80 people in a bid to save $12 million. (paidContent) Graspr Introduces gCard; technology will carry the identity of the video creator wherever the video is embedded. (TechCrunch) Babelgum Keeping the Download Client; online TV service is […] Read more »

Movie downloads are great…if you want to watch them on your PC, that is. Media extenders and other devices will let you stream content from your PC so you can view it on your TV, but they’re often difficult to install and don’t always work as advertised. Transferring that content […] Read more »

By now Sequoia’s “RIP” slide deck and the ensuing blog coverage have been consumed by every entrepreneur and investor in the tech universe. It hit a nerve. Perhaps it provided a wake-up call, or simply confirmed people’s worst fears. For first-time entrepreneurs, or for those who […] Read more »

Much to the delight of Cinema Display users of years past, today Apple announced their new 24-inch LED Cinema Displays that will be shipping in November for a smooth $899. For a normal display, even if it is 1920×1200 resolution, that is a lot of money. […] Read more »

We asked Danny Cohen, a venture capitalist at Gemini Israel — which has multiple online video investments including, Intercast, and Novafora — what advice he will be giving his startups about coping with the economic downturn. Cohen first told us that video startups will need […] Read more »

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A deluge of European startups descended on London’s ExCel Centre for the Future of Web Apps 2008 conference this week, and while the economic crisis has already reached Europe, the fear clearly hasn’t reached its startup community. Mark Rochefort of London-based digital marketing agency Playlab suggested […] Read more »

The economy is changing in dramatic and unexpected ways, and many of us are having a difficult time deciding how to react. Should we adopt a bunker mentality, or keep plugging ahead as if little has changed? The fact is that entrepreneurs are well-suited to respond […] Read more »

Nearly a month ago, at Apple’s unveiling of the new iPod lineup for this fall, Steve Jobs quoted Mark Twain’s “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” (By the way, and Wikipedia both say that is even a misquote of Twain’s original comment: […] Read more »

Auto shows can be like fashion shows, where the designers bring out both their bread-and-butter designs, as well as things more fanciful. Debuting at the Paris Auto Show that starts this weekend, Renault’s Z.E. Concept car seems to be a little of both Read more »

Led by Germany and the UK, broadband subscriptions continue to grow faster in Europe than any other region in the world, trade group Broadband Forum said today, rising to almost 120 million out of the worldwide total of 380 million, in the second quarter. Read more »

Written by Liane Cassavoy. Tivo’s excellent software is coming to a PC near you. TiVo and Nero have teamed up on a new product, called Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC, that will turn your PC into a TiVo-equipped TV. The $200 product will include a copy […] Read more »

Whether you’re raising money or investing money, you’re signing up for a multi-year relationship with someone you may have just met. At some point, you may have to look that person in the eye and deliver bad news. How will he react? Good diligence can answer this and other questions. Read more »

The future of the solar power industry may be bright, but solar also has a dark side — some thin-film photovoltaic solar cells contain hazardous substances like Cadmium that can pose a health risk if the solar panel is simply thrown out after it’s done soaking up the sun. Read more »

With vastly better performance, desktop-grade web browsing, and high-resolution displays, a new category of mobile devices is emerging: the “superphones” and their impact on the wireless business is difficult to overstate. Read more »

Well this one caught a lot of people napping. Turns out that Chrysler actually has some electric vehicle plans of its own, and they plan to show them to their dealers this week. Update: Chrysler showed off an all electric Dodge EV, a range-extended Jeep and […] Read more »

Entrepreneurs often focus so much on running their companies that they don’t have time to worry about events in the outside world. Normally, this is how it should be, but the credit crisis slamming Wall Street right now is an exception, and it has deep implications […] Read more »

After eight years trying to convince Dallas that it could only keep watering its lawns in a drought if it would pipe in water from West Texas, everyone’s favorite billionaire T. Boone Pickens has officially put his water pipe dream on the back burner. Instead, Pickens […] Read more »

Written by Liane Cassavoy I completely understand the desire to link your computer to your HDTV. But my enthusiasm for the concept has waned a bit more with each media extender — devices that allow you to view content from your PC on your TV — […] Read more »

Is mobility a new revolution, or is it just an extension of the previous PC and Internet revolutions? Is anything really different? I think a glance at the impact of the Kindle, the Dash Express, DriveCam and CardioNet quickly shows how the mobility difference is revolutionizing […] Read more »

Tuesday marks General Motors’ 100-year anniversary as a car maker. This auspicious date is being noted all over the automotive world and is even making its presence felt in “civilian” publications like the New York Times. A lot of the press is not just about where […] Read more »

In December 1994, I was managing the new product development process for a long-distance carrier. We were in the midst of being acquired, with the new combined company becoming a credible threat to the Big Three. My soon-to-be CEO asked for a review of the product […] Read more »

I updated iTunes to version 8 following the “Let’s Rock” event the other day – Genius looked snazzy, and I wanted it! – and was merrily looking through my recommendations when I noticed something a little strange. The arrow links to the iTunes store were appearing again. One […] Read more »

Written by Michael Stroud. MobiTV unveiled Mobi4Biz at the CTIA conference in San Francisco this week, the first in a planned series of TV channel mashups that will allow the mobile television company to repurpose mainstream TV for specific vertical markets. The new “channel of channels” […] Read more »

Google has acquired South Korea’s TNC, maker of the open-source blogging and publishing platform Textcube, co-CEO Chang Kim said on his personal blog today. I met with the TNC team back in March, when I was visiting Seoul. I liked the company so much that I […] Read more »

As the automotive giants gear up to launch their next-gen green cars in 2009 and 2010, more and more are rolling out trials to test out how the vehicles will perform with the power grid. This time it’s in and around London, where Toyota is partnering […] Read more »

All tech startups need just a few ingredients to germinate: sophisticated money; first-rate technology universities; and a few template successes (a Google or a Facebook, and so on) to encourage founders to get off their duffs. Contrary to current wisdom, these ingredients exist in many communities outside of Silicon Valley –- in fact, they always have. Continue Reading. Read more »

Oops! Somebody’s gonna be in trouble! Late yesterday, pictures of Chevy’s hugely anticipated Volt were “accidentally” leaked onto the Internet, and now they’re every where from the Wall Street Journal to, well, seemingly everywhere the Internet goes. “It’s just one of those things that happens,” GM […] Read more »

Honda has released photos and more tidbits about its highly anticipated Insight hybrid, the so-called Prius-killer. Some have criticized the vehicles design, and most have rightfully pointed out that the new Insight bares more than a passing resemblance to Toyota’s industry leading Prius. OK, so copycat […] Read more »

Public utility cloud services differ from traditional data center environments — and private enterprise clouds — in three fundamental ways. These three key differences in turn enable the sustainable strategic competitive advantage of clouds through what I’ll call the 10 Laws of Cloudonomics. Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: Brightcove: “The 2008 SEO Video Playbook” (free download) Accenture: “The Innovation Dilemma: How to Achieve High Performance through Superior Research & Development” (free download) Interop: Register for a free expo pass — New York, Sept. 15 […] Read more »

Aptera, maker of the swoopy, three-wheeled Typ-1 electric car, announced this week that it’s hired Paul Wilbur as their new president and CEO, replacing founder Steve Fambro in the top slot. Given the turmoil that prompted electric car startup Tesla to change its leadership, was this […] Read more »

Written by Liane Cassavoy. Amazon’s Video on Demand is the latest service that will attempt to make you turn off your TV and turn on your PC when you want to be entertained. But Amazon is jumping into an increasingly crowded market, so how does its […] Read more »

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