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There has been a bit of confusion over the existence of Mac-to-MobileMe push, as explained by this article on MacRumors. Apparently as it stands, there is no way to “push” changes made in Address Book and iCal up to MobileMe right away; instead you have to […] Read more »

I remember standing in line last year for the iPhone. It was a momentous occasion. There was excitement in the air and people just having a great time waiting for 6 PM when the iPhone went on sale. People were camped out in lawn chairs and […] Read more »

So a little earlier I was filling out a support request form for MobileMe because when I try to send invitations to friends for my MobileMie Web Gallery, Mail spits back a MobileMe promo page, minus the CSS layout. While filling out the form, I ran […] Read more »

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Many entrepreneurs fear being a flash-in-the-pan success — achieving an exit once, but never again. (Some might call this being lucky rather than good.) But while the allure of success inspires us to do great things, achieving it can have an ugly aftereffect: complacency. Vigilance, my […] Read more »

That’s right, you plug in your iPod and hit the update button. If you have been obsessively punching update only to be frustrated all day, now is the time to stay up much later than you had planned and play. Enjoy. Read more »

It’s been a bit of a rocky start for MobileMe‘s launch. First, the launch window was pushed back two hours. Then once MobileMe was launched, it was taken offline repeatedly (Server overload? Some last-minute bug fixing? Who knows). And when it was up, the Mail web […] Read more »

Flipswap is a service that allows you to send in your old phone for free and get paid for it. They send your old phone to another country where someone less fortunate will be able to use it (while also covering shipping both ways). They will […] Read more »

We trust spellcheckers to be right, right? We expect that the spellchecker will yield an accurate correction, or at the least, real words. Oddly enough, though, I’ve stumbled upon a few misspellings that cause Leopard’s built-in spellchecker to throw up some amusing–though incorrect–results (a friend shared […] Read more »

If you fire up Software Update, you will see that iTunes 7.7 is available. You can find applications in the iTunes Store, but you can’t purchase them unless you have 7.7 installed. The new update is “exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch” so if you don’t […] Read more »

With the launch of the iPhone 3G, the App store, and hopefully MobileMe, coming this Friday, many people are getting excited. We would be remiss if we didn’t at least speculate about the surprises that might come when you open that 3G iPhone box. One of […] Read more »

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Legendary game designer Square Enix has just released a game for the regular old iPods. They must have been feeling left out with all of this attention devoted to the iPhone 3G. It is a turn-based game that allows you to battle enemies as the musical […] Read more »

After reading some of posts around the ‘Net about iPhone 3G pricing, I started to get worried. As a current iPhone owner and AT&T customer, I was really excited about the price drop. Then I heard from multiple sources that current AT&T customers who are not […] Read more »

If you have .Mac already, you are no doubt familiar with the .Mac status page which lists services that are available. (Hopefully, you won’t have to be familiar with the page when MobileMe takes over because there won’t be as much downtime.) Just below the status […] Read more »

July 11, 2008 is a significant date for those planning to purchase one of the hottest mobile phones available. The iPhone 3G officially goes on sale. If you are a current iPhone user who will be upgrading to the iPhone 3G you might have wondered what […] Read more »

Trend Micro, the antivirus company, has a Malware Blog where they track all the bad stuff that can happen to your computer. Although the screenshots come from Windows machines, they did have one up this week that showed the Apple Store. Sneaky (and smart) phishers are […] Read more »

There is a lot of buzz surrounding music labels’ agreements to sell DRM-free music in marketplaces other than the iTunes Music Store. The problem is that they miss the big picture. They don’t pay attention to the two things that really matter. People want to be […] Read more »

One of the notable shortcomings of the iPhone is the lack of a chat client. Oh sure, SMS looks like iChat – but we all know that you’re really paying for each of those messages you’re shooting off. So we could wait for Apple to open […] Read more »

About three weeks ago, I finally upgraded to Delicious Library 2. It is definitely a slick program. The greatest addition for me was the ability to add my gadgets to my library. It just makes sense to be able to add all my electronic gear. You […] Read more »

I have been way too busy recently to play any games, but one game that was announced last week has made me long for the days of yore when I could play for hours on end with no thought of responsibilities calling my name. Blizzard Entertainment […] Read more »

Although the speculation was rampant when Apple bought PA Semi earlier this year, Intel made it official: there will not be Intel processors in the iPhone. Intel is preparing more x86 versions of their processors for mobile devices, and “Apple chose not to take that road […] Read more »

Today Apple quietly launched iTunesU-K12, a resource for K-12 schools and districts throughout the United States. So far, only a few states have contributed (Arizona, Florida, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Utah) with varying amounts of content available. iTunesU-K12 was announced at NECC (National Educational […] Read more »

In the wake of reports from TUAW and that 10.6, also known as Snow Leopard, would be the smallest Apple OS in years, many have been scrambling to figure out how exactly Apple was going to be dropping that much heft from their mainline apps. […] Read more »

I have always been nervous about syncing my contacts and pictures to my iPod because they would be accessible by other people if I ever lost it, or it was stolen. I also have never sold a used iPod for the same reason. That is why […] Read more »

Just like with golf, technology is as much about ensuring that your bad hits are recoverable as it is ensuring that you make great ones. Here are 10 common mistakes made during platform development — and the ones we believe are the most important to avoid. Read more »

With more and more web applications being built by Mac-addicted developers, I thought I’d have a chat with Stephen Caudill over at FatJam. Stephen not only codes his creations on Apple hardware but also relies on it to serve up the applications to the public. Travis […] Read more »

I read an article this morning highlighting some very peculiar questions regarding how developers interact with customers via the iPhone/iPod Touch App store. I read all of them and the answers seemed so clear that I don’t know why Apple hasn’t answered them officially. Perhaps they […] Read more »

After over 8 million downloads last Tuesday, it’s safe to say that the Mozilla Foundation has given birth to a happy baby boy browser with Firefox 3. Was it worth the wait? I’d have to say that after playing with it for over week, I’m sitting […] Read more »

Electronic Arts is releasing a special version of the much anticipated game called Spore Galactic Edition. Currently it’s still in development. I’m looking forward to Spore. Although I don’t always purchase the Special edition copies, I will be purchasing this edition. Spore Galactic Edition has a […] Read more »

Everyone who has worked in — or even with — an IT department knows that the demand for projects always exceeds IT’s ability to deliver them all. IT is able to address only those most highly prioritized, core business projects that receive the budget, staff and […] Read more »

The debate around cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) has energized industry conversations on the future of software, often leading to attention-grabbing headlines and heated corporate rhetoric. Some vendors proclaim that “software is dead” and urge companies to transform their businesses to coincide with the SaaS vision […] Read more »

One of my favorite random sites to read is Freakonomics. There is always something that I never thought of before on there, and today was no exception. They pointed out a clause in the iTunes license agreement that puts a damper on weekend plans. It says […] Read more »

Tien Tzuo is the founder of startup Zuora, a company that is staking its claim to be the platform on which future subscription-based companies will be built. sold the world on the idea that software can be sold as a service to which you subscribe […] Read more »

At my day job, we are getting new computers for everyone, and I weaseled my way into a position to have some input on the process. I have heard nothing but rave reviews of MacBook Pros and I was sure this would be my chance to […] Read more »

If you are switcher with one foot still in the proverbial grave and haven’t entirely let go of your PC, this article is for you. In my profession, I tend to change computers a lot. Thankfully, I get Macs. We gave away our PC to a […] Read more »

I recently got my hands on an interesting device, the Replug. The design of the Replug is meant to work much like a MagSafe connector does – give it a pull, and it pops out safely. But this is a headphone adapter. If you’ve ever had […] Read more »

Imagine having a robot that carries your iPod, dances, and chases you around the house? Almost sounds as though you’ve stepped into the future where robots rule. If you like gadgets check out the one Sega-Hasbro has created. It’s an A.M.P (Automated Music Personality) or Ampbot. […] Read more »

In my last post, I outlined how difficult and nearly impossible a true 99.999 percent uptime is to provide. And, with some of the largest sites on the planet failing to deliver so-called “five nines,” is it even worth pursuing? I don’t think so, which is […] Read more »

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