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Enterprises seeking agility are turning to the cloud while those concerned about security are holding tight to their legacy, on-premise hardware. But what if there’s a middle ground? Read more »

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Apple's solar farm in North Carolina

Those of us steeped in the energy business would be happy to discuss it with 60 Minutes. We’re already creating many new jobs that address the need for more energy while staving off the impact of climate change. Read more »

LGs 4K TV. Try to get that past your bandwidth cap.
photo: LG

Resolution isn’t the only reason to adopt a 4K Ultra High Definition TV. Costs are coming down and the TVs offer plenty of other technological tweaks. Read more »

Pandora box, treasure
photo: Gl0ck

Most CMOs view paid search as a basic transactional relationship with no real strategic value beyond the revenue from the click. Forward-looking CMOs are adopting big data technology to tap search for data on consumer intent, behaviors, and preferences. Read more »

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One of the problems with the term “Platform as a Service” is that it means different things to different people. Here we sort through some of the myths surrounding it. Read more »

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The key challenge that comes with the shift to using APIs as an extension of their enterprise IT is choosing the right deployment model. Here’s a look at some popular ones. Read more »

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