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We often think about the implications of building new mobile apps on the front-end: user experiences, delivery, and development and testing needs. But the mobile-first world requires some significant changes to the back-end infrastructure needed to deliver, support and manage it, and those changes will permeate the private data centers and public clouds of the future. Read more »

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The content you want is out there — somewhere. Fortunately, several innovative startups are helping you find that content faster and, in the process, are bringing the realm of content delivery and discovery closer to the Holy Grail of true, meaningful and accurate personalization. Read more »

If your SaaS company has a high customer churn rate, it’s as if you’re trying to row in a leaky boat. You can’t move forward because you’re too busy bailing yourself out. Here are four steps you can take to make sure you retain more customers and keep your churn rate low. Read more »

Farmer seed are a major source of borrowing, in Pakkoku, Myanmar
photo: Courtesy of Venetia Tay

It’s an unprecedented moment in Myanmar’s history as the country opens up to financing, technology and connectivity. Will mobile payments play a role in transforming the country? Read more »

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Advances in low-cost and low-power computing are removing the shackles that have constrained the feature sets of wearable devices. IBM’s Paul Brody predicts this will allow devices like smartwatches and fitness monitors to become more contextually aware and start to blur the lines between wearables and smartphones. Read more »

In discussions about the Internet of Things, the lines between the concepts of “security,” “privacy,” “data integrity” and “liability” quickly get blurred. To discuss these issues seriously, we must separate them out and clarify the most important issues that need to be addressed for each. Read more »

At the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2015, one of the key debates will be whether to allocate more spectrum to wireless services. Yet, the data that informs this debate is deeply flawed, according to Tim Farrar, and overestimates the demand by as much as 1200 times. Read more »

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In the movie Her, a man has a romantic relationship with his intuitive, artificial-intelligence-powered operating system. Although some of the technology in the film is merely years away, we’ll likely be able to reap the benefits without risking having our hearts broken by an OS. Read more »


It’s easy to get caught up in vanity metrics: the numbers that make you look good even when your startup is stumbling. But here’s why you should examine those oft-quoted stats more closely, and the metrics you should consider swapping them for. Read more »

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Today, social networking giant Facebook turns 10. Here, a longtime user explains his relationship with the site and its evolution over the last decade. Privacy and ads are the big themes. Read more »

Cloud survey

Enterprises seeking agility are turning to the cloud while those concerned about security are holding tight to their legacy, on-premise hardware. But what if there’s a middle ground? Read more »

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