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photo: Gigaom Illustration/Steve Jurvetson

According to “Bezos’s law,” a unit of computing power price is reduced by 50 percent approximately every three years. AppZero’s Greg O’Connor looks at why the economic gap that favors cloud providers will only widen over time. Read more »

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open source

Ever-popular among developers, open source technology has moved away from the fringes of tech right to the center of the enterprise, thanks to its high level of security and agility. Read more »

Recently, Google and Amazon enhanced their networking options, getting a potential leg up in the four-way performance competition between cloud providers. But how do they compare with Rackspace and Softlayer? David Mytton puts all four through their paces to see which service really comes out ahead. Read more »

Video data holds a treasure trove of marketing data, yet few companies know how to gather and analyze that data in a smart way. Now that the tools are available and more accessible, more companies can analyze this data to better understand their sales and marketing numbers. Read more »

photo: GigaOM

After contributing to standards organizations for more than seven years, engineer Vidya Narayanan decided it was time to move on. Although she still believes that these organizations make the Internet a better place, she wonders about the pace of change versus the pace of organizations. Read more »

With the Internet of Things, everything will have a digital identity, and now-thorny issues such as privacy and security will become exponentially complex. Technologists as an industry must begin tackling the questions of standards, APIs, access and authentication now to prepare for this new universe. Read more »

quantum computer
photo: Google

Quantum computing alone may not be a panacea to all computing problems. However, when paired with high-performance computing, it may be able to find better answers to some of our most pressing issues. Read more »

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