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New iPad
photo: Apple

UBS believes the new iPad will be the catalyst that drives consumers to connect their tablets to mobile broadband networks. In a new report,… Read more »

Music Dog
photo: Flickr/BL1961

Beats Electronics, the headset manufacturer founded by rapper Dr. Dre and now majority owned by HTC, has reportedly bought online music serv… Read more »

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Tablet apps / Mobile apps / mobile applications
photo: Shutterstock / Mauricio Ricaldi

Approximately 90 percent of all tablets in the U.S. relied on Wi-Fi over 3G mobile broadband last year, according to industry analyst Chetan… Read more »

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photo: Corbis / Brooks Kraft

After Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook hinted Monday morning about a “record weekend” for sales of the new iPad, Apple this afternoon is conf… Read more »

Larry Page, Google
photo: Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

“Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is like a crack dealer,” one frustrated startup founder told me recently. “They give you something that gets you hooked… Read more »

Mobile Money
photo: mobiletor

I’ve seen a lot of things at South by Southwest, but what I haven’t seen are mobile payments. I haven’t seen a single person pay for somethi… Read more »

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