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Like a fresh spring breeze, new radio-frequency spectrum is in the air. It is so close that you can almost smell it – and seek to keep others away from it. The next big spectrum land grab is over 700 Megahertz (MHz.) It’s the promised land […] Read more »

When Democrats took control of Congress last election, the lobbyists for all the big technology and telecom companies in Washington pulled out their wish lists, ripped them up, and re-arranged their legislative priorities. Gone was the push for sweeping telecommunications legislation, hemispheric-wide free-trade agreements and limitations […] Read more »

When it comes to adapting information technology, Washington is always about two years behind the rest of the country. So it makes sense that, finally, Web 2.0 is catching hold and gathering momentum here, in early 2007. Washington’s political operative and consulting class has been energized […] Read more »

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Is Google, the foremost corporate advocate of net neutrality, doing a big fake? Have they succeeded in making everyone believe they will stand up to the Bell companies, even as the company cuts deals to become the preferred provider on a carrier’s network? It sure sounds […] Read more »

The enemy of my enemy is my friend — sometimes. When XM and Sirius Satellite Radio announced their proposed merger two weeks ago, the first to oppose the union was the National Association of Broadcasters. If satellite radio didn’t compete with terrestrial radio, this merger would […] Read more »

Bell and cable companies have long wanted to move on from net neutrality, their 2006 policy debacle. But once Washington has grabbed hold of an issue, it can’t seem to let it go. I’m not talking about the Federal Communication Commission here. The big Bell companies […] Read more »

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