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Along with all the big-iron appliance and big data hype at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 come a lot of questions. Is this Sparc resurgence for real? Is anyone buying Oracle’s soup-to-nuts software-hardware stack pitch? Can standalone business intelligence players survive? And just what is Oracle NoSQL anyway? Read more »


With its latest appliance, Oracle officially signaled its embrace of big data. Company execs said the appliance marries big data technologies with Oracle’s core 11G database and new Exalytics analytics appliance. The Big Data Appliance bundles Oracle NoSQL and an open-source Apache Hadoop distribution. Read more »


Exalytics, an appliance for near-real-time business intelligence applications, debuted at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Sunday night. A key part of Oracle’s big data strategy, Exalytics layers in-memory and multi-dimensional database technology atop 40 Intel Xeon cores, all running in parallel, said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Read more »

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Oracle Exalogic Exadata

Oracle customers have lots of questions for the database giant. If you’re one of the 50,000 people Oracle expects to converge on the Moscone Center starting Sunday–or even if you’re not–here are some key things to look out for at the big Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Conference. Read more »


If Amazon ends up buying the WebOS business from Hewlett-Packard, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. HP killed its TouchPad device, said it was seeking options for the operating system, and former WebOS poohbah Jon Rubinstein sits on Amazon’s board. Read more »

HP Logo

Autonomy’s impending acquisition by Hewlett-Packard is nearly done. The controversial $10.3 billion deal was cleared by regulators in the U.S. and Australia on Thursday, according to reports. Autonomy shareholders still have until Monday morning 10:00 a.m. U.K time to weigh in. Read more »

LarryEllison feature

Oracle’s cloud computing stance has evolved, to say the least, over the past few years. As the company preps for its annual Oracle OpenWorld mega-show in San Francisco next week, a huge question lingers: Does Oracle–and its CEO Larry Ellison–really “get” the cloud? Read more »

Marc Benioff, CEO of, at Net:Work 2010

Online CRM pioneer continues to back up its ecosystem with its checkbook, this time with an investment in cloud storage provider In the past few months, has made a series of outright acquisitions of Assistly, Radian6, and Heroku. Read more »

Satya Nadella - President, Server and Tools Business, Microsoft - Structure 2011

Microsoft, still a server virtualization also-ran, gets key third-party support for its Windows Server 8/ Hyper-V tandem from NEC America, Cisco and OpenNebula. With a little help from its friends, it hopes to dislodge VMware as the kingpin of server virtualization. Read more »

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media is using Savvis to launch business-oriented cloud services–minus the tech double talk–through its Virgin Media Business subsidiary. The company–which already offers broadband, fixed-line and mobile phone services to customers–promises jargon-free service to businesses that want to quickly test in-house applications or launch e-commerce services. Read more »

GigaOM Pro Analyst Laurie Lamberth of Lamberth and Associates, PARC's Bo Begole, Meta Watch's Bill Geiser, Vitality's David Rose, and Timothy Twerdahl of WIMM Labs at Mobilize 2011.

Web-enabling all manner of non-computery things — parking meters, pill bottles, umbrellas — means that people can be reminded to do something: feed the meter, take the meds, grab the bumbershoot. But designing the alerts — in addition to the devices themselves — is a key consideration. Read more »


Global Gossip, an Australian telcom that specializes in internet access, chose Verizon’s Computing-as-a-Service as the engine for its cloud offering going forward. Verizon CaaS, sold by Verizon Global Wholesale, is just one of several Verizon cloud options after the company’s buying spree. Read more »

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Will Hewlett-Packard persevere on the enterprise software and cloud computing track set by dearly departed CEO Leo Apotheker? The answer is yes–well–maybe, according to Executive Director Ray Lane and newly minted CEO Meg Whitman, who spoke on the analyst call announcing management changes. Read more »


Hewlett-Packard canned CEO Leo Apotheker because of miscommunications and lack of teamwork, not because of his grand enterprise software-and-cloud strategy for the IT giant, said Ray Lane, newly minted executive board chairman for HP. Both he and new CEO Meg Whitman back Apotheker’s strategy. For now. Read more »

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The anonymous sources were right: Meg Whitman is now president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, replacing fellow HP board member Leo Apotheker. And, Ray Lane moves from non-executive to executive board chair. But no one expects the furor to die down anytime soon. Read more »


Red Hat is the Microsoft of Linux. But now, like Microsoft itself, it obsesses more on cloud infrastructure than lowly operating systems. Questions about Red Hat’s OpenShift PaaS and CloudForms IaaS dominated last night’s earnings call, but CEO Jim Whitehurst was cautious on revenue predictions. Read more »

HP CEO Leo Apotheker

If Hewlett-Packard really ousts CEO Leo Apotheker barely a year into his tenure, no one can say the move—however drastic—was unexpected. Apotheker presided over a disastrous period for the venerable computing giant, but many say the HP board should follow him out the door. Read more »


OpSource Inc.’s brand spanking new Silicon Valley data center should cut latency times and boost network performance for the cloud provider’s enterprise and service provider customers on the West Coast and provide co-location options for enterprises wanting redundancy. Read more »


To build its new business cloud services, IBM melded Coremetrics’ web analytics, Sterling Commerce’ supply chain, and Unica social media marketing smarts acquired last year with its home-grown middleware. Then it optimized it all for the Power7 hardware running IBM’s cloud. Read more »


Clean is as clean does when it comes to cloud computing and green data centers. Much has been said about how cloud computing boosts energy efficiency as data centers move off old tech and into the cloud. But there’s more to being green than energy use. Read more »

One-Size-Fits-All Myth Panel

RightScale, which lets companies peer into the innards of their cloud computing workloads, just surpassed the three-millionth server mark. Its cloud agnosticism could help it maintain share even as Amazon, RackSpace et al. add their own management capabilities, says CEO Richard Crandell. Read more »

Werner Vogels - CTO, - Structure 2011

Now that Amazon’s highest-end Compute Clusters support Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft-centric customers can use Amazon’s “compute intensive beasts” to run heavy-duty media processing, rendering or computational finance work loads. the move also brings Microsoft more parity with Linux on the Amazon platform. Read more »

Joyent Cloud

Joyent pitches its revamped Joyent Cloud as a faster, cheaper platform that will give customers more insight into their cloud-based operations than the incumbent leader Amazon. Read more »

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