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Abiquo 2.0_screen shot_just in time provisioning

The next release of Abiquo’s enterprise cloud management software will integrate with the Chef configuration management tool and sport a customizable user interface. Before moving workloads to the cloud, businesses want the sort of management tools they’re using now in their own data centers. Read more »


Yahoo’s magic elixir for web developers frustrated by writing web applications that display on multiple devices is Mojito, a “100 percent” JavaScript application framework and Manhattan, a cloud-based Mojito hosted environment that layers higher-level services atop a basic Node.js server execution engine. Read more »

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With the public beta of Cloudability’s cloud cost-tracking service, new APIs are available to help customers access their billing and usage information from popular cloud providers including, Azure, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. Oh, and if you refer a paying customer, there’s free beer! Read more »


Microsoft started moving Photosynth, it’s cool immersive camera application, to the Microsoft Azure platform-as-a-service earlier this month. And that marks the beginning of a flow of Microsoft legacy apps — many of which it already hosts but not on Azure — over to its full-fledged PaaS. Read more »


SolidFire, which wants to bring all-solid-state storage to cloud providers serving you, raised an additional $25 million in venture capital bringing its total to $37 million. New investors in this second round include Data Domain veterans as well as former Sun Microsystems CTO Greg Papadopolous. Read more »

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The Open Compute Foundation’s new board of directors includes a big name from Intel, but not from AMD. And, Open Compute Project members so far include Dell but not HP. What vendors are in or out is of interest to data center pros. Read more »


Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth thinks Ubuntu Linux has a shot to be a contending operating system for future phones and tablets. It will be a tough go: Apple iOS and Google Android dominate the field now, with new Windows Phone 7 also making a play. Read more »

IBM Board of Directors Elects Virginia M. "Ginni" Rometty Presid

Virginia “Ginni” Rometty is just the ninth CEO in IBM’s 100-year history The announcement earlier this week that she would succeed Sam Palmisano was not surprising or controversial, even though Rometti is IBM’s first female CEO, and now arguably the most powerful women in business. Read more »

Andy Bechtolsheim of Arista Networks at Structure Big Data 2011

Amazon’s data center whiz James Hamilton and Sun Microsystems’ co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim starred at the Open Compute Foundation debut in New York Thursday. Here are the top five threads coming out of the event that could help you run a leaner, greener data center. Read more »

The Open Compute battery cabinet.

The Open Compute Foundation, with directors including Andy Bechtolsheim, aims to bring more vendors to the Open Compute mix, make sure contributed IP is well tended, and foster the idea that open-source development — so important in software — can benefit the stodgy world of data center servers. Read more »


If it’s possible to make “unlimited” more unlimited, Backblaze says it has done so with the latest release of its online storage service. Users can now store bigger files than ever or whole VMs, for the same $5 per computer per month price Backblaze charged before. Read more »


IBM today named Virginia Rometty as the first female CEO in its 100-year history. Rometty, credited for building IBM’s strong and profitable services business, will take the reins from Sam Palmisano on January 1 as CEO and president. Read more »

Lucas Carlson, CEO AppFog

AppFog, which started out as a PHP-based Platform-as-a-Service, just added Java to its roster of supported programming languages. AppFog already added support for Ruby and Node.js. Still to come: support for Python, .NET and “smaller languages like Erlang,” said AppFog CEO Lucas Carlson. Read more »


So, what’s Oracle’s going to buy next? Here are five companies that might help the software giant fill in the check boxes on its public cloud, data analytics, management and infrastructure check list. Given Oracle’s bulging wallet, it doesn’t make sense to rule anything out. Read more »


Oracle’s planned acquisition of RightNow Technologies gives the enterprise apps giant a bigger presence in SMB accounts and helps populate its planned public cloud with applications more quickly. Oracle is paying $43 a share, or roughly $1.5 billion for the SaaS company. Read more »


Equinix says its new online marketplace will help its data center customers partner with other companies using the same facilities. That could help companies expand more easily both in terms of geography and in the types of services they offer. Read more »


Just how will Microsoft make money off Skype? It’s too early to say since the deal closed just last week, said Microsoft CFO Peter Klein. But he gave some broad-brush hints about plans for the VoIP fan favorite on Microsoft’s first-quarter earnings call Thursday night. Read more »

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EMC, having spent billions on acquisitions over the last few years, ain’t done yet. At the top of the shopping list is more security, more management and more data analytics know-how, EMC’s Pat Gelsinger told reporters today at an event at Gillette Stadium. Read more »


Several of the young entrepreneurs at this week’s MIT Emtech 2011 conference were executives from established companies but many more were academic researchers who said the divide between “pure research” and commercialization is bigger than ever as the lengthy recession persists. Read more »


Most of the entrepreneurial pitches this week at MIT’s Emtech 2011 focused on elevating high-tech for markets that are already pretty tech saturated. Folks talked about smart vehicular networks that will allow cars to share information. Two entrepreneurs went the other way. Read more »


Imagine if your car could know about a huge pothole just ahead. Or a traffic snarl. Or both. Would that be of interest to you? USC researcher Bhaskar Krishnamachari is working to enable a peer-to-peer network of “smart” cars that share information as they travel. Read more »


Google’s deal to supply the city of Los Angeles and police force with Google Apps and email has soured. A letter from Los Angeles CTO Randi Levin to Google prime contractor CSC shows that the two-year-old deal is even more troubled than previously thought. Read more »


Tidemark, once known as Proferi, emerged from stealth mode today and launched its promised cloud-based enterprise performance management offering with help from Terremark, Cloudera, SnapLogic, and VMware. In addition, Peter Currie joined David Duffield and Ben Horowitz on the Tidemark board. Read more »


DataDirect says its new WOS 2.0 (web object scaler) release adds charge-back mechanisms, multitenancy and support for Amazon and CDMI cloud storage interfaces that better suit it for use by big, third-party service providers. Read more »

Box CEO Aaron Levie just closed additional Series D funding, netting new money from SAP Ventures–the VC arm of enterprise software giant SAP AG, as well as, Bessemer Venture Partners and NEA. This brings the total from the overall Series D round of funding to $81 million. Read more »


Microsoft could use Web Matrix 2.0 tool — now in beta — to entice new-age web developers to Azure, its cloud-computing Platform-as-a-Service. While the Azure PaaS has a potentially huge built-in audience of .Net programmers, it lacks cachet among the “cool kid,” next-gen web developers. Read more »


As the OpenStack project moves into its second year and more companies evaluate the open-source cloud technology, prospective users have some requests. Documentation, for one. A longer-term roadmap, for another. A more formal process for submitting and receiving feedback, for yet another. Read more »


The OpenStack community is pleased that RackSpace will relinquish control of the open-source cloud infrastructure effort, but many OpenStack Conference attendees want to see the details before they fully endorse the effort. The foundation is expected to be operational next year. Read more »

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