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Programmers like to visit Facebook, but they don’t want to live and work there, according to an informal poll posted to Hacker News. Respondents said they’re more likely to turn to Github, Twitter or Google+ to keep abreast of what’s going on in their field. Read more »

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Morphlab’s latest mCloud uses uses all solid-state disks while also claiming Amazon Web Services-like pricing. The company’s newest offering, which is part of a partnership with Dell, targets service providers that want to add private cloud computing capabilities that interoperate with AWS as needed. Read more »

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Configuration management player Opscode nets $19.5 million in new Series C funding led by Ignition Partners and names Ignition’s John Connors, former Microsoft CFO, to the board. With its cash infusion, Opscode hopes to build its engineering staff and enterprise business. Read more »


Two star hires and a well-reviewed phone-and-tablet operating system do not necessarily remake a company, but they do ease the perception — prevalent in recent years — that Microsoft is on its last legs. Could the once-dominant software giant be on the comeback trail? Read more »

Erik Swan of Splunk at Structure:Data 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

Machine-generated data, the non-intelligible zeros and ones that are generated by sensors and other devices, is no longer just for geeks. While it looks like gibberish forward-thinking consumers are already pressing that “gibberish” data into service, according to speakers at Structure: Data 2012. Read more »

Rob Me of Pivotal Labs, Scott Yara of EMC, and Om Malik of GigaOM at Structure:Data 2012

Pivotal Labs will keep on doing what it does best after EMC’s acquisition, according to Pivotal CEO Rob Mee. There has been concern over Pivotal’s future as part of the EMC behemoth, which Rob Mee did his best to alleviate at Structure: Data 2012. Read more »

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Raghu Ramakrishnan, who was the top scientist for several of Yahoo’s key technology efforts, is now a technical fellow with Microsoft’s server and tools unit. This is the latest sign that Yahoo is struggling to retain key technologists. Read more »

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Allan Thorvaldsen, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded and sold his third startup, Softscan, to Symantec in 2009, is bringing his latest venture from Denmark to San Francisco. At least parts of it. His engineering team will remain in Europe. Read more »


It’s increasingly clear that no cloud is perfect. After public Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Windows Azure outages — the latest just this week — more business customers are evaluating multiple-cloud deployments to build in redundancy and hedge their cloud computing bets. Read more »


As trots out the integration of its social networking-oriented HR tools into CRM and Chatter, Microsoft is touting new research about why companies need to have workplace-oriented social tools. One problem: Some of these tools are more annoying than useful. Read more »

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Appirio, which built its systems integration business in part by knitting software-as-a-service and legacy on-premises software together, netted $60 million in Series D funding led by General Atlantic, bringing total investment to $80 million. Read more »


Flow Corp. says its new platform-as-a-service will help companies ingest and aggregate multiple data streams, filter them and deliver the right data to the right people or applications in real time. That all sounds great, but it’s a very tall order. Read more »


With Microsoft Hyper-V 3 coming down the pike, and Red Hat revving its KVM push, VMware executives continue to tout vSphere as the best way to virtualize everything — including the mission-critical databases and ERP systems that power businesses of all sizes. Read more »

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Microsoft issues credit, apologies and an explanation to Windows Azure customers affected by the recent Leap Day outage that took down several services. Snafus like this one not only affect the specific vendor but can hurt overall confidence in the cloud computing model. Read more »


Boston and Cambridge are battling it out to be the site of Google’s proposed expansion in the Hub. Google’s current local headquarters is in Kendall Square, but it’s unclear if it can expand there. Boston is pitching its Innovation District to the search giant. Read more »


New medium Elastic Compute Cloud instance fills the gap between — you guessed it — smaller and larger “medium” EC2 instances. That brings the total number of EC2 instances to 13 (for now) as Amazon keeps churning out options for every possible compute load. Read more »


Whether you think cloud computing creates or kills jobs depends on what kind of jobs you’re talking about and how companies will use the IT savings they reap in moving to the cloud. Consultant David Linthicum sees validity in the cloud-as-jobs-creator argument. Read more »


If you’ve never been to a hackathon, give it a shot even if you can’t stick it out for the full ride. AngelHack Boston entrants started coding at noon on Saturday and finished 30 hours later. I was there for 10. Here’s what I learned. Read more »

numlogo04 Numecent-Logo Hi Res

Semi-stealthy startup Numecent says its virtualization technology speeds up the remote operation of server applications. It also launched Approxy, a spinoff, to bring its technology to the gaming world, which also has problems with slow connections and devices that aren’t quite smart enough. Read more »


AngelHack Boston, a 30-hour hackathon, drew a couple hundred developers, programmers (and entrepreneurs who are seeking developers and programmers) to the Cambridge Innovation Center Saturday morning. Local finalists will be named Sunday night and face AngelHack San Francisco winners on Monday. Read more »

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