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Amazon says its new Simple Workflow Service (SWS) will run applications that are distributed between customer sites and Amazon cloud infrastructure, thus further blurring the line between the customer’s own data center and their chosen cloud. Read more »


Cloud service providers are all rushing to claim compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002. The only problem is that FedRAMP, the federal effort to ensure a safe move to the cloud, won’t sign off on certifications for three or four more months. Read more »

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Microsoft isn’t taking the cloud storage challenge lying down. The company plans to build tight links between its Windows 8 and its SkyDrive cloud storage, making it easy for users running Windows 8 on tablets, PCs or phones to put their digital stuff on SkyDrive. Read more »

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It may not be Silicon Valley but the Boston-Cambridge metro area has a lot going for it — infrastructure expertise, a deep talent pool, and VC funding. Facebook famously went elsewhere, but here’s why other local companies started here (and will stay put.) Read more »


Bolt, a new accelerator coming to the Boston area, will focus on startups wanting to build the “things” part of the internet of things. Ben Einstein, of Brainstream Design, wants Bolt to reduce barriers to entry for companies wanting to build actual physical products. Read more »


If you are a data scientist, or have other “big data” chops, you can write your own ticket, headhunters say. A search of popular job posting sites shows huge demand for anyone who can demonstrate these skills even in this tough economy. Read more »

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SpiderOak says its new cloud storage service will offer consumers and businesses a cheaper way to keep their data archives. Yes, cheaper than Amazon S3. The service, to go live later this quarter, will be available as a commercial product and open-source project. Read more »

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Zynga the newly public company behind the games played by gazillions of people, is relying far less on Amazon’s public cloud than it has in the past: 80 percent of its daily average users now run on Z Cloud — not on that other cloud. Read more »


Zerto Virtual Replication 2.0 promises to bring enterprise-class business-continuity/disaster recovery to VMware virtualized environments, taking aim at applications that run “in and between private, public and hybrid clouds.” Target customers are large businesses and cloud service providers. Read more »

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When HP CEO Meg Whitman addresses thousands of partners Wednesday, there will be a lot on the line. She has to convince them that the management snafus of the last two years are firmly in the past. The partners would love to believe that. Read more »


CloudBees Java-centric platform as a service can now run inside a customer’s data center, at a hosting provider or on the Amazon cloud, or on some combination of the above. Anycloud will compete with Red Hat OpenShift, and VMware’s Cloud Foundry. Read more »


If you didn’t think that Amazon was the king of cloud, just look at what other cloud companies announced Monday. Even paragons of the private cloud world are trying to cloak themselves in the glow cast by Amazon, which is squarely in public cloud realm. Read more »


With no fear of federal regulation, carmakers are pursuing their “infotainment” strategy of packing cars with the latest consumer electronics. But it’s not clear that the states — which are already fighting distracted driving by cell phone users — will go along for the ride. Read more »


VC power player Kleiner Perkins is reportedly considering a new fund that will be dedicated to cloud computing companies. Whether or not it follows through, KPCB has already backed big-time cloud plays including Zynga and brought a former Twitter exec in as senior partner. Read more »


Oracle is buying Taleo, a SaaS-based talent management company for $1.9 billion. Oracle said Taleo’s services will become part of the Oracle “public cloud.” Taleo could bring both more cloud credibility and more vertical expertise to Oracle’s broadening applications portfolio. Read more »


Red Hat says its new POSIX-compliant virtual storage appliance will make it easier for IT shops to move legacy Unix applications to Amazon’s public cloud. The scale-out NAS appliance, based on Gluster technology, also replaces Centos with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Read more »


In its bid to stay the high-volume, low-margin provider of cloud storage, Amazon cut prices on standard S3 storage, according to the Amazon Web Services website. The price changes — good for the U.S. region — are retroactive to February 1. Read more »


As more companies put workloads on Amazon Web Services or other public cloud platforms, many are paying for more cloud than they need. That overprovisioning is the problem Cloudyn, an Israeli startup, is taking on with its new software as a service. Read more »


EMC’s promised Project Lightning server-based flash storage product is now available under the VFCache brand. But EMC’s not done — it plans a bigger, more powerful flash appliance dubbed Project Thunder, due later this year. Both products take direct aim at the Fusion-IO threat. Read more »

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Steve Appleton, chairman and CEO of semiconductor company Micron Technology passed away in a plane crash Friday morning. The small plane crashed near Boise, according to a company statement. Appleton, who joined Micron in 1983 and has been CEO since 1994, was 51 years old. Read more »

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Oracle and HP used to coexist quite well — People forget that the first Oracle Exadata ran on HP hardware. Then Oracle bought Sun and things went downhill fast. Public spats played out in CEO letters to The New York Times, and now court documents. Read more »


The most striking thing about Amazon’s Q4 filing was that head count was up a whopping 67 percent to 56,200 full- and part-time employees, compared with 33,700 from a year ago, according to Amazon’s 8-K filing; 67 percent is a very big number — even for Amazon. Read more »

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It looks like some of the bloom is off the SaaS rose. New numbers show the booming growth in valuations of SaaS companies is slowing after a long run-up as pure-play SaaS companies face more competition from legacy players. Read more »


HP won a tactical battle last night when a judge tossed out an Oracle fraud claim. But it also lost one — when he unsealed previously redacted documents that show just how desperate HP was to keep Oracle working on software for HP’s Itanium servers. Read more »

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