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Newvem, which already kept taps on Amazon EC2 instances, is now adding S3 storage to the services it monitors and analyzes for customers. The goal is to help them pick the right storage tier for their different data sets, Newvem president Zev Laderman said. Read more »

Mimecast CEO Peter Bauer
photo: Mimecast

Mimecast, which bills itself as a unified email specialist, has $62 million in new Series C funding from private equity firm Insight Venture Partners. The UK-based company plans to build more applications that tap into customers’ unstructured data and boost its presence in North America. Read more »

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

Oracle’s still fighting to recover, recoup and profit from its $7.4 billion buyout of Sun Microsystems three years ago. In its first quarter, Oracle’s overall hardware business was off 24 percent year over year despite “triple-digit growth” in engineered systems like Exadata. Read more »

OpenStack logo long

The OpenStack Foundation is official as of Wednesday with a new 24-person board, $10 million in funding, 5,600 members, and a mandate to promote flexible open-source cloud infrastructure. Question: Will the foundation echo the success of Eclipse or the failure of OpenOffice? Read more »

Eiffel Tower - clouds
photo: Shutterstock / Iakoy Kalinin

Yes, cloud adoption in Europe hasn’t happened as fast as in the US. But despite the difficult economy, there’s considerable interest in cloud on the continent. The market bears watching and here are 5 things you should know about it. Read more »


Github’s planned migration to a new 3-node MySQL cluster didn’t go as planned, resulting in outages Monday and Tuesday. In addition, Github’s status site, which runs on Heroku, had its own problems, acccording to a Github post-mortem published Friday. Read more »

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