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Update: RightScale is pulling this blog citing a problems with the underlying data set. It is working with Wikipedia and will revise as appropriate.

Even Web-rooted operations like Wikipedia can save lots of dough if they do cloud right, according to Hassan Hosseini, co-founder of PlanForCloud, now owned by RightScale. Net, net the online encyclopedia, which estimates it spends more than $3 million on Internet hosting annually, could do that cheaper — for $618,000 per year — on Microsoft Windows Azure, at least for the first year.

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The White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy published new guidelines and FAQs to ease adoption of President Obama’s open data policy. In May,  the president signed an order mandating that agencies use machine-readable and open data formats when they collect or create information so it can be re-used efficiently.

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This account pokes holes in IBM’s cloud computing revenue story. About half of IBM’s current cloud revenue is tied to hardware — often hardware used to run a customer or partner cloud — according to InformationWeek, which cites IBM documents provided by a former employee.  The SEC is looking into how IBM calculates cloud revenue.

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Facebook is building an online payment system to take on industry giant PayPal, according to AllThingsD. Facebook’s service would let online shoppers pay for their purchases using their Facebook ID and log-in, provided they have already linked their credit card information with their Facebook account. Other competitors in this market include Google and Stripe.

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