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If all goes as planned, a NASA moonshot Friday will demonstrate a new Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration system that delivers world-record-shattering 600 megabits-per-second downloads using lasers and telescope receivers. And it’s not just for moonshots: the technology could end up boosting terrestrial communications within a few years.

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Indian government employees will soon be asked (told?) to stop using Gmail for official purposes, according the Indian Times which cited a senior official. Revelations that U.S.-based cloud providers, including Google, must turn over customer information to the National Security Agency, is a concern to foreign governments and companies and also to U.S. cloud players which worry that the controversy will cost them business. Looks like those fears are playing out.

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Update: RightScale is pulling this blog citing a problems with the underlying data set. It is working with Wikipedia and will revise as appropriate.

Even Web-rooted operations like Wikipedia can save lots of dough if they do cloud right, according to Hassan Hosseini, co-founder of PlanForCloud, now owned by RightScale. Net, net the online encyclopedia, which estimates it spends more than $3 million on Internet hosting annually, could do that cheaper — for $618,000 per year — on Microsoft Windows Azure, at least for the first year.

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