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Editas Medicine, a startup that wants to enable “molecular surgery”  to cut out bad genes before they can manifest themselves, has $43 million in Series A funding from Polaris Partners, Flagship Ventures and Third Rock Ventures.  Co-founder Dr. J.Keith Joung, who is also director of molcular pathology at Mass General Hospital, told The Boston Globe that the idea is to “make changes to DNA … if there’s a defect, you can fix it; if there’s a missing piece you can put the missing piece in.”

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MakerBot opened up its second retail location on Newbury Street in Boston on Thursday. The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company specializes in and helped popularize 3D printers and scanners that don’t break the bank. It  opened its first store in Manhattan last year. Co-founder and CEO Bre Pettis told The Boston Globe that the area is one of the hottest markets for MakerBot gear which is used to build  or “print” prototypes and parts of everything from toys to automotive components.

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It looks like privately-held Dell is still backing Project Sputnik, a set of developer-oriented laptops configured with Ubuntu Linux. These laptops are Dell’s attempt to win back open-source oriented web developers that drifted from PCs to Macs but probably hate the whole iOS walled garden. Dell also said it is working with Docker to improve the Project Sputnik offerings.

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