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Two shiny new Google data centers are now chugging away in Singapore and Taiwan — but not, as reported, in Hong Kong. Google touted the Taiwan site, located three hours from Taipei in Changhua County, as a model of energy efficiency, using a nighttime cooling and thermal energy storage system.


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Buyer beware when it comes private cloud. In this nascent market, the only metric that matters is actual customer adoption and we’re still very early in that game, said Gartner Research Director Alessandro Perilli. And, before you buy private cloud or in Gartner parlance, a cloud management platform, look under the covers. Most private clouds now are actually pieces of many management tools often acquired and spackled together. “A way to measure how mature a CMP is consists of evaluating how well its management modules integrate with each other,” he wrote.

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Ford CEO Alan Mulally has been a front runner for Microsoft’s top job for a few months now. Many said he’s been the candidate to beat to succeed outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. But now Ford chairman Edsel Ford II told Bloomberg News that Mulally is locked up through the end of 2014. Last August, Ballmer pledged to step down within 12 months and the conventional wisdom has been that sooner would be better so Microsoft can get on with business free and clear of succession rumors and worries. Maybe this latest wrinkle gives internal candidates Satya Nadella, Stephen Elop and Tony Bates the edge now?

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