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Sometimes you just have to hand it to Oracle. A day after IBM announced a disappointing quarter, Oracle puts out a release to say it’s supplanted IBM as the second-largest software company in the known universe. Presumably, that’s after Microsoft, although Oracle doesn’t mention the “M” word in the release. If you want Oracle’s numbers click on the link but net, net, Oracle said over the last four quarters it reported $27.8 billion in software revenue compared to $25.7 million for IBM. Okay, IBM, your move.

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Calxeda, a maker of ARM-based system-on-a-chip devices (SOCs), just named Frank Frankovsky to its board of directors. Frankovsky comes with some serious data center hardware cred — he is VP of infrastructure at Facebook and is chairman and president of the Facebook-backed Open Compute Foundation that is pushing the use of open-source designed, energy efficient hardware in data centers.

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