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Apple, which to date has relied on third-party content delivery networks (CDNs) to deliver rich media and software to consumers, is now building out its own CDN capability, according to Dan Rayburn, a long-time CDN expert and EVP of Streaming Media. Apple has used its own CDN capabilities internally, but if this report is true, at least some iTunes video content and OS X updates will start flowing through Apple’s own infrastructure. That could ding CDN providers like Akamai and Level3.

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Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg has shot down talk that he might be Microsoft’s next CEO, Bloomberg reports, citing a person familiar with the matter. Vestberg is just the latest in a series of high-profile execs — including but not limited to Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Qualcomm ‘s former president (and now CEO) Steve Mollenkopf — mentioned as possible successors to Steve Ballmer. Microsoft internal candidates reportedly include Satya Nadella, Tony Bates, and Stephen Elop.

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Amazon Web Services has launched two new interactive usage reports to help customers get a better grip on their use of EC2 resources and assess their costs. The reports can be accessed from the AWS Management Console. This will be good news for AWS customers but not so great for a handful of third-party companies with their own usage assessment tools, although most of them, like Rightscale, offer multi-cloud monitoring. It’s probably no coincidence that Cloudyn, which had focused on AWS, just added Google Compute Engine to the clouds it watches.

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Chris Wolf, a respected analyst at Gartner, is now VMware’s CTO for the Americas. Since Wolf was very well versed in the ways of VMware at Gartner, the move makes sense.  VMware promoted Ben Fathi from SVP of R&D to global CTO on January 14. Wolf noted VMware’s transition from server virtualization kingpin to a broader cloud- and data-center play, with a focus on end user computing as evidenced by last week’s $1.5 billion acquisition of AirWatch. Wolf reports to Jeff Casale SVP of Americas.


EMC chairman and CEO Joe Tucci
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The week in cloud was busy, busy what with VMware snapping up AirWatch and IBM dumping servers. But, what, exactly, is EMC’s public cloud deal? Read more »

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Github Co-founder Tom Preston-Werner is taking on a new position as president of the popular project hosting and code repository while Co-founder Chris Wanstrath is now CEO. Wanstrath will lead execution of current key initiatives while Preston-Warner will take on R&D and scout out new opportunities, according to a blog post.

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