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Microsoft is the “most trusted and essential tech brand,” according to 4,551 U.S. adults recently surveyed by Forrester Research. But all is not lost, fanboys: Apple had the highest overall ranking for being unmistakeable and remarkable. It’s just that Apple  is not viewed as essential as Microsoft. The survey gauges customer preference of one brand over others, their willingness to pay a premium and other factors.

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Looks like the axe is about to fall. The company is weighing cuts of up to 20 percent in the U.S. and even more in EMEA, according to The Register. Read more »

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Citrix Systems  is buying Framehawk to boost the performance of virtual desktops and applications over wireless networks, a key issue as more people use tablets and smartphones as primary devices. Framehawk technology will be used with Citrix HDX in XenApp and XenDesktop products, according to InfoWorld. Details on how that will happen and terms of the deal were not announced.

The news comes days after VMware hired a couple desktop virtualization execs away from Citrix and Citrix named Rakesh Narasimhan  to head its desktop virtualization effort.

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Battery maker A123 Systems, which had its own brush with bankruptcy in 2012, wants to buy bankrupt car maker Fisker. The independent A123 made batteries for Fisker’s hybrid Karma car, but was acquired by Wanxiang Group of Hangzhou, China at auction after the bankruptcy filing. A123 is now part of Wangxiang’s U.S. subsidiary, which wants to purchase the car maker.

Both Fisker and A123 received grant or loan money from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Vermont and Massachusetts have stopped paying Montreal-based IT contractor CGI Group for work it has done on their balky healthcare exchanges. If that name sounds familiar, CGI is the parent company of CGI Federal, the contractor many blame for troubles plaguing the U.S. site. CGI Group is also working with Hawaii, Colorado, Kentucky, New Mexico and California healthcare sites — with mixed results. More on CGI from Vanity Fair.

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It may not be on par with the great Netflix snafu  of Christmas Eve 2012 but gamers are pretty ticked off that the Valve Software’s online store fell down during a Christmas sale, according to Geekwire, Reddit and other outlets. A traffic spike may have been an issue: Valve offered a free copy of Left 4 Dead 2 to anyone who downloaded and installed it before 10 a.m. PST December 26. As of 6:15 p.m. Christmas night the store appeared to be up again.

Update: Nintendo and Xbox Live sites are also experiencing issues, according to Gameinformer.

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Security sleuth Brian Krebs sifted through the web to find where credit card numbers purloined from Target customers turned up and came up with an underground store rescador[dot]la. Click on it at your own risk.  The site is, according to Krebs, run by “a miscreant” using the nickname Rescator who is affiliated with a Russian- and English-language crime forum. But you have to read the full post to get the whole story. To be honest, I’m too nervous to write more here.

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