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[qi:012] The skirmishes that have been taking place between Hewlett-Packard and Cisco as each tries to encroach on the other’s territory in an effort to own both the enterprise and consumer IT markets have been heating up over the past year. HP has been strengthening its […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_cloud-computing] Microsoft is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build out its next generation of data centers to host its cloud computing offering, Windows Azure Platform. While the company is clearly innovative in its data center designs and plans, the true reason behind its push […] Read more »

When Cisco Systems announced plans to enter the enterprise server market, no company stood up and took notice more than Hewlett-Packard — the HP ProLiant line of servers, after all, is a force in the enterprise market; Cisco’s entrance was essentially a declaration of war on […] Read more »

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It seems as though our Canadian neighbors have imported our “too big to let fail” economic policy. The Canadian government on Wednesday pledged to give telecom equipment maker Nortel Networks, which has suspended efforts to sell its Metro Ethernet unit, up to C$30 million ($24 million) […] Read more »

Microsoft Data Center Chief Mike Manos posted a blog entry yesterday on the company’s vision for next generation data centers. The blog post (and the accompanying animated video) has extensive details on how Microsoft envisions building the data center of the future — and it definitely […] Read more »

The prospect of outsourcing servers and storage to the cloud has an irresistible lure of operational simplicity and cash efficiency for today’s application developers. Cloud computing vendors help operate social networking applications, micro-blogging sites, global gaming networks and a plethora of applications that we use everyday. […] Read more »

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a great dancer. Yet I have recently become a proponent of a technology strategy that I have coined the “cloud two-step.” The cloud two-step is the way enterprise IT departments are going to dance their […] Read more »

There has been a rumor rustling around Silicon Valley for a number of months that Cisco Systems is on the verge of acquiring EMC. Such a move would make a lot of strategic sense for Cisco, but this rumored mega-merger of technology giants may have to […] Read more »

There’s buzz around Silicon Valley that there will be a big announcement made at VMworld next week in Las Vegas. I think Cisco Systems will announce support of VMware virtual machines on their networking hardware. And if I’m right, it will have numerous ramifications, not only for the two companies, but the networking industry overall. Read more »

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Broadband service providers are looking to add higher-value services to their offerings, services that could soon include a virtual desktop for consumers. Indeed, the idea of a service provider offering a PC as a Service (PCaaS), essentially a PC in the cloud, may be coming to […] Read more »

Ten years from now, I believe that clouds will be evaluated based on three generic criteria: transactions, user experience and presence. And as with any active market, it’s a safe bet that there will be plenty of companies that best showcase each of them. But which of them will own the cloud? Read more »

The usage-based pricing plans being considered by AT&T, Time Warner and others will force us all to wonder about the size of our connectivity bill on a monthly basis. Which means it won’t only be bad for users, but for some of the Internet service providers’ largest customers. Read more »

I was recently talking to Richard Donaldson (an adviser of ours at Panorama Capital) of United Layer about a novel approach to optimizing data center cooling – using forward-looking infrared (FLIR) cameras. United Layer rents a FLIR camera, he told me, the kind typically used to […] Read more »

When it comes to the operations of Internet businesses, 99.999 percent uptime, or five nines, is one of the critical metrics of reliability. Yet that metric — essentially the ability to say that users will reliably be able to reach a business’ web site 99.999 percent […] Read more »

Yesterday I wrote about how Intel processors are dominant on the Interop show floor, proof that networking appliances are more inexpensive and powerful than ever before. We can add one more adjective to that description today — blindingly fast. In aggressive and dramatic fashion, Intel has […] Read more »

I’m here in Las Vegas for the annual Interop show for IT professionals, and I’m finding it to be far livelier — and better attended — than I had expected it would be. In fact, I may need to rethink my belief that Web 2.0 has […] Read more »

The virtualization of systems allows for efficient use of server resources and is clearly a trend that many enterprises are embracing. Systems engineers see virtualization as the next generation of tools that can help scale their servers, while network engineers see the virtualization trend headed in […] Read more »

The UK music industry is losing billions in CD sales every year due to the illegal downloading of music by some 6 million broadband users, according to an article today in the Telegraph. It’s prompted Virgin Media to join forces with music industry trade group the […] Read more »

The movement toward blade servers in the enterprise data center has been growing steadily for some time, backed by manufacturers like IBM and HP. But expect to soon see networking giant Cisco Systems enter this market as well, setting themselves up for a tense battle with […] Read more »

If I believe the music industry, the Internet and ISPs enable illegal downloads and that has singularly led to the downfall of the music business. Given these apparent facts, I am doing a political flip-flop and will actively support proposals to have governments force ISPs to disconnect users suspected of downloading illegal content. I love listening to music and apparently there is no other way to save it. Right? Read more »

The “No-Bits List” I facetiously proposed late last month in response to a speech made by U2’s manager may soon become reality in the UK, setting a very ominous precedent for Internet users across the globe. Legislative proposals will be introduced next week that will require […] Read more »

You might not be worried about your privacy being exploited by network operators, but how about if the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) decided to search your laptop, iPod and mobile phone as you went through airport security? Read more »

Out of the UK this week comes word that, for the first time, root-and-master level domain name servers are returning addresses records that have the ability to map domain names to IPv6 addresses. This means that the foundation blocks are in place for all domain names […] Read more »

U2′s longtime manager, Paul McGuinness, delivered a speech earlier this week in which he placed the blame for recording artists losing royalties via illegal downloads on ISPs and Internet technology. His proposed solution is to implement an ill-conceived policy that is nearly impossible to enforce. Read more »

Collaboration — both with staff on the inside and advisers from the outside — is a vital part of any successful organization. Given that so much of our communication is done electronically, much of our collaboration is, too. But good luck finding a truly effective set of electronic collaboration tools. Read more »

Venture capitalists are always looking for inflection points in a market – events that turn a market up or down dramatically. In our firm we have been having an “active discussion” as to whether or not the writers’ strike in Hollywood is the inflection point that […] Read more »

Privacy on the Internet — as Facebook’s Beacon advertising platform and other examples make clear — is not something that anyone can expect. It can be achieved, however, and maintained. Here’s how. Read more »

Where is the next-generation STB that we’ve been hearing about for at least the past three years? The über STB with HD, TiVo, networking, storage and more — the one that will be the center of home entertainment? Read more »

I was recently leading a session for the Panorama Capital CIO Council, a group of about 25 Fortune 500 CIOs with which we meet twice a year, when the topic of securing enterprise data arose. The CIOs were not, however, talking about data security that can […] Read more »

[qi:051] The time has finally come for the world to migrate to IPv6 from IPv4 -– or at least that was the message delivered by a collection of networking experts at the RIPE 55 conference late last month in Amsterdam. Out of this conference came a […] Read more »

[qi:013] This week I read a fascinating article by Joe Weinman that was published in Business Communications Review. In it, he proposes an innovative concept that could initiate a paradigm shift in Internet search, fixing what may be its biggest problem: too many results, many of […] Read more »

Back in the late 1990s I was often asked what I thought would happen if Internet bandwidth was infinite — what would that change about the Internet itself? Level 3’s (LVLT) recent decision to slash prices on its content distribution network and rumors of new multi-terabit […] Read more »

A friend of mine who runs a very large data center told me recently that his biggest day-to-day challenge is one that is becoming commonplace in his industry: how to consume less energy. Data centers consume vast amounts of energy, and rising energy costs are cutting […] Read more »

I was talking to some colleagues earlier this month about Intel’s (INTC) plan to have an 80-core processor ready for the market within five years. I’ve written about commodity computing in this space before, but this latest Intel announcement made me realize that we’re on the […] Read more »

Google (GOOG) should buy Adobe (ADBE), but not for the reasons you might think. Google would acquire some great software in Acrobat, Photoshop and their desktop run-time environment (now called Adobe Integrated Runtime, or AIR). But while these are good software assets that could be integrated […] Read more »

Get ready for a fracturing of the Internet domain name space and the global Internet looking far less homogenous and more like the ancient town of Babel. And a lot of it has to do with International Domain Names in Applications or IDNA. Read more »

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