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Audio podcasts have been around longer than their video counterparts. There are plenty of great Mac-related podcasts out there to choose from, but these are the ones that offer consistent quality and the best content. It’s a veritable feast of Apple news and information! Read more »

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While there are no true viruses for OS X, that doesn’t mean Macs are impenetrable. They’re still vulnerable to malware, spyware, spam and trojans. However, with just a few precautionary measures, your Mac can be more secure than most any other consumer technology out there. Read more »


Want to add some social mobile fun to this Halloween? How about taking some of the snapshots you’re taking with your iPhone, and turning them into cartoon avatars for Facebook or Twitter? The process is easy, and all you need are a few apps. Read more »


At a time when the world is wondering if Apple will do to the video industry what it did to the music industry, and if the iPad will save print news from online obsolescence, independent startups like Majek Pictures are challenging the status quo for TV. Read more »

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Apple’s iOS devices only play specially encoded .m4v, .mp4 and .mov files natively. VLC plays just about any video format, including .mkv, .avi, and .mpeg’s. VLC is a great tool for Macs, but does the just-released iPad version provide a new hope for iOS devices? Read more »


Where does the iPad fit in to a perfect gamers lifestyle of infinitely available devices? I have found myself gravitating more towards graphically intensive puzzle games on my iPad, not the tired old handheld favorites like Bejeweled, Tetris or Trism. Read more »


Taking photos with smartphones and uploading them to the Internet instantly is nothing to brag about these days. Even point-and-shoot cameras have optional Wi-Fi solutions available to upload images as soon as they are taken. But what if your needs are a little more complex? Read more »


When 5,000 developers gathered in San Francisco for the WWDC to discuss how to build apps for the customers that Apple loves so much, the company provided training, as well as several new tools called instruments, to help developers build the best possible applications. Read more »


What a difference a few short years makes. I bought my now six-year-old daughter her first iMac when she was three, and now her brother, who is two, is getting proficient on the family iPad. Here are some of his favorite apps. Read more »


Just prior to WWDC, registered attendees to the conference were treated to a surprise of gaining access to all of the WWDC 2009 conference videos. Now, in a similar move, Apple has made the WWDC 2010 Conference Videos available for free to the Apple Developer Community. Read more »


Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest iPhone? Or are you looking to score a $99 iPhone 3GS? AT&T and Apple have teamed up with Best Buy, Walmart, and even RadioShack to make it all happen just for you…tomorrow. Read more »


Apple’s billion dollar data center being constructed on a 225 acre site near Highway 321 and Startown Road in Maiden, NC could play host to a number of services. So, what are the likely candidates for what Apple will be doing with this new facility? Read more »

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