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You can lock down your devices, but that doesn’t mean your network is safe. There are some features of Apple’s AirPort networking technology that, if used properly, provide ample security for most households. The process is time-consuming, but it could pay off in the long run. Read more »

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Most business users have simply had enough of dealing with outdated equipment supplied by slow-to-act IT departments, and for a very affordable price, are starting to fund their own IT revolution by bringing their new iPads to the workplace. Here’s how you can do the same. Read more »

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With the advent of the App Store, it seems arcane to think that software is still being distributed on disc. But even if you buy into digital distribution completely, what about all of your existing installation discs? Here’s how to preserve them using image files. Read more »


With Apple itself not in attendance, the focus of Macworld has shifted to how the Apple user community is applying the company’s technologies, rather than about the technologies themselves. There’s no better example of that kind of application in action than what Majek Pictures is doing. Read more »


Some of Apple’s technologies stop just a little short of greatness. That’s where third-party applications come in to complete the picture (and the sound). Airfoil helps extend Apple’s AirPlay on Macs and iOS devices, and a brand new app called AirView improves AirPlay’s video playback abilities. Read more »


Choice is now here when it comes to U.S. iPhone service providers, so if you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of AT&T, there are a few options available. Keeping in mind that you may not escape unscathed, here are a few options for breaking your contract. Read more »


With all the rumors, announcements, keynotes, and online drama, 2010 has been a banner year for Apple. The 12 days of Christmas start after Christmas day, so in the spirit of that tradition, here’s a look at what was and what’s to come for the company. Read more »

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