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Preview is definitely one of the under-appreciated gems of OS X. Preview actually has two main uses. One for graphics and photos, and another specific to PDFs. There are certain very handy capabilities in Preview that are only available when working with PDF files. Read more »


Keeping track of where you’ve taken photos is not as easy as you might think. Your iPhone automatically geotags images, but most digital cameras aren’t GPS enabled. You can manually add the data, but there’s a better way to do it automatically in batches. Read more »

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There’s nothing quite like attending Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. Hearing first-hand about new tech from the engineers that built it is amazing. Here’s what lucky attendees should do to make the most of next week. Read more »


Apple’s iWork suite of Apps are now available on the iPhone and iPod touch. With the exception of GarageBand, that makes all of Apple’s iWork and iLife iOS apps universal. Here’s how the iPhone versions stack up to their larger-screen counterparts. Read more »


If you’re looking for a way to use your existing iMac, in an effort to justify purchasing a new one, look no further than the bare spot on your wall. It all starts with Apple’s VESA Mount Adapter Kit or the third-party iMac Wall Mount. Read more »

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There will come a time when you realize that you want to get something off of your iPhone, and yet you don’t have access to the Mac your normally sync with, or your Mac’s HD has failed. Don’t worry, you can still reach your iPhone’s data. Read more »


There are definitely some great tools for the iPad to help solidify your app concept from a more abstract point of view. Looking at the more tangible side of visual design, I’ve found the following tools available in the Mac App Store to be quite helpful. Read more »

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