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Three Human to Computer Ratios

As forward-thinking as Apple is, perhaps the company hasn’t forged a new path at all. Through a technique of observe, perfect and discard, Apple has been heading for some time in one direction — along the pre-defined path into the era of ubiquitous computing. Read more »

I Dig It

I Dig It adds an element of strategy to the classic arcade game Dig Dug. You manage a digging machine that sets out to mine for minerals and other artifacts — only this time it’s up to you to enhance your digger and keep it operational. Read more »

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Sky Gnomes

Sky Gnomes is a unique social racing game for iOS devices where you customize snow machines driven by gnomes. Powered by snow, it is more difficult that you would think to catch the power-boosting snowflakes as you hurl garden gnomes towards the ground. Read more »


Swordigo is a great fantasy-based game that brings all the great aspects of legendary action-adventure games to the iOS platform. There are a few similarities between Swordigo and Nintendo’s original Zelda series. A quest, a map, a hero and a sword. What more does one need? Read more »

Fairway Solitaire

Fairway Solitaire combines two traditionally single player games into one unique experience: playing golf with a deck of cards while keeping score in solitaire with par being the expected number of cards one has remaining at the end of the game. Read more »

Not Connected

Having problems with your home Wi-Fi network? Don’t feel bad if you’re not a professional radio engineer — we can help. The following can help Mac owners or anyone with a WiFi network understand where and why their devices are not connecting to the network. Read more »

League of Evil 2 is the type of game that defines the handheld platform gaming genres: Evil scientists bent on world domination and a cyborg hero with boundless strength and ability. What could possibly go wrong? Read more »


If you own an iPhone, you probably noticed there are a fewer apps installed on the new iPad than on your iPhone. Some of the missing apps are more obvious, like the Phone app. But others are oddly omitted, despite their utility on a tablet. Read more »

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Crazy Hedgy

Crazy Hedgy is a motion-based 3D platform game for iOS that plays more like a marble maze than that other hedgehog-themed console-based game. Only this gyro-controlled little Hedgy has some skills that no rolling marble can match. Read more »

Death Worm

Death Worm is PlayCreek’s iOS rendition of the original independent gaming classic by JTR. Not to be confused with the 8bit Super Mega Worm, Death Worm is a graphically sharp game of eternal carnage that fully supports the iPhone’s Retina display. Read more »

Unstoppable Gorg

This week’s edition features a tower defense game with a sci-fi theme based on the Age of Sputnik, Buck Rogers and a Martian race in need of women. Unstoppable Gorg is a well-polished and detailed game that sets itself apart from other tower defense games. Read more »

Beat Hazard Ultra

Beat Hazard Ultra is an asteroid-style, shoot-from-the-middle, space arcade game for iOS that can satisfy the most extreme, old-school Galaga addictions. What makes Beat Hazard Ultra stand out is the fact that game play is set to your own music library. Read more »

Hardware Wipe Accessories

There are two ways to think about securing information: Enabling access to information you want to keep, and disabling access to information you don’t. For information Mac users no longer want, it’s not as easy as moving a file to the trash and emptying the trash. Read more »

Don't Run With a Plasma Sword

Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword is one of those games you just have to try out based on the title alone. With its straightforward gameplay and nearly endless level-ups, this game has more to offer than its modern update on that nostalgic alien soundtrack “Woo-EE-Euh.” Read more »

Bloons 2

In this week’s edition: Bloons 2 ($0.99 Universal) is the latest in a series of highly addictive games by Digital Goldfish featuring a dart-throwing monkey with a thing about popping balloons. Read more »

Mini Motor Racing

Mini Motor Racing and Mini Motor Racing HD are excellent top-down racing games from The Binary Mill. A good racing game requires three main features to come together: vehicle control, a variety of challenging courses and a heart-thumping soundtrack. Plus, it offers great multiplayer gameplay. Read more »

Tank Riders

Tank Riders is a good cross between a maze, puzzle and third-person shooter game. Thanks to well-thought-out maps, Polarbit has done an amazing job at keeping the gameplay interesting enough in single-player mode, while also making multiplayer competitive and fun. Read more »

Run Roo Run

Run Roo Run is a simple to learn, yet hard to master side-scrolling game that rewards accuracy. If you were a gamer that toiled over Mario to get the timing of jumping from pipe to pipe just right, then this is the game for you. Read more »

Waiting for WWDC to Begin

CES and Macworld are hogging the event spotlight right now, but what about events for developers? Last year’s WWDC sold out quick, and this year’s probably will too, so you may want to plan on alternate conference and training opportunities in 2012. Here’s a list. Read more »

Trenches II

Trenches II is the latest in a lineup of World War I-themed games from Thunder Game Works. Falling somewhere between Plants vs. Zombies and Flight Control, Trenches II offers slightly more advanced, compelling gameplay, so much so that it approaches the realm of real-time strategy gaming. Read more »

Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf is a sports game that plays more like a platformer. Scoring is the same as in golf, but each golf course is designed more like a level from a Mario game than something you’d see on the PGA tour. Read more »

100 Rogues

100 Rogues is a role-playing game that challenges the bond between a player and their character, which is normally a valued relationship in RPGs. How does it do that? By killing your chosen character, over and over, again and again. Read more »

Stay Alive

Some games just have a knack for getting your heart racing. Fast-paced, simple action games where success is measured by hand-eye coordination are a perfect example. That’s certainly an apt description of Stay Alive, a universal game available now for iPhone and iPad. Read more »

Introduce Siri to Your Family

You know about Siri on your iPhone 4S, but does Siri know you? In order to take full advantage of all that Apple’s personal digital assistant has to offer, you first must properly introduce yourself. Here are a few tips about how to do exactly that. Read more »

Paper Toss 2.0 1

Throwing paper into trash cans is always fun, but doing it virtually on your iPad or iPhone in a whimsical, visually pleasing environment where you can’t get caught by the boss and don’t need a steady supply of real paper is even better. Read more »

Storm in a Teacup 2

With Chillingo’s iOS title Storm in a Teacup, we get classic side scrolling platform mechanics, with graphics and charm that are anything but traditional. For just $1.99 on the Mac App Store, and $2.99 on both the iPhone and iPad, this game is a bargain. Read more »

Rat on a Snowboard 2

There’s no real franchise character with the kind of repeated success of something like Sonic the Hedgehog on the the iOS platform, but one contender wants to change that. Enter the adventures of Ratty, a collection of fast-paced, side-scrolling games by Donut Games. Read more »

Dark Meadow 2

One of the first computer games I ever played at home was Zork. It was a text-based game that guided the player through a narrative of obstacles and challenges. Then came PC/Mac games like Myst and more recently Silent Hill. Now, there’s Dark Meadow on iOS. Read more »

iOS Device Controls Mac Game

I’ve always been a fan of side-scrolling shoot-em-up action games. Defender is one of my all-time favorite arcade games. Now I’m playing Chopper 2, and what a difference 3D makes to this type of game, especially with the litany of display options the game provides. Read more »

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