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Cubemen, a combination real-time shooter and tower defense game, is one of the few games available in Apple’s App Store that has managed to implement multiplayer gaming across different platforms, iOS, Mac and Steam. Read more »

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Bastion is an adventure-based role-playing game in which the main character, known as The Kid, unravels what has happened to his world following the Calamity. In this world you travel from place to place collecting artifacts in an effort to rebuild the Bastion. Read more »

Bike Baron

If you find that the supplied courses of this game are too easy, or too hard, you can always design your own course. The best user-created courses are selected and made part of the “official” game in upcoming releases. Read more »

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Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes is a simulation game where you decide how passengers and cargo are moved from airport to airport. Starting out small and efficient, you quickly learn how fast things can get out of control as you strive control the world, one airport at a time. Read more »

Bridge Constructor

The physics in the game seem to be very real and is consistently applied throughout the game. Take some time this weekend and teach yourself through trial and error the basics of bridge building with Bridge Constructor. Read more »

Kumo Lumo

The cut-out graphics are bright and cheerful, as are the sound effects and music score. The controls are responsive and easy to learn. Kumo Lumo is fun little game that is sure to lure you in for an hour or two the first time you play. Read more »


AirAttack for Mac, iPhone and iPad brings old-school arcade-style gaming into the modern handheld age with a top-down air combat shooter you can touch. What really sets this game apart from others in this genre is it stunning 2D-graphics and assortment of responsive gameplay controls. Read more »


Apple just extended a free offer of 20GB of iCloud storage to newly transitioned MobileMe subscribers until next year. But there are some big differences in how data from all your devices — iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac — is stored in the new service. Read more »


It is the weaving in and out of each different mode of the game that keeps you engaged and the gameplay fresh in Horn. The story unfolds at a welcome pace and there are plenty of hidden elements in the village to award the curious adventurer. Read more »

Lux Delux

This Risk-like strategy game has been available on Mac OS X but is now on iOS. If you are not at first impressed by the custom game maps, you will be by the level of control you have over the in-game artificial intelligence. Read more »

Pocket Rockets

Pocket Trucks is a side-scrolling physics-based racing game that looks as if it is taking place somewhere in Toy Story. Your vehicle looks like something you’d find in the toy aisle, while the course is more of a puzzle than a traditional race track. Read more »


Osmos is an iPhone, iPad and Mac physics-based puzzle game that obeys Isaac Newton’s laws of motion as well as Henri Dutrochet’s osmosis. If the exacting adherence to physics doesn’t impress you, the stunning graphics and subdued original soundtrack will in this long weekend’s top pick. Read more »


Games for the Weekend is a weekly feature aimed at helping you avoid doing something constructive with your downtime. Each Friday we’ll be recommending a game for Mac, iPhone or iPad that we think is awesome. Here is one cool enough to keep you busy until […] Read more »

Call of Mini Zombies

Despite its playful appearance, this game is true to the shooter genre and will certainly have you on edge from the first moment you pull the trigger. And once you have mastered the art of killing zombies, you can try your hand at going head to head with other online players. Read more »

Hunters 2

Hunters 2 is a turn-based space strategy game with a whole lot of attention to detail. As a follow-up to Rodeo Games’ first game, this edition builds on all of the features that made the original Hunter game such a great success. Read more »


What really draws you in is the speed of the 3D environment, the detail of the in-game elements, and the nostalgic familiarity of the gameplay. This may well be one of the games you keep on your device longer than just a weekend or two. Read more »

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