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Create Your Own Audiobooks

For authors who want to use their own home equipment to narrate an audio version of their own books, or if you want to record your kids reading their favorite stories for posterity, you can do it with a microphone, and iPad and GarageBand. Read more »

Dude Perfect

Inspired by the real world YouTube sensation of the same name, this game uses clouds, buildings, trucks, balloons, fences and even flying saucers as obstacles to sinking the perfect shot. Read more »

Gravity Hook HD

An arcade-style game that is more challenging than it may first appear. If there were such a genre for side-scrolling puzzle games, this game would define it, except for one minor detail: it’s vertical. Read more »

Star Command

Striking a balance between the three different strategies is essential as this game progresses. With no in-app purchases to bankroll a fully manned ship, you must earn a series of tokens as you travel through the galaxy by completing a series of missions. Read more »


Vector is a side-scrolling runner that mimics the street gymnastics of parkour. The opening cut scene looks like it’s take right out of Apple’s famous 1984 commercial. Read more »

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