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Having a healthy passion for work and life in balance can be a big productivity booster. But too often, that passion for work can veer too far into workaholic tendencies, especially for web workers. Here are a few tips to make sure your passion is productive. Read more »

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IndieWebCamp Attendees June 2011

Our online presence defines much of our identity both personally and professionally, especially for web workers. But how much of your online identity is controlled by someone else? The Indie Web movement is primarily about ownership and control over your identity. Read more »


It’s important to be proactive and figure out for yourself how your strengths and weaknesses drive your web working preferences. You can improve your job satisfaction and make you happier in your work by finding projects and jobs that play to your strengths and preferences. Read more »

BarCamp Portland

Most helpful folks are well-connected to a large network of people, but they don’t build this network by being selfish and difficult to work with. They’re usually generous and “pay it forward” in return for the help they’ve received from other people. Read more »

To Do List

As part of my recent productivity kick I’ve been thinking about to-do lists. Better task management allows us to get more accomplished while not spending too long managing the process. Here are some suggestions to help you focus on completing tasks rather than managing a list. Read more »

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During an annual performance review, it is important to be able to document your accomplishments. Here are a few ways to ensure you can demonstrate your value to the company, whether you’re a freelancer being evaluated or an employee preparing for an annual review. Read more »


International meetings can be tricky. Language barriers can make communication difficult, while time zone differences can make finding a suitable time can be awkward. Here are a few of tips to help you overcome those issues and make your international meetings more successful. Read more »


Simon says that email’s reign may be coming to an end, and I recently mentioned sending less email as one way to reduce email overload, so I thought it would be fun to think about ways that how can replace email with other, more suitable tools. Read more »

Too Much Email

A primary source of information overload is our email inboxes. While I’ve previously mentioned a few strategies for dealing with email overload, I think it’s a good time for a post with comprehensive rundown of my tips for managing email. Read more »

Fun at Work

I’m seeing more companies starting to hire again as the U.S economy slowly swings back into positive territory. Whether you’re looking for remote workers or office workers, there are a few ways to improve your chances of finding the best talent, regardless of location. Read more »

Friends at BarCamp

Keeping in touch with people over various online social services can sometimes seem like goofing off, but those connections can be tremendously valuable. Thanks to social tools, I have more meaningful interactions with people than I would have been able to maintain in the old days. Read more »


Working in teams with members spread out across various time zones around the world can be a challenge. Even when your team is located in the same building, sharing and collaborating on documents and content can be tricky if you aren’t using the right tools. Read more »

Conference Puppet

At CES my employer, Intel, hired Hugh MacLeod (aka gapingvoid) to draw custom cartoons, hang out in the booth and give out signed copies of those cartoons. It got me thinking about other ways to incorporate fun into our work events. Read more »

Analytics Pivot Pie Chart

I’ve recently written a couple of blog posts related to analytics. It appears (based on the analytics, of course) that quite a few of you were interested in this topic, so I thought I would follow up with another post and a few more tips. Read more »

Happiness and Excitement

It can be too easy to slip into the daily routine without thinking about what you love to do. What do you really want to be working on? Here are a few suggestions for finding ways to do what you love, and still pay the bills. Read more »


We’re right in the middle of the holiday season, when the stress starts to accumulate until it reaches a breaking point. Start taking steps today to make some positive changes that will help you manage our stress over the next two or three weeks. Read more »


As a community manager, my role at many events is to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for community building: getting people talking and spending time together. I wanted to share some suggestions for both attendees and organizers. Read more »

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 14.02.14

Spending time with non-techie family members can cause some stress over the holidays for those of us who don’t want to completely disconnect from the Internet. Here are some handy excuses that you can use when you want to escape your family for a little work: Read more »


I hate spending time on email. But for those of us who do most of our work online, we can’t escape it. When was the last time you took a hard look at the emails you send to other people? Are your emails helping or hindering? Read more »

We can share. Security just needs to be thought out first.

I’m probably more comfortable sharing my work with other people; I also tend to share information about other parts of my life online. Occasionally, I like to step back and think about how much is too much when it comes to sharing details about my life. Read more »

Robot Man

Last week, I posted some tips for automating boring everyday tasks. However, I feel I should point out that automation’s like a nice wine: you can have too much of a good thing. Here’s a look at some of the things that I don’t automate. Read more »


Lately, I’ve been taking a look at many of the tasks that I do on a regular basis and thinking about ways that I can automate them. There are many things that you can do to eliminate routine tasks that don’t require specialist knowledge. Read more »


The posts on an organization’s social media accounts reflect on it in a very public way. People’s impressions of the company can be positive or negative depending on whether the people posting to those accounts represent the company in a professional and consistent manner. Read more »

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