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The massive amount of data that is emerging from connected, digital systems, is fundamentally changing everything, from Internet search to entertainment, to disease management, to energy consumption. Here’s 10 case studies that highlight the power of big data. Read more »


Blazing fast networks, cheap silicon, always-on devices and a torrent of data will fundamentally change everything — how we consume media, how we work, and even who we are. We examined 10 areas that show how connectivity is profoundly changing the present and future of technology. Read more »


There are common patterns in API programs that succeed – in planning, management, and organization. Programs that fail have commonalities too. Here’s a nine-box model for API program management that helps track how both strategy and execution must come together to build a successful API effort. Read more »

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IBM launches software to act as smart grid glue for startups (Earth2Tech) Google Developer Days registration now open (OStatic) Cablevision to launch clickable TV ads (NewTeeVee) Browser updates: A faster version of Chrome, and more (WebWorkerDaily) VIA targets space between notebooks and netbooks with Surfboard (jkOnTheRun) […] Read more »

Exclusive: first retail iPhone store to open in Germany next week (TheAppleBlog) Sony’s sweet DSC-HX1 zooms into HD (NewTeeVee) The promise of algae fuel rests on Big Oil (Earth2Tech) LogMeIn Ignition gives you remote access from your iPhone (WebWorkerDaily) New Quickoffice version adds Office 2007 document […] Read more »

Contrary to published reports and popular opinion alike, the most important impact of open source on the enterprise has not been on pricing. The single most important impact of open source upon the enterprise has been the removal of barriers to entry and adoption – all […] Read more »

The ruggedized $399 Nova5000 tablet is being touted as a "Next Generation Student Learning Appliance" that offers a 7.5 inch 640X480 color touch screen in a 9.7”x 5”x 1.2” package weighing 1.8 pounds. [via MobileRead] NOTE: The Nova5000 runs Windows CE.NET so it is technically not […] Read more »

Yesterday was the “big day” for Apple to make some noise about it’s most recent contribution to tech with the video iPod, updated iMac’s, a remote control for Front Row and a new version of iTunes (primarily to support video content for the new iPod’s). For […] Read more »

Ugh, an annoyingly abysmal bandwidth weekend, I think I could tap out the bits with my pen faster than they were coming down the wire, which gives the wife more fuel for the no-Vonage fire.  Anyhoo, catching up with some thousand unread items in my aggregator […] Read more »

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One post I thought, weird.  Two posts, strange.  Now after seeing this thing on no less than half a dozen posts I too must contribute to the madness and mention the Sonic Grenade.  It’s only $18US and is capable of emitting three different ear shredding pitches […] Read more » has published a preview of the Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox N520.  Expected to be released at the end of next month (October 2005) this Windows Mobile 5.0 device sports GPS, 802.11g (yes G) and Bluetooth.  Estimations put the release price of the N520 in the […] Read more »

It seems that engadget has the scoop on the new Blackberry 8700 and anticipates the official announcement to take place any day.  It’s another brick form factor, instead of the phone factor of the 7100 series, though supposedly thinner and narrower than the 7200 series.  You […] Read more »

RIM announced that future Blackberry’s will be using Intel’s new chip, code named ‘Hermon’, that adds EDGE technology.  Based on other features and past reports the ‘Hermon’ should support 3G and WiFi.  Now all that’s left is to wait for the announcement of the new Blackberry’s. […] Read more »

OQO announces Windows XP pocket computer, the Model 01+.  Sporting a 1GHz Transmeta Crusoe it measures in at 4.9” x 3.4” x 0.9” and weighs in slightly under a pound (14oz).  The Model 01+ has built in WiFi, Bluetooth, USB2.0 and FireWire, everything you’d expect from […] Read more »

I guess we could have filed this under “immobile tech” or “thankfully something other than the Treo 700w” but that might have been pushing just a little too far.  Spotted this originally on Gizmodo but a trip out to the HotSeat site shows this is one of […] Read more »

Shortly after the announcement, maybe verification is more appropriate, of the Treo 700w Motorola announced that it’s Q Smartphone will be ready by Christmas instead of Q1 2006. Both phones are Windows Mobile 5 devices with moderate displays (the Q is 320×240, the 700w is so […] Read more »

Tracy from The Student Tablet PC is doing a great job posting screen shots of real life note taking with some discussion about how she’s accomplishing it.  If you’re a student or have a student and are on the fence concerning the utility of a Tablet […] Read more »

Robert posted a link to this thread on the tabletpcbuzz forums detailing why owners of the X41T may be hearing a lot of clicking from their hard disks.  Apparently some of the Hitachi drives that were used have defective caches.  So far, everyone on the thread […] Read more »

And I’m the latest guest author for jkOnTheRun. The concise version: I’m a 30 year old guy that loves to code and is married with an eighteen month old baby girl who already has me wrapped around her finger.  My technical background began in linux and […] Read more »

James asked me to introduce myself. I’m Bill Sodeman, the "new guy" at jkontherun, and I teach information systems courses for a university in Honolulu. I use a variety of mobile devices every day while I run my classes and manage the graduate program. My posts […] Read more »

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