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Now that Internet Explorer 8 is in serious beta, web workers who develop or design web pages are faced, once again, with a knotty question: which browsers (and which versions) do you design for? The basic problem is understanding your market: browser usage statistics are unreliable, […] Read more »

Comcast has come clean about their plans to cap usage on its broadband service. Starting in October, if you use more than 250GB of bandwidth in a month, you’ll get a talking-to. Cross that threshold twice in six months and they’ll kick you off the service, […] Read more »

OK, so you work on the web. That’s a given. But what are you doing when you work on the web? Most likely, interacting with some application on your computer. Now drill down one more level: are you using the mouse (or other pointing device) or […] Read more »

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Microblogging service Jaiku is suddenly showing signs of life again – for the first time since its acquisition by Google back in January. After a few days offline, they returned with a blog entry and a couple of announcements: Jaiku is now running in one of […] Read more »

With the tremendous number of ways to get your files online – from Dropbox to FolderShare to to SugarSync – there’s one big issue for consumers: how do you choose? Over at our parent blog GigaOM, Om Malik things Sugar Sync has a new edge […] Read more »

As you’re all aware by now, some of the staff at WWD have gone the iPhone 3G route – and are still happy about it. But we don’t have any sort of official “iPhone only” policy, and we’re a diverse bunch. Speaking for myself, I’ve taken […] Read more »

Newly-launched QuarkBase makes the somewhat grandiose claim of providing “everything about a website.” But it turns out that this mashup of various information into a single (extensive) page actually does a pretty good job of delivering on that claim. It’s as easy to use as you […] Read more »

As reported in more detail on our parent blog GigaOM, Idaho-based M2E Power is on to something new in the land of cell phone chargers. Next year they’ll be selling a charger that gets its energy just by being carried around while you walk – it’s […] Read more »

Like many other web workers, I get seduced on a regular basis by the latest gadgets. Whether it’s a spiffy new laptop or the latest phone or some miscellaneous bit of electronics that is supposed to make our lives easier, it’s simple to plunk down money […] Read more »

We’ve written before about the importance of building a personal brand for independent web workers, and others have pronounced it a “prerequisite for career success.” If you’re a believer in this idea, and you have a Twitter account, there’s an easy way to help define and […] Read more »

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I was looking at the latest telework survey numbers to cross my desk (this time from the Wainhouse Research WebMetrics program), when it suddenly struck me: even though pretty much everyone I know is on the web, and most of them work there, there are still […] Read more »

One of our readers writes: I’m wondering what my rights are in terms of reproducing my own work on a portfolio-style Web site. I’m a designer, developer and writer/editor, and have been developing a site to showcase my work. Trouble is, much of it (perhaps even […] Read more »

How do you know whether you can trust someone you’ve run across on the web – say, by finding them on Craigslist? That’s the question Divvs is setting out to answer. Currently in alpha, it takes a relatively simple approach to the problem: the more connected […] Read more »

The latest online project management site to cross my radar is LessProjects, from the folks behind the LessAccounting small business accounting software. This one will be of interest mostly to software developers, particularly those using an agile process, because it focuses on iterations and spec items […] Read more »

As reported by the New York Times, it looks like Chrysler is gearing up to offer you cars with the internet built right in. The technology was actually announced in late June, and will hook up cellular web access to a rolling WiFi hotspot. The Times […] Read more »

We’re all so used to completely free and beta Web 2.0 services that it’s a bit of a shock when one grows up and actually releases a paid version. The latest on this front is Jott, the voice-driven service that interfaces with email, Outlook, Twitter, Remember […] Read more »

At our parent blog GigaOM, Om Malik is tackling a question that will be familiar to most independent web workers: what’s the best way to add a bunch of bulk storage to your network, beyond just putting a larger drive in your computer? After considering his […] Read more »

If you’ve reached the point of having more work than you can handle, there are several ways to handle the overflow. One of the easiest, in some ways, is to hire subcontractors to do part of the work for you. But before you rush out and […] Read more »

We’ve covered a great many Zoho services over the years; they continue to have one of the most diverse software-as-a-service offerings. Their latest addition is Zoho Share, which brings both file storage and file sharing into play. If you’ve already got Zoho credentials from another application, […] Read more »

Ah, the dream of the paperless office. Pixily wants to help you make that dream a reality – by offering online document storage combined with a scanning service. Here’s the deal: in addition to letting you upload, store, and organize (via tags) existing PDF documents, if […] Read more »

There are many reasons why web workers (and other independent contractors) choose to accept one job over another. Sometimes it’s simple economics: if you’re not overflowing with offers of work, you may not be able to afford choosiness. Other times, you might choose on the basis […] Read more »

The online backup and storage market gets ever more crowded, but SpiderOak has some features that make it stand out. It’s not the cheapest alternative around, but considering what you get, it may well be worth paying for. They use their own storage algorithm that aggressively […] Read more »

Sometimes it’s all too easy to feel isolated as a web worker. If you’re in an office and do something great for the team, you can expect some pats on the back, or even a celebratory lunch. But if you’re working at home, you can be […] Read more »

We first looked at Iterasi when it was launched at this year’s spring DEMO conference. At the time, we were favorably impressed with this tool for saving live snapshots of web pages in an online account, but we were a bit disappointed with the lack of […] Read more »

As we’ve recently discussed, telecommuting and web work are becoming more popular. Inevitably, this leads to some backlash from those who prefer to preserve old ways of working. One example: a recent article in Computerworld titled “Get tough on telecommuting: 6 questions to ask before you […] Read more »

As reported on our parent blog GigaOm, this is a good day for web workers who are forced to travel by air: American Airlines has become the first domestic carrier to offer full in-flight broadband internet access. This won’t necessarily make up for all the rising […] Read more »

When we looked at last year’s Telework Report from CDW, the federal government stood out as a leader in encouraging telecommuting. This year’s report, which should be available on the CDW site shortly, paints a different picture. Thanks to strong growth in support from corporate IT […] Read more »

Do distributed teams need a better solution for tracking and making decisions? Zapproved thinks so, and they’ve built a tool to be that solution. The idea is relatively simple: when you’ve got a proposal that needs to be signed off on by everyone on your team, […] Read more »

As a web worker, you likely gave up sending out paper resumes long ago. But is the online profile that you show prospective employers anything more than a marked-up copy of that old version? If so, VisualCV wants to help you bring that hoary old document […] Read more »

There are plenty of ways to point other people at content on the web that you find useful or interesting: services like, email, instant messaging. But sometimes link sharing can get to be a nuisance. That’s where BrowsePal comes in: it’s a no-setup, no-cost co-browsing […] Read more »

Between the iPhone and MobileMe, we’re starting to see some complaints about Apple quality and support – widely regarded as the cornerstones of the company’s reputation. Twitter is full of complaints about MobileMe, and the company has gone so far as to add another 60 days […] Read more »

Although most of us on the web working front have been out of school for at least a few years, this is the time of year that it can pay off to pay attention to the student world. That’s because all of the big retailers are […] Read more »

We’ve looked at laptop security several times – it’s a critical issue of those who are mobile with our (or our clients’) critical data. CMS Products is out with another solution in this area: the EasyEncrypt Upgrade Kit. CMS has been making drives with hardware-based AES […] Read more »

In addition to launching the Digital Nomads site last week, Dell also announced a whole lineup of coming laptop models. Some of these, like the road warrior-aimed E4300, boast a new feature that hasn’t gotten a lot of notice in the press yet: Latitude ON. Latitude […] Read more »

As a web designer and developer, I find myself needing to analyze HTML pages quite often. I have my own stable of client-side tools to do this, but what if you’re not at your own computer? One way to peer into pages is with URL-info, a […] Read more »

The notion of making a backup copy of the ephemera that is Twitter may strike you as odd – until you realize that your lists of friends and followers are actually valuable contacts. Fortunately, Tweetake makes it possible to save everything about your Twitter account – […] Read more »

There’s a new fledgling business network in town: LeadVine, whose slogan is “the community is your sales force.” Currrently in public beta, it’s not trying to take on LinkedIn directly. Rather than try to build general-purpose business connections with no fixed purpose, LeadVine is directed specifically […] Read more »

We’re fans of mind-mapping around WWD: simple diagrams that help your brainstorm or organize by taking advantage of visual and spatial memory. The latest Flash-based online mind-mapping tool to cross our paths is Wisdomap. They emphasize simplicity: you get nodes and links, without a lot of […] Read more »

It’s one of the ironies of web worker life: you arrange your career so you can get out of the dreaded cubicle farm. Then you go off to the local coffee shop to work, and discover that perhaps a bit of privacy wasn’t such a bad […] Read more »

Suppose you’re a mobile web worker who depends on constant connectivity to work effectively. You’ve got the dozens of web sites you visit for information, the social networks where you can ask a quick question, the IM services that hook you up with the rest of […] Read more »

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