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You probably heard about the recent release of the IDC study “The Expanding Digital Universe.” It was pretty hard to miss. The big headline-grabber news was that the amount of worldwide information is projected to grow from 161 exabytes in 2006 to 988 exabytes in 2010. […] Read more »

Lots of web workers are used to building up virtual teams with little concern for where people physically live. With the wonderful connectivity tools at our fingertips, shooting design comps and meeting agendas halfway around the globe is as simple as sending them to the next […] Read more »

Work in this web world of ours is ever-changing. No matter how much you love your cutting-edge job, it’s not likely that you’ll be doing precisely the same thing in five years: tools, trends, and technologies are all evolving quickly, and our careers have to evolve […] Read more »

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Your eyes are the products of millions of years of evolution. Unfortunately, this means that they’re optimized for spotting prey across the savanna, not for peering at letters built up of little dots on tiny screens. In recent years, optometrists have come to recognize a complex […] Read more »

You kids these days have it easy. I can remember hauling Jaz disks – as well as a Jaz drive and a PCMCIA SCSI card – around in my carry-on luggage, just to get a decent amount of portable storage with me to client sites. Now, […] Read more »

Web work can be insidious. With laptop, cel phone, Blackberry, the web, and the rest of our digital lifestyle, we can work anywhere. For many people, that translates to working any time. And then, by degrees so gradually that you hardly notice it, “any time” becomes […] Read more »

“If you build it, they will come.” We’ve all heard those words way too many times, and yet I’ll bet if you look around at your online haunts you can find more than a few ghost towns: places that some web worker built where nobody bothered […] Read more »

I’m going to start this story by doing something that most web experts will tell you that you should never, ever do: if you want to send me feedback directly, you can write me at Yes, that’s my real, primary e-mail address, sitting out there […] Read more »

E-mail. No matter how immersed we get in RSS feeds, Flickr, instant messages, texting, Twitter, and all the other new ways to communicate, for most web workers e-mail remains the prime method of dealing with work – and one of the biggest challenges. If the relentless […] Read more »

WorldatWork (an international non-profit association of HR professionals) is out with their annual report on Telework Trendlines, based on phone surveys done last fall by The Dieringer Research Group of 1,001 adults 19 years and older in the United States. That’s enough to give their conclusions […] Read more »

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Oh, you call yourself a web worker, but in reality you’re probably still just spending your day in front of a computer screen and working in an office or coffee shop with all of the technological comforts we take for granted: cell phone, laptop, backups, and […] Read more »

Does this sound like your day? Stay at home Cross-train employees to handle critical functions Establish policies for alternate and flexible worksites Deliver work by e-mail or Internet Encourage flexible work hours Establish policies for employees with children to work from home Limit face-to-face meetings Minimize […] Read more »

Sometimes being a web worker is just plain demoralizing. Maybe you’re the only person on your block who telecommutes. Maybe your mom just phoned to ask when you’re going to get a real job so she doesn’t have to feel so ashamed when talking to Mrs. […] Read more »

As the web has grown and matured over the years, those of us who spend a substantial fraction of our lives online have had to develop increasingly sophisticated strategies for locating information. Simple links and word-of-mouth and directories gave way to first-generation search engines, which for […] Read more »

Web workers can work anywhere – but we all know that some settings are more pleasant than others. All other things being equal, we’d rather make use of free wi-fi at a quaint little cafe or on the beach than be stuck in some leftover cubicle […] Read more »

The odds are pretty good that as a web worker you carry a PDA (or BlackBerry or iPod or some other small piece of expensive electronics). After the first few times of having it fall out of your shirt pocket or get scratched by your keys, […] Read more »

“Infomania” has been in the news over the past few months, starting for most people with the rather silly story about too much e-mail being worse for your concentration than smoking dope. More recently, and in a more serious vein, researchers from Microsoft, Google, Intel and […] Read more »

Pop Quiz: what does the Energy Policy Act of 2005 have to do with your schedule this spring? Along with the tax incentives for geothermal energy and hybrid vehicles and clean coal initiatives, Congress also changed the starting date for Daylight Savings Time from the first […] Read more »

One thing many web workers have in common is that we’re also chair workers. It’s not too likely that you’re out in the sun working up a sweat as you go about your daily job. More likely, you’ve gotten engrossed in some intricate online task, and […] Read more »

Sooner or later, even the most dedicated of web workers settles down a bit. When the caffeine buzz of working at the local cafe wears thin, it’s nice to have a home base where you can spread out, use a full-sized monitor, and maybe even raise […] Read more »

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