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The quieter-than-usual update to the MacBook Pro line wasn’t the only change on the Apple Store today. Updates were also made to the iPad Smart Cover product section. The Smart Cover is Apple’s magnetic flap/stand accessory that protects the iPad 2’s display. Read more »


On Friday, Zite introduced a new update to its iPad app that includes a feature called Sybil, which allows Zite to create and switch between multiple profiles on one device. Zite can now recommend uniquely tailored content to more than one individual in a single household. Read more »

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Apple launched a new page today that announces the Tech Talk World Tour 2011 for iOS 5. These developer-focused events haven’t been put on by Apple since 2009, before the introduction of the iPad. Apple previously held Tech Talk World Tours in 2008 and 2009. Read more »


Despite being significantly older than most other smartphone offerings, and despite new availability on Verizon in the U.S., which began earlier in 2011, the iPhone accounted for over half of AT&T’s total smartphone sales for the quarter ending in September and nearly matched its year-ago performance. Read more »


Earlier this week, we heard that Samsung would be responsible for the production of Apple’s A6 processor, and now there’s confirmation that executives of the two companies have sat down to talk about their supply-side relationship. Both appear interested in continuing those arrangements. Read more »


Whether you’ve got a new iPhone 4S, an iPad 2 or on older iOS device, Instapaper is a must-have application. Now, a huge new update ups the game all around for an already great product. Here’s a first-hand look at what’s new and notable. Read more »

Apple Store opens in Toronto. Credit: Daniel Bader

The iPhone 4S is now officially available for sale at Apple retail stores in the east coast U.S., as well as at partner retail stores. Retail sales began at 8 a.m. Friday morning, but lines formed long before then, extending into the hundreds in many locations. Read more »

Credit: iFixit

Apple repair site iFixit has already managed to secure an iPhone 4S and pulled it apart. Details of what’s inside reveal a design that’s fairly similar to its predecessor, as you might expect from the outside appearance of the 4S, but also show some noteworthy changes. Read more »

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