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Many noticed (and lamented) the lack of a 17-inch version of the updated MacBook Pro at yesterday’s notebook event. For those interested in Apple’s Pro line of laptops, screen real estate is a valuable commodity indeed. Designers need the space for working on large documents and […] Read more »

According to John Nack, Principal Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop, the entire Creative Suite 4 is now shipping. Announced in September, the release date itself was not initially specified.  Those looking to test out the new programs before deciding whether or not to upgrade will have […] Read more »

Apple front-ended their notebook event today with a look at the business side of things.  Their reported sales figures were impressive, having moved 2.5M Macs last quarter alone, and continuing their trend of growing at two to three times the rate of competitors in the same […] Read more »

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As predicted, Apple today introduced two new models of MacBook, featuring all-aluminum cases constructed from a solid block (or “brick”) of aluminum.  The new models much more closely resemble their Pro siblings than did the previous white and black plastic MacBooks. The entry-level ($1099) white MacBook […] Read more »

It wouldn’t be an Apple event day without a final attempt to corral all the crazy rumors floating about in the last few heady hours before Jobs dons his turtleneck and proceeds to amaze (or underwhelm) us.  The sheer number of predictions, leaked images, price points, […] Read more »

Aside from being a fantastic computer and girlfriend/boyfriend substitute,  your Mac is capable of some pretty amazing things.  In fact, whenever I have a problem that needs solving or a gap that needs filling, I turn first to…well, first to buying things, but once I realize […] Read more »

Perhaps tired of notebooks hogging the spotlight lately, Apple TV is the subject of new rumors that surfaced this past weekend. Jason Calacanis is making claims that Cupertino is developing a line of network-ready HDTV’s with built-in Apple TV functionality.  The TV’s would offer the same […] Read more »

We’ve shown you ways to create ringtones for your iPhone using your Mac, but with the newly released YouTones ($4.99) application from FunMobility, you can now make them on your iPhone. YouTunes is already an established name in the ringtone industry, having previously been available for […] Read more »

Following NVIDIA’s July 2008 announcement that a number of their GPUs were experiencing higher failure rates than should be normally expected, Apple today finally released an official support article acknowledging the problem. The article claims that NVIDIA told Apple graphics cards in Macintosh computers were not […] Read more »

Consumers may be perceiving Apple as a more ecologically friendly company than they actually are, according to a new report by marketing research firm TDG. Results of a survey of randomly selected participants found that roughly 30% believed Apple was the most environmentally friendly tech brand, […] Read more »

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Members of the media have just received word that the rumored October 14 MacBook event is rumor no more. Invitations sent by Apple’s PR department confirm that next Tuesday will see a special event hosted by the company at its Cupertino campus. The image sent with the […] Read more »

A number of photos of what are supposedly new MacBook and MacBook Pro aluminum cases have begun to surface. Yesterday, Engadget posted a picture of a MacBook Pro case in keeping with rumors of a new production process.  The photo originated at a Chinese site, which […] Read more »

Yesterday the YouTube team announced via their blog that they would begin incorporating “click-to-buy” links which direct users to iTunes or alongside videos of select YouTube partners.  According to the blog, the links are intended to help scratch that “I love this song/game, I wish […] Read more »

In what must be related to an internal policy decision on behalf of Apple, yesterday saw the release of five separate applications (Compose, TouchType, Sideways, Lettera, and Wide Email) that allow you to compose emails in landscape mode. Each application boasts the ability to type out […] Read more »

The Boy Genius Report brings word of relief in sight for Mac users with BlackBerry.  The official Research In Motion (RIM) application BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac will bring all the functionality of BlackBerry Desktop Manager to OS X users. Third party solutions like PocketMac for […] Read more »

It’s been four long years since AIM 4.7 for Macintosh was released by AOL.  The screenshots on their product page still show the horizontal pinstripes of the original release of OS X.  The version was old.  Some would say languishing in neglect.  Really, though, since iChat […] Read more »

One of the inaugural stories on just-launched news site The Daily Beast is a column by the founder and former editor of Mac news and rumors site Think Secret, Nicholas Ciarelli.  The article suggests that Apple is relaxing its notoriously strict veil of secrecy.  Think Secret […] Read more »

Freeverse’s App Store launch title Wingnuts Moto Chaser and Smallware’s Solebon Solitaire, two games which have received fairly high praise from reviewers, are on on sale for a limited time for only $0.99. Moto Chaser (normally $5.99) is an accelerometer-controlled motorcycle racing game, with a variety […] Read more »

A few days ago we posted a story about the much-sensationalized upcoming Apple mystery product, “The Brick.”  While there is still no definite word regarding what it actually is, 9to5mac is now reporting that a “reliable” source has lead them to believe that “The Brick” is […] Read more »

As of yesterday, the iPhone natively supports VoIP calls without jailbreaking thanks to fring, a multi-client instant messaging application with Skype, Skype-out, fring and other SIP support for voice calling. Fring has previously been available on Symbian and WinMo phones, and for jailbroken iPhones. It supports […] Read more »

The internets are currently abuzz with rumors of a new, genre-bending product due out of Cupertino, possibly at the speculated October Mac event. Though most agree it likely isn’t a building material to be used with mortar in the construction of buildings, there are a number […] Read more »

We reported earlier on the possibility of a 66% raise in royalty fees for digital music distributors. Have no fear readers, the iTunes store will continue offering the generous service of providing somewhere for you to dump all that spare cash. According to CNET News, the […] Read more »

Billed as “your official, comprehensive connection to the heart of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s campaign,” Obama’s campaign today released an official election application for the iPhone and iPod touch. This marks the first sanctioned application release from either side in the American presidential race, though several […] Read more »

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