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A French watchdog agency has decided that the exclusive deal between Apple and France Telecom’s Orange is not fair and must be suspended. The suspension of the deal is set to take place no later than Thursday of this week. The reason for the short time […] Read more »

I’m a holiday junkie. I watch all the Christmas specials (including a copy of PeeWee’ Christmas Special which I have on VHS. It’s the only reason I still have a VCR), I make hot chocolate, I bake, I go absolutely insane. My insanity now extends to […] Read more »

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Sometimes, the way to maximize the value of teamwork is to have as little team, and as much work as possible. This is especially true when teams or partners are geographically distant from one another. Live collaboration in such situations is logistically difficult, and stressful for […] Read more »

I’m a bit of an ancient culture geek, and a big fan of the God of War series of video games. For these reasons I was both excited and wary about the new Hero of Sparta ($9.99) game for the iPhone and iPod touch, the latest Gameloft […] Read more »

This time around, it took a little longer, but the iPhone 3G has finally been unlocked, thanks to the efforts of the hardworking iPhone Dev Team, makers of the Pwnage Tool, which is used for jailbreaking Apple’s handhelds. The Dev Team reports successful unlocking, using their […] Read more »

We know that you don’t want to release a netbook, Mr. Jobs, and we respect your stance that you don’t want to sacrifice quality and besmirch the Apple name with a sub-standard product. That said, it’s beginning to look like other companies may not be content […] Read more »

A lot of us who make our money working from home or telecommuting have our fingers in a number of different pots, so to speak. In fact, very few of the remotely employed depend on a single stream of income or project. The trouble is finding enough components to make up a financially and personally rewarding whole. Here are a couple of options. Read more »

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Smartphone industry insiders are seeing even more advanced sensors showing up in upcoming versions of the Apple iPhone, among other devices. Once such tech? Gyroscopic sensors, like those found in the motion sensing Wii remote from Nintendo. The tech, which uses Microelectrochemical (MEMS) gyroscopes to measure […] Read more »

Mac Gamers may have gotten improved video performance with the latest MacBook line refresh, but their Windows counterparts still have the upper hand, with more titles available, and more options for distribution as well. Valve’s Steam, for instance, provides one-stop-shopping for all your gaming software needs. […] Read more »

TuneUp iTunes Plug-in Released for Mac – I keep my iTunes library obsessively organized. In fact, I’ll only keep full albums, so no hit singles for me. If you’re the same, but are tired of spending so much time getting everything perfect, TuneUp might help. It […] Read more »

I entertain no illusions when it comes to my reaction time. I won’t be catching any katana blades between my hands, that’s for sure. It’s my secret shame, since it means I’m not terribly good at video games, despite my professed love of them. There may […] Read more »

It’s not always practical to copy the big fish when it comes to consulting. You’re one person, and they’re a massive organization, with backshop support, after all. Still, just because you’re not Ernst & Young or KPMG, doesn’t mean you can’t employ some of their tactics […] Read more »

Apple Could Sell 1 Million Gift Cards – Analysts like big numbers. Shaw Wu, an analyst for Kaufmann Bros. likes six zeros, to be precise. He’s claiming that information he’s received from his network of Apple retail channel contacts puts the estimated sales of the iPhone […] Read more »

Stanza is easily the most popular book app available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Recently, it expanded its library even further, adding 40,000 new titles to its library, thanks to the acquisition of a license for eReader’s eBook format. Lexcycle’s Stanza now boasts over 100,000 […] Read more »

It may be a terrible pun, but it is a useful micro-site from the people at Google. The site (and the pun) is “Appy Holidays,” and the aim is to help you manage your hectic holiday schedule. In the tradition of Fashion Your Firefox, and iPhone […] Read more »

My iPhone bleeds money. I buy apps, the bulk of which I never look at again. My monthly bill, in order to guarantee enough data available, is pretty expensive, especially when compared to what I was paying for earlier phones. And, to top it all of, […] Read more »

News broke yesterday that Wal-Mart will indeed be selling Apple’s iPhone, most likely by the end of December. The source of the information is employee training materials, and employees of the U.S.-based retail giant themselves. Wal-Mart is still keeping mum about the news, having made no […] Read more »

Having spent some time teaching at a university, and being on the brink of becoming a student again myself, I recently stopped to reflect about how my school work and that of my students might be improved with some Web 2.0 tools. The discussion is timely, […] Read more »

The launch of Apple’s new unibody aluminum Macs hasn’t been the smoothest ride, for both the company and its loyal customers. There was disappointment over what didn’t (Firewire) and what did (HDCP) make it into the new machines. The innovative new trackpad design nearly underwhelmed thanks […] Read more »

In the course of playing and reviewing a number of iPhone games, I realize I’ve come to expect, and even allow for, certain shortcomings. I expect lag in a graphics-intensive game. I expect buggy controls that feel less than intuitive. I expect omissions that are promised […] Read more »

In professional services, you are only ever as good as your last engagement. Which is to say, if you have no one to vouch for the quality of your work, then you’ll probably have a hard time finding more. Traditionally, the best way to sell to […] Read more »

There’s a trusted maxim in the marketing game: cheap razor, expensive blades. It comes from the practice of selling razors like the Mach3 or Fusion for next to nothing, and then selling the disposable blades for said razors at a rather more expensive price. Consumers tend […] Read more »

Just the other day, I was using Shazam to tag music while watching a movie. Every time I use it, I’m still vaguely amazed, like I’m watching a mini-magic show. Well, now the magician has even more tricks up his sleeve thanks to a 30 percent […] Read more »

Just in time for last minute Christmas shopping, has released their mobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It offers searching, Wish List and account access, and purchasing directly from the app. If you’re already an impulsive internet shopper, then this may just be […] Read more »

I’ve recently been researching ways to promote my own site, at places like Facebook, among others. The problem, as is always the problem with internet advertising, is finding a simple, cost effective way to bring my ads to potential customers who’re actually looking for my services. […] Read more »

The iPhone no longer gets to have all the VoIP fun among Apple handhelds, thanks to the just released Truphone for iPod touch. The release comes hard on the heels of the official release of the new In-Ear premium headset compatible with the 2G iPod touch, […] Read more »

Crowdsourcing is a relatively recent workplace trend that isn’t going away. On the one hand, it definitely generates healthy competition, and companies stand to win out in a big way when service providers and freelancers are openly vying for your dollar. We’ve looked at some examples […] Read more »

The iPhone is a lot of things to a lot of people. You can control your home, buy movie tickets, track projects, play games, and more. Now, you can also use it to help the environment. A Real Tree, a recent addition to the App Store, […] Read more »

It seems like only yesterday that articles were popping up around the web talking about the unavailability of Apple’s new Premium In-Ear Headphones with Mic and Remote due to the product being redesigned. Wait, it was only yesterday. Well, that was then, and this is now, […] Read more »

Personally, I can’t get enough of the new podcast features rolled out in the iPhone/iPod touch 2.2 firmware update. They’re now an indispensable part of my daily commuting. That’s why I was looking forward to Joost for the iPhone (free). It seemed to have the potential to […] Read more »

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