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Working as a freelance artist or musician can be a trying experience, at best. It’s still a field where, in general, the work speaks volumes and can more than make up for a relatively shallow C.V. But how best to show off your work, and make […] Read more »

In a rare change of pace, this piece will deal with software you actually download and install on your computer, instead of a web or cloud-based solution. The tool is Collanos Workplace, and it allows you to set up different Workplaces (note the key difference in […] Read more »

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They didn’t cry it from the mountain, but Apple this week did indeed update some hardware. Specifically, the 13-inch white MacBook, a holdover from previous models, now ships with the same NVIDIA GeForce 9400M of its bigger, aluminum unibody siblings. Not only that, but it also […] Read more »

For many web workers, the central hub from which they manage their online identity and portfolio is, or features, a blog. Using a blog to represent yourself has many purposes, including acting as a C.V., establishing your identity as an authority in your field, and providing […] Read more »

I am not usually one to create databases, or web apps. Typically, my job is to produce content, be it text or image, and let others worry about number, data, programming etc. That said, when working as a freelancer, you don’t always have the luxury of […] Read more »

A combination of events yesterday got me thinking about how much time I spend sifting my Twitter stream for valuable, work-related and/or professionally useful information. First, fellow WWD writer Aliza Sherman posted a tweet about starting a second account to follow only those twitterers you really […] Read more »

DisplayPort got a big boost as a video connection standard when Apple decided to use it across its entire notebook line. Of course, being Apple, they couldn’t use it as is, and instead introduced the Mini DisplayPort version, which was more compact, and, sadly, would also […] Read more »

Although it may not be a new concept, indirect marketing has experienced tremendous gains in popularity in recent years. Chalk this up to the growing influence of the social network as a culture-shaping force. That said, does marketing through these channels in an indirect fashion actually […] Read more »

Despite what seems like hundreds of case manufacturers jumping the gun and offering iPhone Nano cases for pre-order, the Macworld keynote last week came and went, and there was no Nano to be seen. The cellphone world did get a shakeup, but not from Apple. Instead, […] Read more »

Targeting your professional development in a preemptive rather than reactive way, is not always easy. Usually freelancers and consultants just roll with the punches and learn what they have to depending on client requirements. A little forethought, though, can go a long way to making you the applicant of choice before any contracts are awarded. Read more »

The MobileMe trial began to seem like it was going to go on forever, since Apple kept tacking on more time to make up for having released a half-baked service to begin with. Sadly, not so. My own trial term recently came to an end, but […] Read more »

The first thing I want to say about this resource is that it is a little out of the ordinary. Incredibly useful, but different in that its obvious target is students. I’m not pitching it as a resource for students, although it does satisfy that job […] Read more »

Will $500 Million LG Deal Pay Off in New Screens Soon? – By now, you may have heard of the extremely lucrative $500 million dollar deal Apple recently struck with Korean electronics heavyweight LG. That deal most definitely includes LCD screen panels, but it’s not yet […] Read more »

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